What’s the difference between mammogram from breast ultrasound

Diagnosis of the female breast carried out in many ways, but the most popular are mammography and ultrasound. To understand which of these research methods are still more effective, you should first understand what each of these methods separately and what is the difference between them. Consider the definition of these two concepts separately.


Mammography is a method of diagnosis by x-rays. This way they learn the General condition of the breast. It is possible to diagnose such pathologies as a cyst, or a buildup of calcium in the breast cells.

Nowadays mammography is carried out in two ways. In the first case is the classic chest x-ray, during which produce the image. During the study, the second method, the image is displayed on the monitor. This method minimizes radiation exposure to the chest. In addition to these diagnostic methods use the same dystrophy. This is another way x-rays using a contrast medium through which the survey can be seen, and the very small entities such as papillomas.

An x-ray sends only women who have reached the age of thirty-five to forty years. Women younger than this age group is contraindicated in this study.

On a mammogram are sent under the following circumstances:

  • Discovered a lump in her breast.
  • The nipples change in shape and color, the selection of the liquid.
  • Mammary glands were hollow, or rather increased.
  • Breast pain, swelling.

Women after forty years need to undergo the mammogram at the age of fifty years, doctor visits should occur every six months. Women, which were found in benign tumors, mastitis, or if the transaction was transferred at the breast, should be screened, starting with thirty-five years.

Ultrasound diagnosis

Ultrasound breast diagnosis using ultrasonic rays. This diagnostic is prescribed to women of any age because it is the safest. It can be performed unlimited number of times, both for research and for prevention.

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Ultrasound is appointed under these circumstances:

  • His chest was flushed, and the skin peels off.
  • Chest discomfort, especially during the menstrual cycle.
  • Palpation felt seal and small nodules.
  • Swollen lymph nodes under the armpits, swelling of the hollows.
  • The release of liquid from the nipple.
  • If during feeding a young mother complains of discomfort and pain, and weakness, fever, loss of appetite.

How is the study

Choosing between a mammogram and breast ultrasound will look at how to carry out these surveys. To prepare for the examination as an ultrasound, and mammography is not particularly necessary. Doctors only require a day diagnosis not use perfumes or deodorants, and prior treatments to remove of all jewelry.

Important! Diagnosis is best done in the first two weeks after menstruation. During this period, well, you can consider any pathology, even the most imperceptible.

An x-ray done as follows. The woman takes off her clothes and sits next to the machine. The stomach serves a protective apron. Each breast in turn is placed on a special plate, on top of it is the same plate. Take a picture depending on the type of mammography project either on film or on the monitor.

Ultrasonic diagnostics of mammary glands is carried out, as well as any other ultrasound. A bare chest is smeared with a special gel and lead sensor. The image is displayed on the monitor.

All the advantages and disadvantages of both methods of diagnosis

People’s opinions about both diagnostics are divided. The majority believes that any x-rays are very dangerous, even if carried out once a year. Those who are against x-rays, are confident that using mammography is more likely to get cancer, and give preference to ultrasound. But in fact, both studies have both advantages and disadvantages.

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The pros of mammography

  • Thanks Mammo, you can see the smallest deviations and even see the size and nature of the pathology.
  • Calcium deposits in breast cells, you can identify with the greatest accuracy.
  • This way you can have a good explore of the breast tissue and the condition of their ducts.
  • More accurately determines the formation of cysts and other solid nodes.
  • The accuracy of the result of the examination is ninety-five percent.
  • For women over fifty years the procedure is completely harmless.

Cons of mammography

  • The main disadvantage of this survey is the fact that there is still the risk of radiation exposure, although very low. So to undergo mammography costs more than once a year unless absolutely necessary.
  • The same disadvantage is that the results do not 100% correct and you need to recheck other methods of diagnosis.
  • For women younger than thirty years this method is not effective because breast tissue is very dense and poorly diagnosed.

Advantages of ultrasound

  • This diagnosis can be the smallest pathology in the mammary glands.
  • If you are diagnosed by ultrasound in different angles, unlike mammography.
  • Ultrasound prediagnostic the status of the lymph nodes and will help to identify or verify the absence of metastasis.
  • This method gives the opportunity to inspect the chest of any size. Unlike mammography, which does not help women with large size Breasts.
  • The puncture ultrasound will best help than mammography.
  • Diagnosis is made in young and older women without restriction.
  • Research on ultrasound can be performed even in pregnant women because it does not harm neither the mother nor the child.
  • On this unit you can accurately diagnose the blood flow in the breast and tumors.
  • Very effective in inflammation or injuries of the chest.
  • The accuracy of the research up to ninety percent.
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Cons of ultrasound

  • The result of the study is not always accurate and therefore requires additional diagnosis.
  • There’s no way to define a benign tumor or not.
  • When cancer is suspected, this method does not give a perfect result.
  • The result depends on the condition of the machine diagnosis.
  • Sometimes the result depends also on the professionalism of the specialist.

Based on all of this, you can see that each of these diagnostics has its pros and cons. But other than that you should know and other features of the study.

What to prefer

If you wonder which is better mammogram or a breast ultrasound study, based on the foregoing, it is safe to say that both methods will require further diagnosis. Each method is assigned to women in specific age categories. And about the harmfulness of x-rays, we can say that the risk exposure is, but it’s too small to call a mammogram dangerous way of diagnosing.