Vitamins when planning pregnancy, women

Every couple comes to the understanding that it is time to have a baby. The process of preparation for this significant event takes quite a large amount of time, but the health of the future heir is more important. Vitamins when planning pregnancy, women play an important role. Because lack of any of them may cause certain consequences in the development of the baby.

How much time will it take to prepare

Young couples often question how much time need to drink vitamins when planning pregnancy? Often three or four months, this is enough time to accumulate the right amount of these essential substances in the female body. But the following issues should be increased to six months:

  • the presence of any chronic diseases;
  • the previous pregnancy proceeded with complications;
  • the presence of large loads;
  • at work there are factors harmful to health.

By the time you need to take non-stop, until life began, and continue. But what vitamins to drink when planning a pregnancy, we will understand in detail.

What and how much to take

Each of used for the life of the vitamins has a specific function. But especially important for expectant mothers the following vitamins.

Vitamin B9

Almost anyone who is preparing to be a mother, doctors recommend taking and drinking B9, known as folic acid. It’s hardly the most necessary of vitamins. His role:

  • to protect you from miscarriage;
  • to help form the placenta;
  • to reduce the possibility of a defect in the initiation of neural tube of the embryo, it will develop the brain (head and spinal);
  • participate in the formation of red blood cells.

Experts recommend to start taking 90 – 120 days before conception. And male planning to become father should accept it.

Vitamin A

One should not dismiss this important vitamin during pregnancy, as the carotene. Because it helps:

  • keep vision;
  • correctly lay and develop the internal organs and Central nervous system during intrauterine development of the baby;
  • to protect against diseases caused by microorganisms, mom and the baby;
  • to prepare the mother’s body to recovery period after labor;
  • involved in metabolic processes, which is important for the developing child.

Vitamin B1

One of the most essential vitamins is thiamine:

  • without it, the nervous system is laid down incorrectly.
  • it is indispensable for carbohydrate utilization;
  • involved in energy metabolism.

Vitamin B2

Riboflavin performs the following functions:

  • metabolism, especially of iron, leads to normal;
  • without it, bones skeletal, nervous and muscular system of the baby will be laid properly.

Vitamin C

Everyone knows the plays askorbinka during pregnancy planning a big role:

  • enhances immunity;
  • neutralize due to its presence in the body of toxins;
  • destroys bacteria and viruses that cause disease;
  • a girl taking her, is more resistant to stress, its health rises;
  • strengthens connective tissue.
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Vitamin D

Planned baby without this vitamin can not fully develop, because it is responsible for the development of the skeleton. It is recommended to take it only in the winter when there is a shortage of sunlight.

Vitamin E

Not do while preparing for pregnancy a woman without this vitamin, which is responsible for the following:

  • the supply to all cells of nutrients and oxygen through the umbilical cord;
  • strengthens resistance to diseases;
  • prevents miscarriage;
  • involved in the formation of estrogen and progesterone.

As you can see, you need to take vitamin E when planning pregnancy necessarily, the dosage in the table below:

Name Dose per day Note
Folic acid ≥400 µg Do not stop receiving until the end of the first trimester of pregnancy
Pyridoxine 2.5 mg
Tocopherol 100 – 300 IU
Calciferol <400 IU Often spending time in the sun, the reception can be reduced
Phylloquinone 65 mcg To be taken separately from Tocopherols in the presence of fat, otherwise it is not absorbed.
Biotin 300 IU
Carotene up to 3,000 IU Excess can lead to developmental, planning to conceive it is better to take of its predecessor – β-carotene
Ascorbic acid More than 60 mg

Natural suppliers of vitamins

A lot more benefit from foods rich in these vitamins. Because the body will be able to take as much as he needs. This is especially true when preparing for pregnancy, what foods are rich in vitamins, in the following table.

Just remember, heat treatment destroys most of the contained vitamins, so foods are better to eat raw or to cook them for a couple. Very useful for you would be fish oil during pregnancy. With it you will get these needed vitamins A and D. But remember the main act, well — not much good – in moderation.

Vitamin Products
B9 Greens and root parsley, dill, beans, cabbage, walnuts, watermelon, all citrus, peaches, flour and products, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, yogurt, tomato juice and tomatoes, seeds, cheese, cheese, liver, egg yolk, broccoli, spinach.
A Carrots and sorrel, fish oil, cheese and butter, liver, egg yolk, cheese, apricot, sea buckthorn, black currant, pumpkin, bell pepper, spinach, watermelon.
B1 Any grain, bean, wheat flour and the products made from it, sprouted grains, all nuts, apricots, rosehips, beets, carrots, radish, spinach.
B2 Eggs, milk, liver, rose, cabbage, spinach, tomato.
C Dogwood, black currant, sea buckthorn, citrus, the Bulgarian pepper, greens, white cabbage and red potatoes (raw), wild rose.
D Cod liver oil, Atlantic herring, cod liver, salmon and many other fish, chicken egg and quail, milk, mushrooms, butter, spinach, seafood.
E Crude vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, soybean, peanut, etc.), nuts, dried apricots, viburnum, rose hips, prunes, parsley, sorrel, spinach, salmon, squid, oatmeal, millet and barley grains.
H Nuts, all legumes, milk and cheese, mushrooms and yeast, most vegetables.
K Spinach, cabbage and parsley.
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Vitamin complexes: description and users ‘ opinions

Today, pharmacies are offered a choice of a large number of different complexes. Consider the most common vitamins when planning pregnancy, who may recommend that you make your doctor.

Vitamins Elevit Pronatal

During the course with the “Elevit” he will give you the vitamins in the right amount so advanced to take when planning a pregnancy nothing more you need except a preparation containing iodine. All other trace elements are contained in the capsule complex. For reviews taken the drug helped improve girls well-being, to normalize the cycle. Many liked the effect provided by the complex appearance.

It was noted the lack of toxicity have been pregnant. Of the cons mentioned was the lack of iodine, the high cost and the possibility of constipation (one of the side effects of this vitamin).

Vitrum Prenatal

One of the most popular drugs. Contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the right dosages for women, including iodine. The high content of magnesium, zinc and copper makes the “Vitrum” is even more preferable, especially if there is a shortage of these trace elements.

Most of the reviews from taking these vitamins positive. The positive effect on the skin and hair, normal cycle and improved General condition after he drank this complex. Specified and no side effect – constipation.


The full name of this complex to prepare for pregnancy, “Alphabet mother’s health.” Reviews about it are mixed. Positive mention should be made of improving the condition of nails, hair and skin overall health has also become better. All the vitamins and minerals are present in the proper amount in three capsules, taking into account their compatibility. In the annotations indicate how to drink them and in what sequence. This allows the body to absorb all the substances more effectively, and from the blood there are no side effects.

Noted negative side is BAD, and therefore the monitoring means is less strict, and a small number of girls, using them, noticed deterioration of the General condition (appearance of gag reflex, etc.). Likely vitamins just didn’t fit.


Vitamin complex “Aevit” when planning a pregnancy should not be accepted, as its composition includes unacceptably high doses of vitamin E and A (100 thousand IU in the recommended dose of 5 thousand IU). Carotene accumulates in the body, so the pregnancy should be postponed for a couple of months if you have recently taken “Aevit”. During this time, the accumulated carotene released from the body.

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What vitamin complex best

In medicine there is no such thing what are vitamins, doctors say – optimal. Those that fit exactly you. Even in different periods of life you need will be different systems. To choose, which is better, solely based on personal feelings, and, of course, the advice of a specialist.

What can cause hypervitaminosis

There is a group of vitamins that should be restricted during the period of preparation for pregnancy, as not only their scarcity, but an overdose can harm the health of future mothers and their child.

First of all, this carotene – it is responsible for the vision of mother and fetus, but its overdose provokes miscarriages in the early stage of pregnancy, and later can cause malformations of the cardiac, vascular and skeletal systems of the baby.

Daily intake of vitamin A should be 5,000 IU. It would be ideal to obtain it not from drugs but from natural sources – carrots, seafood and marine fish, bell pepper and tomato.

Ascorbic acid is also necessary, because the body of the expectant mother is struggling with pathogens. A deficiency in this vitamin can cause improper attachment of a fertilized egg. But hypervitaminosis is not needed, it can cause miscarriages in a small period of time. Do not exceed 100 mg per day when planning pregnancy.

Vitamin D is also a controversial drug. Its deficiency leads to the fact that a pregnant woman’s body begins to pull it from the bones, they begin to break down, the nails become brittle, hair falls out. The child’s lack of calciferol becomes a cause of abnormal brain development and abnormal development of musculoskeletal system. Overdose can lead to the development of malformations of the bone system of the baby, and premature calcification of the bones of the brain. This can lead to birth injury.

What vitamins need to be sure to drink when planning a pregnancy, you already know you will only have to decide, drink, pharmaceutical complexes, balanced and contains all the necessary or to trust your body and let him take all of the necessary foods.