Vitamins at the menopause to 50-year-old women: the names

With age, women begin to notice changes in your body that lead to unpleasant sensations. This is due to the deceleration of female reproductive function, which inevitably leads to consequences. This phenomenon is called menopause, and in virtue of the individual characteristics, immunity, is expressed in different ways. Usually menopause occurs in women in the period of 50 years and lasts 10 years. Doctors distinguish several periods of the course of menopause. About what vitamins are in menopause need to take and what dose, what time to drink, find out in the review.

Vitamins will help to reduce unpleasant symptoms of menopause

The periods of menopause

  • The premenopausal women is the initial period, which lasts 6 years. Characterized by a gradual decrease in the intensity of menstruation, until the complete termination. At this time, it is important to regularly visit a gynecologist, as there is a syndrome of estrogens, is expressed in the following symptoms: tumors in the organs of the reproductive system and mammary glands, increasing the thickness of uterine walls (with the passage of premenopausal without pathology, the uterine wall should be thinner), and copious menstruation.
  • Menopause refers to the shortest period of menopause, at this point there is a complete stop of menstruation.
  • Postmenopausal is the final stage, prodoljaetsya to the end of a woman’s life. During this period, decrease uterine size, loss of tone of the genital organs, replacement tissues in the mammary glands. In the normal course, the woman feels comfortable. In order not to experience discomfort during menopause, and prevention of early manifestations (with the exception of cases of genetic inheritance), lead a healthy lifestyle, and don’t forget to take vitamins.
  • Витамины при климаксе для 50-летних женщин: названия

    The doctor will prescribe an individual complex of vitamins to relieve menopause

    What is the climax?

    Most women in menopause feels the following symptoms:

    • It is well-known tides, which manifest redness of the skin, fever, headache and other symptoms. They occur involuntarily, several times a day.
    • Headache, migraine.
    • At the beginning of the climax, one feels the manifestation of dizziness, noise in the ears.
    • Psychologically, menopause is manifested in apathy, constant feeling of fatigue, or Vice versa, increased nervous excitability. Also this period is characterized by forgetfulness, short attention span.
    • Can occur weight gain that is associated with a decrease in hormone levels.
    • Deterioration of hair and nails.
    • Cardiovascular system during menopause may fail — palpitations, increase pressure (the manifestation of these symptoms be sure to consult a doctor).

    If one of the symptoms is observed over two years, and the woman does not call for honey. help, it leads to obesity, atherosclerosis, tumors, premature aging and chronic cardiovascular diseases.

    Recommendation at menopause for women over 50– regular walks in the fresh air, required vitamins and proper nutrition.

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    Витамины при климаксе для 50-летних женщин: названия

    Hot flashes can happen several times a day

    Vitamins that should be taken during menopause

    Vitamins at the menopause need to take is proven by the studies. If the woman is 50 years to enhance metabolic processes prescribe such complexes.Vitamins strengthen the immune system of a woman who is broken with age. Vitamins — one of the components involved in the synthesis of sex hormones, because of their acceptance during menopause is required.

    • To improve the functioning of the genital organs, to preserve the beauty will help the drug Retinol another name for vitamin A. Especially important is the intake of vitamin A, disorders in organs, tumors on the mammary glands, mastitis or bleeding. This vitamin, with good endurance, you need to take courses on how to drink it properly will tell the doctor.
    • Vitamin C is the main vitamin, the use of which should be sufficient at any age. He is responsible for strengthening the walls of blood vessels, and helps to avoid swelling, which is important for women at the age of 50 years.
    • Tocopherol (or vitamin E) stimulates the sexual glands and helps to eliminate the most unpleasant symptoms during menopause. Vitamin e during menopause is assigned at elevated pressure, is well combined with other drugs, has a positive effect on blood circulation, improves tissue nutrition. Dose, take which is necessary for a woman in menopause 100-200 mg, but the use of 50 mg of vitamin E, a good change becomes noticeable. During the spring and autumn exacerbation syndrome of menopause, as well as prophylactic in women of all ages, the use of tocopherol is welcome. If there are symptoms of nervous and physical overload, it is recommended to alternate the course of reception of vitamins A and E, to avoid overdose,
    • Vitamin B1 ( also called thiamine) is responsible for the work of the cardiovascular system, which strengthens the difficult time of menopause.
    • Vitamin D is an excellent prevention of osteoporosis, which often affects women over 50.
    • Vitamin B12 ( also referred to as cyanocobalamin) calms the nervous system, regulates its state.
    • B6 or pyridoxine improves skin condition, improves immunity, regulates the operation of all systems, and improves mood.
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    Drugs with minerals necessary to take to improve metabolism, and repair of cells. After 30 years, any woman can begin to take products with calcium to prevent if it has any problems with joints or injuries associated with fractures. But in the use of note, calcium can be in different chemical forms and the effect of taking different. Calcium gluconate — the substance with a low absorption and almost useless. Of home recipes source of calcium effective can be called crushed egg shells.

    Important role calcium plays not only in preserving physical health, but psychological health — it is involved in functioning of the brain. Calcium can be taken with vitamin D for better absorption.

    Витамины при климаксе для 50-летних женщин: названия

    Vitamin a to maintain health of the reproductive system and the beauty of women

    Recommended vitamins during menopause

    To continue youth fit after 50 many vitamin-mineral complexes. During menopause, such complexes, if they are to correctly drink up the deficit of nutrients. Vitamin-mineral complex should be picked up by your doctor based on the condition of immunity for a given period of time, we can offer you some vitamin complexes, which will prolong youth and significantly improve health. Here are their names:

    • Klimadynon UNO — German drug which reduces the intensity of hot flashes, and triggers the production of estrogen. Contains active herbal composition, therefore, has virtually no side effects.What doses and how to drink and at what time, ask your doctor.
    • Goburimon – product containing a large dose of vitamin e, and active mineral complex. Reduces the intensity of hot flashes, prevent the development of tumors.
    • Doppelgerts is an asset that affects the whole body. Supports the health of the skeletal system.
    • Ciklum — mineral-vitamin complex, actively fighting the manifestation of aging and with premature manifestation of menopause.
    • Orthomol — a drug that has a positive impact not only on physical but also on psychological health. Improves intellectual and physical capabilities of women. How to drink it properly will tell the doctor.
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    But that is not advised by the doctors of the vitamins most we get while eating. Therefore, at the time of menopause, most importantly during and eat right, it helps to go through a complex age-related changes.

    How to make your diet to obtain necessary vitamins and minerals during menopause? Here play an important role by three factors: proper selection of products, personalised calorie, meal times and frequency (recommended smaller meals in a day every 3.5 hours). Since menopause is characterized by a set or weight loss, and healthy diets at this time of need.

    Витамины при климаксе для 50-летних женщин: названия

    Ciklum used to prevent early menopause

    What foods should be avoided

    • Excessive consumption of salt and sugar.
    • The use of liquid in large quantities (including soups).
    • You should limit starchy foods, it is better to replace products made from wheat flour or bran.
    • Fatty meals.
    • Foods with a high amount of sugar or cholesterol (poultry, pork).

    You should eat boiled beef or brisket, cheese, yogurt, cereals, eggs, vegetables and fruits.

    With age, almost no one has a perfectly healthy people, so with the first signs of menopause, it is better to consult a doctor and not to self-medicate.