What is adenos breast

A disease that is very common in women who have reached the age of thirty-five to forty years. Pathology is also characteristic for women in the third month of pregnancy, however, adenos they held for the sixth month.

Adenos breast cancer – a disease which the medical environment has many names, for example, lobular sclerosis, fibrous adenos breast cancer. In medical practice, bilateral type of fibrous-cystic mastopathy diffuse origin are also called by this specific term. Adenos breast – what is it and why has so many names and typologies?

The etiology of the disease

The disease is quite dangerous for female gynecological health. Initially, you should explain the term of the underlying disease, namely mastitis, the private manifestation of which is Adanos. The concept «breast» means the benign one, namely the pathology activities of the glandular and connective breast cells and their imbalances.

The term «Adanos» is understood in General sense as the change in an adequate number of cells in any gland in the direction of increasing. Based on data from medical explanations it is clear that adenos breast cancer is a process of growth and increase (hyperplasia) of glandular breast cells, which undergo specific transformations of all the state of the connective tissue of the breast. Adenos — thus, a kind of glandular mastitis.

Factors of adenose

Mostly occurs when a woman reaches the age of forty years. Major factor in the emergence of adenose are hormonal disturbances that they provoke the appearance of tumors. In this situation, talking about female sex hormones (estrogens). However, risk can also be and pregnant girls, and girls in puberty. Menopause in women is also a risk factor for the occurrence of this disease.

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The development of this disease can be triggered by the following factors:

  • labor, before the deadline;
  • childbirth by Caesarean section;
  • the aborting in the late stages;
  • late first pregnancy (at age 40);
  • if a woman has never given birth;
  • problems with the production of breast milk and feeding the child.

A woman can automatically be in the group with a high risk of adenoca, in the case of:

  • excess weight;
  • gynecological diseases of different nature;
  • diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • diabetes of any type;
  • high pressure;
  • a weak immune system;
  • wrong reception of contraceptives.

Symptoms of adenoca breast

Diagnosis symptoms of this disease is on the basic signs of mastitis. The standard symptoms are:

  • pain in the Breasts, which are amplified before menstruation;
  • breast during menstruation swell and become rough;
  • nipple discharge a variety of nature;
  • the occurrence of seals in the mammary glands;
  • pain when touching the breast.

The specific form of the flow adenota manifested in different degrees, respectively, with various signs manifested in one form or another.

Diagnosis of disease

On the first symptoms a woman that can explore her Breasts, she may find obvious signs of mastitis. Accurate diagnosis can put only professional mammalogy. After the initial visual inspection and palpation of the breast, the specialist will prescribe the required examinations. To diagnose a specific type of adenose need to do a mammogram.

It is a x-ray examination of the breast. In conducting this survey is determined by the specific form of the disease. Such a study most informative.

The real cause of hormonal failures, or to identify typically don’t just. Doctors to determine the causes of adenose have a number of modern diagnostic techniques.

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Therapy of any disease or illness should be initiated with the appropriate diagnosis. Only after a correct diagnosis is assigned therapy of the disease. In the case of adenosan is either conservative medical treatment or surgical intervention. It depends on the stage and complexity of the disease.

Sometimes used medication and surgical treatment. The conservative technique is the use of various hormonal medications. They are prescribed by a physician for a period of two to five months. Effective therapy goes along with the removal of seals, pain, and discharge. Modern pharmaceutical substances are able to completely defeat this disease.

Prevention of adenose

Of course, any disease is better to prevent. With the help of a competent prevention possible to prevent the progression of the disease and during treatment of adenoca breast cancer.

To preventive actions include:

  • self-control and palpation of a woman his breast,
  • routine visits to such specialists as a breast physician and gynecologist;
  • the implementation of preventive examinations;
  • concern about the General immune system;
  • proper nutrition;
  • healthy lifestyle;
  • monitoring of hormonal background;
  • if a woman has not conducted abortion;
  • adequate oral contraceptives;
  • full breast-feeding;
  • birth until the woman is thirty years;
  • childbearing and childbirth.