Very scanty menses, causes

Stable and regular menstrual cycle indicates women’s health. If menstruation is slipping, if the amount of discharge decreases, this can be the consequence of any disease, the development of internal pathology or the influence of external negative factors. Almost all the causes of scanty menses – hypomenorrhea require therapy, so if you change the quantity of blood discharge during menstruation the woman should be examined by a specialist.

Scanty menses: natural process or pathology

Menstruation is an integral part of the cycle in the female body, accompanied by the fair sex is a big part of their lives. Since the age of 11 – 15 years before menopause, periods become an attribute of sexual maturity and a sign of a woman’s reproductive health.

Violations of the cycle, absence of menstruation may be normal, and a symptom of the pathology that develops in the body. You can not ignore such a disturbing factor as very scanty menses, the causes of which are often at the origin of disorders and diseases of the internal systems and organs.

Therefore, if a woman notices that the periods become less abundant, it is a reason to go to the doctor and to identify the factors that influenced the allocated volumes of blood.

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon for a properly functioning female body. In the absence of conception every month in the uterus the endometrium is rejected, its upper layer, which leads to bleeding.

Usually my period last from 3 to 6 days, not characterized by aches and pains, repeated every three to five weeks. The blood loss during menstruation is not higher than 150 ml of blood.

Natural causes

Menstrual cycle is quite complicated, and not always it means failures and pathology are alarming:

  • Stable repeated cycle can be absent in the first year (sometimes two) after puberty, girls it is the norm. This period is still insufficient maturation, when the body gradually adjusted to the cycle, it takes time. This may occur as scanty menstruation, long cycles.
  • Absence of menstruation does not inspire fear in pregnancy and after delivery, and this period can last up to one and a half, even two, years. It depends on the duration of lactation. Even if a woman gives birth to a child is not breastfeeding, the milk is not produced, the restoration of the former hormonal levels, before pregnancy occurs gradually, it takes time, so first come monthly scarce and irregular. The same thing happens after the cessation of lactation in those patients whose children were breastfed. The recovery cycle normally lasts four to eight months.
  • Disruptions in the cycle can Herald the menopause, which occurs in a period of 45 – 55 years. The activity of the organism in this period is reduced, the hormones that regulate the reproductive system, and gradually reduce its presence in a woman’s body and disappear, and that becomes the cause of changes in the cycle and characteristics of the discharge during menstruation.
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If such “excuses” for failure in menstruation not, woman is best to visit a gynecologist.


The most frequent violation of the cycle – hypomenorrhea, or scanty menses, when the discharge of blood become weak. It is often accompanied by other disorders – oligomenorrhea, when periods last fewer days than usual, the duration of bleeding when menstruation is significantly reduced. Scarce are considered menstruation, in which blood loss for all periods amounted to no more than 50 ml.

With meager monthly allocation:

  • change the color: either too light or dark, brown in the form of strokes;
  • provoke severe pain, sometimes bleeding from the nose.
  • can last the usual number of days, but often last a shorter period 1 – 2 days.

Hypomenorrhea is usually caused by any disease of the body, the reasons for meager monthly a lot, and most of them require therapy as provoke dysfunction of the reproductive organs and other systems in the body.

Reason # 1: insufficient and excessive Weight

One category of women carefully watching him and trying to be in shape. In the course are diet, fitness centers, gyms and swimming pools. Flow exercise on the weary diets the body makes it save power on everything, including hormone production, because the lack of weight in the body, there is a lack of iron. In the end, months are a few days, and they are very weak. It’s kind of a response body for the shock of loads and change of diet.

Experts have proven that the menstrual cycle and muscle mass in women related: muscular women are always observed failures, including the meager monthly.

The reason that stands out when menstruation little blood that they were very short, maybe the extra weight. This is another category of women accustomed wrong to eat or prone to excessive weight because of any comorbidities. The fatty tissues accumulate such hormone as estrogen, which breaks the cycle, the drive to scanty menses: they become slack, in the form of rare spotting discharge.

Reason # 2: Cystic and other hormonal disruptions

One of the most common reasons why when menstruation stands out a little blood, are disturbances in the thyroid gland. To set this etiology quite easily with a blood test, including determination of the level produced by the body hormones. Usually, the doctor checks the amount of thyroid hormone, insulin, estrogen, androgens, progesterone. Based on the results the specialist will determine the probability that a woman has a disease such as polycystic ovaries, which is characterized by irregular and scanty menses.

For accurate diagnosis it is necessary to conduct the ultrasound, which will be determined the sizes of each ovary, thickness of endometrium, the condition of the follicles and their growth, the presence or absence of ovulation, other pathology of the reproductive organs, caused by disorders in the thyroid gland. If time does not diagnose this pathology, the disease can lead to infertility.

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When rodents and other hormonal disruptions, in addition to the meager monthly observed increased oiliness of skin and acne, excessive hairlines on the body, increasing the body weight.

This group of causes of changes in amount released in month of blood, are disorders in the pituitary-regulating cycle.

Reason # 3: Tuberculosis and other infections

Another very serious – and for all women’s health – the reason why periods become scarce and started to walk for a few days less is tuberculosis that hit the genitals of the patient. In addition, can affect the menstrual cycle and significantly to harm him other infectious diseases, inflammatory processes in the body, especially the genitourinary system. They entail the inferiority of the endometrium, which leads to scanty menses. Therefore, if a woman noticed a poor selection is monthly, it is important to consult a doctor to diagnose this disease and receive timely treatment.

Reason # 4: Abortion and other operations

Poor selection once a month can be caused by disorders in the female ovaries. To provoke their improper functioning can easily frequent abortions, because they bring chaos into the production of hormones in the body, preventing proper blood circulation in the uterus. Scraping, cleaning of uterus for termination of pregnancy is traumatic for the body, which also disturbs menstrual cycle and leads to the meager monthly.

Damaged reproductive system can be and after other surgical procedures: after surgery for removal of polyps and myomas significantly and for the worse changes as the endometrium, it is damaged, which affects the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of menstruation.

Reason # 5: Gynecological diseases

The appearance meager monthly necessary to pay attention to the condition of the body, as they can be symptoms of other gynecological pathologies requiring treatment and sometimes surgery is the disease of the pelvic organs, the formation in the uterus polyps or fibroids the development of diseases transmitted by sexual contact.

Reason # 6: Harmful and hard work

Hypomenorrhea can occur in completely healthy women concerned:

  1. with hard physical labor, heavy loads
  2. with toxic, harmful substances;
  3. with radiation or chemicals.

These working conditions so interfere with the proper working of the hormonal system that can prevent the onset of ovulation, increasing the concentration in the body of hormones that can impede proper functioning of the reproductive organs. This leads to scanty and short menses.

Reason # 7: Threat of pregnancy

The woman may not be aware that she is pregnant, so menstruation is not suspicious, but the arrival of scanty menstruation should be alarmed: light spotting during pregnancy that can be confused with menstruation are a symptom of spontaneous interruption of placental abruption, which is very dangerous to the fetus. Such bleeding – indications for urgent hospitalization of women for therapy, preserving the pregnancy.

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Reason # 8: Nervous and mental status

Frequent stress, stay in constant tension can easily cause hypomenorrhea, because this state pereutomila the body, draining his strength. Also, the reason meager monthly be other diseases of the nervous system.

Trauma, strong emotional experiences and disorders that affect quantitative characteristics of menstruation. To poor monthly result of climate change and long-term severe pain that affect overall health.

Reason # 9: Drugs

Scanty menses appear in women who do not put on hormonal drugs, such as contraceptives, that should be done only together with the doctor. Taking any contraceptives entails reductions blood discharge during menstruation.

Reason # 10: Immunity

Rarely, the cause of getting hypomenorrhea anemia and deficiency in women of vitamins, especially iron. To poor monthly can lead and strong protective function disorder, disturbance of the immune system.

Reason # 11: The Anomaly

Scanty menstruation are not uncommon among adolescent girls who have fixed delay in sexual development, they can be diagnosed and developmental delay are common. This leads to abnormalities in the reproductive system that causes hypomenorrhea.

Reason # 12: Heredity and only

This is one of the most innocuous reasons why a woman may be lean periods, and this phenomenon becomes the norm, as hypomenorrhea embedded in the body genetically. Hereditary predisposition to scanty menses is not a disease and often observed in other women in the family of the patient: his mother and sisters.

Each cause – its therapy

The reasons for meager monthly a lot, and if they are not of natural character (this is not the first stage of puberty, not a harbinger of menopause and not the recovery of the body after pregnancy and lactation), the woman should consult to the doctor to determine the factors influencing failures in the menstrual cycle.

  1. Natural causes scanty menstruation do not require any treatment.
  2. If the hormonal failure, disorders of the thyroid gland, the ovaries, the pituitary gland, the doctor after the tests will prescribe hormone therapy.
  3. When establishing neurological and psychological problems specialist can help a woman understand the reasons to bring her back to emotional calm and healthy lifestyle.