What causes depression in women

Depression is a mental disorder in recent years, increasingly drawing attention to yourself. The reasons for its development in women the problems are hormonal in nature and social factors. To leave the disease without treatment is dangerous. Listed below are signs of depression that indicate a need to sick professional help.

“Oh, don’t touch me, I’m depressed!” This statement can be heard not only from adults but from teenagers and even children. Depression has become a fashionable word used to denote a bad mood, and boredom, and laziness. Depression – a mental disorder that brings patients and their communities a lot of heartache and can even cause death. Charles Dickens, English writer of the 19th century, he suffered from depression, said that she often ill women. Scientists agree with this conclusion. The reasons why there is depression in women are varied, and know them to assess their own status or the status of relatives and acquaintances, actually.

Causes of depression in women

The depression affected everything. The studies give grounds for concluding that the doldrums come in both men and women, and children, and even animals. Only here they are shown all different, so the diagnosis of “depressive disorder” is placed immediately.

Men and women pay attention to different symptoms. Men focus on the physical and often ignore depression, doubt in yourself, mental fatigue. Women talking freely about fears and mood swings, and they often got it. Statistical studies on manic-depressive illness (bipolar affective disorders) do not allow to clearly say that one gender is more prone to them than another.

Doctors say hormonal and social reasons for the origin of depression in women associated primarily with the changing role of women in society.

Hormonal causes of depression

Before menstruation or after giving birth women are especially prone to depressive disorders. Is the time when hormone levels are unstable. It remains to be seen whether the increases menopause and menopause the development of symptoms. It is not clear how female hormones effect on the mood and provoke depressed mood down to depression.

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The main role plays probably the hormone estrogen, increase the concentration of serotonin and other neurotransmitters in the brain – acetylcholine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. A lack of serotonin can cause depression. The decrease in oestrogen levels after menopause leads to a decrease in the concentration of serotonin and may contribute to the early depression. Women suffering from severe mood swings, we recommend taking hormones. Recent studies give reason to think that hormone therapy should not last long.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is expressed in the appearance of depression immediately before the onset of menses. Can be traced to genetic predisposition and environmental influence, including factors such as stress. Drug treatment is indicated for women suffering from very severe symptoms of premenstrual of depression, disturbing to their way of life.

Postpartum depression occurs after the birth of a child. You should not take for her lung disorder that occurs in many women in the first days and weeks after birth. There is a sharp decline of hormones, combined with the increased level of responsibility and fatigue.

If symptoms increase or do not disappear for longer than two weeks, you should observe the condition of the mother regarding the likelihood of postpartum depression. If a woman feels that the new duties exceed its strength, you should seek help immediately, rather than waiting for weeks and months.

Social factors in the development of depressive States

According to statistics of the world Health Organization (who), the world’s 850 thousand people a year end up in suicide, and in Eastern Europe the number of suicides is especially high. The dark figure above, attempts of suicide not included into the statistics. Although men are more likely to “take it to the end,” women are more likely to try to commit suicide.

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Psychologists note that some of the girls from early childhood take over from mothers the elements of passive behavior, whereas men in the family and in society are raised in the direction of “active resolution of problems.” This difference in education is not so strongly expressed, as even a few decades ago. Still, many women tend to react to the emerging problems of any nature with feelings of guilt and depression, and not take yourself in hand and not to look for appropriate ways to resolve them.

Playing the role of the social situation of women in General. In recent decades the role of women has changed radically. Classic women’s role as mothers and homemakers – is not the only and sufficient. Women bear the excessive load: they work, they are also responsible for the upbringing of children and housekeeping. Plus society and male partners expect them to appeal, smartness, neatness. Repeated loading in combination with the well-known situation that the chances of women to make a career lower than men, cause depression.

An important role in mental health women play in the family. Problems with the partner result in health problems, depressive and anxiety disorders. Women need contacts and communication. If shortage they tend to blame themselves in the first place. This makes them more prone to depressive States.

The danger posed by the depression

Who has not encountered depressive disorders and have not seen them in the immediate neighborhood, thinks depressed people are just sad and are prone to suicide. The depression, however, dozens of faces. Often patients do not experience sadness internally devastated, they do not have emotions. Patients are passive, follow the flow of life, at the same time suffer from enduring anxiety, did not find anything interesting, have problems with concentration, apathetic. Their life is limited, my daily activities become insurmountable hurdles.

Sometimes depression is accompanied by paranoia. Patients feel unloved, unwanted, objects of ridicule. This may develop deeply hidden anger or full of resignation.

The main signs of depression are:

  • constantly low mood;
  • inability to enjoy anything;
  • loss of interest in things that previously interested;
  • the total passivity;
  • apathy;
  • fatigue;
  • loss of memory and attention.
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Depression is manifested not only on mental but also on physical level. The following symptoms may indicate its presence:

  • loss of appetite and weight loss;
  • the weakening of the taste and addiction to salty or very sweet foods;
  • a feeling of tightness in the chest;
  • heavy or shallow breathing;
  • unmotivated shortness of breath or difficulty breathing;
  • blurred vision that cannot be corrected with glasses and lenses;
  • inflammation of the eye, light sensitivity;
  • problems with the bladder: inflammation, frequent urge to urinate;
  • nightmares, sleep problems – insomnia or sleepiness;
  • heart rhythm disorders, heart pain;
  • a variety of digestive problems;
  • tooth pain without specific reasons.

Symptoms of depression very much. The appearance of such signs should alert loved ones or the sick. The main condition of recovery remains a willingness to speak openly about the problems and work on them. Helps with depression psychotherapy, anger management and other psychotherapeutic influence. There are many medicines which help greatly to alleviate the suffering of patients. Access to a doctor with depression – a fundamental step towards the normalization of the mental state.