What will never tell the gynecologist

Women are sometimes caught unawares itching, discomfort and a strange discharge from the intimate area. To deal with the problem you have is complex, but not always successfully. There is information that can dramatically change the situation. What you never tell a gynecologist, recipe from grandparents.

Why women experience problems with vaginal flora

Disappointing statistics says that every third woman suffers from edema of the mucosa in an intimate place, redness of the genitals and secretions with an unpleasant odor. It is manifested as vaginitis caused by different reasons. The fact that the disease is present in the body is already talking about the failure of some system.

The disease is an inflammatory process of the mucous membrane of the vagina. This phenomenon provokes the development of fungus or bacteria in that area. Cause the problem can not only pathogens, but also useful. It all depends on the balance that may be due to the functioning of the ovaries, lifestyle or age category ladies. To speak on this subject can be infinitely long, but it is better to proceed to treatment.

How to treat vaginitis

The medical community has recognized that using antibiotics in this disease is invaluable. But therapy has its downside, there were cases, when the infection spread further, and after a course of special therapy.

Patients need to talk about the fact that some drugs cause allergies and excessive dryness in the vagina. This point affects the intimate life of the patient and can lead to serious health problems.

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You can now navigate to important information, something that’s never going to tell the gynecologist. To stop vaginitis is able the product produced according to the recipes of traditional medicine. Natural remedies are a good influence on the microflora in the intimate area. Of course, before you receive treatment, you need to be screened and pass all the tests.

The partner should always take a shower before having sex, failure to intimate hygiene provokes illness in a partner.

The best recipes to help in the event of vaginitis:

  1. Lemon juice in the treatment of gynecological diseases is what will never tell the gynecologist of their patients. For carrying out douching requires a small spoon of lemon juice, which is added to 1 liter of warm boiled water.
  2. A decoction of chamomile is also good, it is used for hygiene of the perineal region. A couple of spoons of the dry collection is poured a liter of water and bring it to boil. Insisting the liquid for 10 minutes, you may want to use the main pre-cooling.

As practice shows, such recipes are a good influence on the vaginal flora and eliminate the dryness and irritation. The chamomile helps to combat swelling and has a calming effect.