Virgin by a gynecologist, as it passes inspection

Gyno causes excitement among the girls, especially if they’re virgins and pass inspection the first time. If the girl didn’t engage in sexual intercourse and the hymen is intact, then the medical examination is different. To avoid problems is to prepare for the exam. There are certain rules that need to be followed before and during a visit to the doctor.

What you should do before the inspection

For the first time to the gynecologist it is advisable to go at the age of 12 – 15 years. It is not necessary to refer to the survey negatively and fear. Fear is the main cause of discomfort during the examination. Before going to the doctor should be prepared psychologically and physically.

The girl should realize that a gynecologist is a doctor, and his primary responsibility is to provide the woman with medical assistance. He is only interested in the patient’s health. Highly skilled gynecologist will give the girl information about her body and will assist in the detection of pathologies.

Not worth the extra time to worry and worry, and examination by a gynecologist is important for maintaining healthy reproductive system. During the examination, you should not be ashamed and make excuses.

Before going to the doctor do not have to shave hair. For the gynecologist doesn’t matter, shaved a girl in an intimate place. Before visiting the doctor you need to wash and put on fresh underwear. It is advisable to take a shower the night before the examination. It is not recommended to wash a few hours before the trip to the gynecologist, because for the doctor it’s important to view the natural microflora of the vagina, and the water washes away secretions, indicating an inflammatory process.

It is not advisable to visit the gynecologist during menstruation, it can make the survey, the girl will have to return. The best time visit is in 3 to 5 days after menstruation. The exception is the situation when there are complaints during menstruation.

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Using antibiotics to visit a gynecologist should not be. Inspection is recommended after two weeks after the end of treatment because the drugs affect the test results.

Before going to the hospital should purchase a clean sheet or towel to lay on the gynecological chair. Not allowed to come with their own disposable kit, which is sold in the pharmacy. Worth going to the doctor used sterile instruments and dissected them during the procedure. If there is a suspicion that these rules are violated, the girl has the right to refuse testing. Better to visit another doctor than to allow infection of the body.

How is the examination by a gynecologist

If the girl has no health complaints, and inspection is performed as prophylaxis during the first examination the doctor manages the conversation. Gynecologist interested in the following questions:

  1. Started the girl period how long, were there any long breaks in between cycles. Must be specified regularity of cycle, discomfort during menstruation and between them.
  2. Whether the girl’s complaints of discomfort in the reproductive system (pain, itching, burning, problems with urination).

At the first examination of a virgin by a gynecologist is necessary to clarify that sexual intercourse was not, and that the hymen is intact. To speak openly, clearly answer the questions to the gynecologist has made a correct idea of the functioning of the reproductive system.

The obtained data are recorded in the medical records, no one but the doctor and the patient does not have access to them.

Your doctor may suggest to examine the girl on the gynecological chair during the first dose. Procedure is necessary for virgins, as gynecological diseases occur and regardless of did a sexual act.

The doctor needs to make sure that the genitals of the patient is normal, the development is right, and nothing to worry about. If a virgin by a gynecologist feels strongly that the mother is not forbidden to be present in the office during the procedure.

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Regardless of the structure of the chair position of the girl in it is lying down or reclining, legs half-bent state are on the special stands. During the examination on the gynecological chair a girl can experience discomfort, as you must remove the panties and spread her legs.

Gynecologist inspects labia on the subject of inflammation. To avoid damage to the hymen, the doctor conducts in-depth study of the vagina. To collect information about the elasticity of the vaginal walls, the condition of the internal genital organs, the doctor performs the examination using the following method: he inserts a finger into the rectum through the anus. The procedure is unpleasant, but does not cause the girl pain.

If the patient has complaints of discharge, itching, burning sensation in the genital area, the gynecologist will take a swab on the flora. During the procedure the doctor uses thin instruments to preserve the hymen integrity.

Examination of the vagina and is carried out for suspected cancers, bleeding or the presence of a foreign object stuck inside.

The doctor will need to examine the patient’s condition: blood pressure, height, body weight, skin condition. Always perform palpation of the thyroid gland as it is responsible for the female hormones, undergoing changes throughout life. The girl you want to be prepared for the fact that after checking the genitals the doctor will insist on examination of the chest. It is recommended to wear clothing that is easy to remove parts.

Recommendations before going to the gynecologist

It is not true that virgins do not need to be examined by a gynecologist. After the first menstruation the girl is recommended to visit a doctor for preventive purposes. Virgins, like women, appear gynecological diseases that develop without overt symptoms, and the sooner they reveal the easier will pass treatment.

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Gynaecological examination of virgins is not painful. When you first visit the procedure is unpleasant, mainly because of the excitement girls. If there is pain while the actions of the doctor must immediately inform him about it.

Do not be ashamed that someone finds out about the visit to the gynecologist. Qualified doctors I store all information about their patients, not showing it to other people. The attending physician is advised to choose in advance to be sure that it is not rude or hurt you.

To visit the gynecologist recommended at least twice a year, preferably checkups every six months.

Situations in which a visit to the gynecologist required:

  • suspected urinary tract infection (pain, itching, burning in the vagina);
  • trauma to the genital tract;
  • spotting not related to menstruation;
  • menstrual cycle;
  • pain in the lower part of the stomach or any other discomfort;
  • delayed puberty (no secondary sexual characteristics after the age of 14 years, or menstruation after 17 years);
  • pregnancy or suspected it.

The survey takes no more than fifteen minutes: during this time the doctor is satisfied that the genitals of the girl in norm or on the contrary, give recommendations, if you find pathology, which the patient was unaware.