When menopause occurs, in how many years

In every woman’s life sooner or later comes the period of ageing. This period is denoted by the climacteric or menopause. This is a transitional period and during menopause occurs a variety of changes to the female body.

Menopause is accompanied by various symptoms

Age limits menopause and periods. When it comes along?

Menopause is divided into different stages, each of which is characterized by the features:

The premenopausal women

The time when hormonal changes the body already comes in the initial stage and measured the time until the last menstruation. Time premenopausal lasts 15 to 18 months. This period is marked by changes in the nature cycle. It becomes irregular and reduced amount of discharge. The premenopausal starts in women at the age from 40 to 50 years.

Symptoms premenopausal menopausal can recall and be not only the qualitative change in the cycle. The woman begins to experience hot flashes, mood swings, there is a dryness of the membranes of the vagina and the bladder (which causes pain during urination).

During the premenopausal women can significantly gain in weight (from 5 to 10 kg) is associated with hyperandrogenism (prevalence of male over female hormones). To get rid of excess weight will be tough.

Когда наступает климакс, во сколько лет

The premenopausal women can bring problems in the sexual life


The term menopause is denoted menopause. This time comes when the end of the last period and typical of women aged 50 to 53 years. Under the menopause is meant a complete stop of menstruation. The function of the reproductive organs weaken, and the ovaries produce progesterone and estrogen in insufficient quantities. The level of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) increases and this leads to the emergence of disorders of the Central nervous system and cardiovascular pathologies. There are cases when the development of degenerative disc disease occurred on the background of menopausal changes in women and men.

Menopause can occur much before his time, thanks to the influence of external factors or surgical interventions.

The age at which begins the normal time of menopause is determined individually. But the General position is that a year after the last menstrual period occurs menopause any woman.

The most unpleasant symptoms of menopause is hot flashes. At high tide in a woman’s body temperature increases for a short time, blush your face and neck. To help get rid of their manifestation to help regular exercise .

Menopause is accompanied by sleep disorders, nervousness and depression. To cope with the symptoms helps the intake of phytoestrogens.

Когда наступает климакс, во сколько лет

During high tides dramatically increased body temperature

The postmenopausal women.

The following article menopause is postmenopausal. This period occurs after menopause. Time of onset of this period to report from the last day of the menstrual cycle. Postmenopause is characterized by elevated blood levels of the hormones FSH, but the symptoms of menopausal changes in postmenopause do not exist.

How to determine the onset of menopause?

For each women the onset of menopause individually, so when the first symptoms should consult a specialist. The doctor will prescribe the delivery of specialized hormone tests help identify the level of follicle-stimulating hormone in the blood and to determine menopause in a woman’s body or not. And since most women at this age are working and to take regular samples for FSH uncomfortable, when the first menopausal changes a woman can use a specialized test for the onset of menopause. The test is individual and is disposable, sold in conventional pharmacy.

How to do the test

Test of menopause could be any manufacturer, but it is better to choose one that is more expensive. Such tests require several. Because the level of FSH varies throughout the cycle.

Test for menopause helps to answer the question at what age menopause starts in your body. The sooner you take the test at the first failures in the cycle, the higher the chance to avoid complications in the future.

The test can be performed on any day of cycle if there is a delay, or irregularity. But best of all, run a test from the first to the sixth day of the week, and the next with an interval of a week. The distance between the tests is caused by the fluctuation of the level of FSH in the blood during the whole cycle. If a woman observes the absence of menstruation or irregularity for several months, this test can be performed at any day of cycle, repeated, should be repeated after a week.

Когда наступает климакс, во сколько лет

FSH test can be conducted in any day of the cycle

The identification of results

After conducting two or three tests and identify the positive results you can consult a doctor for advice, as this analysis indicates beginning before menopause.

If you’re over 50 and you feel that you are entering into menopause, but the symptoms it is not, then do a test for menopause. If symptoms have not appeared and the test is negative, repeat it after a few months.

If you have done the first test and it was positive, second test negative. This is not a consequence of errors, it only shows the fluctuation of hormone levels of FSH in the urine. The woman should seek help from a doctor endocrinologist, who will prescribe tests in the laboratory that will help to accurately determine when the onset of menopause. And access to a doctor the gynecologist will help to cope with the symptoms of an impending menopause.

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