White discharge before period sign of pregnancy

The female body is the most complicated mechanism in the world. Sometimes the girls themselves don’t understand what’s happening to them. Is the situation a problem. Such strange situations are referred leucorrhoea before menstruation. Selection vary in color and consistency. They accompany a healthy woman, and bear the signs of the disease. Secretion of genital organs are always concerned about the fairer sex. To know the physiological process of a woman that would understand and not miss a severe pathology.

Physiological selection in women

Women’s genitals constantly produce the secret. This files most often highlighted in clear or turbid mucus is not abundant. The epithelium is husked and comes out with mucus from the vagina that is the turbidity in the discharge.

The nature of the selection changes depending on the phase of the cycle of menstruation. From the first days of the cycle up to 12 days of selection transparent, clean. Changing the number of whiter from the middle of menstruation. White discharge accompany ovulation. The reason for this alteration of the hormones in a woman’s body. At the end of this phase, the color of the discharge similar to egg white.

White thick allocation before menstruation to occur in pregnant girls. The mucous membranes of the genital tract secrete large amounts of secretions. This is a sign of the health of the pregnant woman. A nursing mother to allocate small, homogeneous consistency.

Beli girls appear six months to a year before menarche. At a young age allocation colorless, slightly turbid. Detachable white in color, during and after sex are vaginal lubricant. It is produced in anticipation of the vagina glands. Leucorrhoea before menstruation in women with early menopause are reduced and almost disappear.

Signs of normal vaginal discharge:

  1. transparent or slightly whitish;
  2. without impurities pus;
  3. do not irritate the skin and mucous integument;
  4. their composition does not krovjanisto;
  5. odor absent;
  6. not accompanied by itching, fever.
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Diseases with similar secretions of their species

Bacteria Gardnerella in moderation are considered normal microflora in the vagina. Disease bacterial vaginosis occurs when the rapid reproduction and the reduction of local immunity. Replacing Gardnerella good microflora in the vagina. There are symptoms in women like itching, burning in vaginal area. Selection is abundant, grayish-green have a fish smell. This disease is characterized by strengthening of the clinical picture during the exposure of genitals with alkaline environment. Simple soap, sperm can worsen the disease. For diagnostic purposes it is best to use enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

Of the disease and the nature of the discharge:

  • Instead of the usual white discharge before menstruation appear liquid and watery. Thick discharge with cervicitis no. A characteristic symptom of purulent process green and thick discharge with a characteristic odor. Before menstruation their number increased.
  • Mucous membranes, profuse discharge streaked with white are manifestations of cervical erosion. Appear incorporating long blond clots. After examination by gynecologist, sex contact occurs bleeding.
  • With endometriosis brown leucorrhoea before menstruation thick and smeared. Such allocation start several days before menstruation. Complications of this disease is infertility.
  • The provoking factor is menstruation, enhances the action of bacteria Trichomoniasis. Yellow profuse discharge becomes green. There is a feeling of itching and sexual contact is accompanied by pain. Leucorrhoea of a yellow color-generating itching are observed even when chlamydia. But these different disease odor emissions. If gonorrhea discharge much purulent character. Sex and urination hurts.
  • Cheesy discharge before menstruation – the manifestation of candidiasis. In leucorrhoea appears sour smell and lumps. Cheese selection accompanied by itching, the sexual organs swell. The menstrual cycle does not affect the occurrence of such discharge.
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No. Classification by color Classification consistency
1 whitish mucosa
2 yellow cream
3 brown muddy
4 greenish transparent
5 bloody watery
6 yellow-green foam

The reasons for the change of the secretions of healthy women:

  1. menopause;
  2. hormonal changes;
  3. pregnancy;
  4. puberty;
  5. contraception;
  6. before and after menstruation;
  7. before and after childbirth;
  8. a disruption in the genital hygiene;
  9. stress;
  10. exercise.

Affect the nature and amount of discharge can sexual arousal, the use of different lubricants to increase the humidity. In the menstrual cycle the endocrine system plays an important role. Diabetes Beli have abundant and dense in nature. Women with a deficiency of thyroxine note the frequent delay of menstruation, and a lot whiter than colorless. One of the reasons for the emergence of a whiter and violation of the cycle is ovarian dysfunction. While FSH and LH hormones decline.

Causes of abnormal discharge:

  1. perineal tears;
  2. prolonged douching with antiseptics high concentration;
  3. the lower immune response;
  4. diseases a venereal nature;
  5. disease of the urinary tract.


Separate disease white discharge before menstruation are not. If you change the color and texture they are just one symptom of most infectious diseases.

Before you start treatment you need to be examined and find the cause of this condition. And you need to treat the underlying disease that caused the abnormal change in vaginal discharge. Often use candles with various drugs. The restoration of normal microflora of the vagina is carried out by eubiotikami. To enhance the body’s resistance to negative influences of the use of biogenic stimulants and vitamins. Antibiotic therapy is used when the cause of the disease. Before treatment, determine the sensitivity of the pathogen to various antibiotics. Surgical method treatment for hyperplasia and polyps. In the treatment of erosion often use moxibustion.

The best method of treatment of infectious lesions of the genital tract is a complex approach. The use of antibiotics, antiseptics is carried out locally. Vitamins and stimulants are not used for local purposes. After prescription of an antibiotic is necessary to restore the microflora of the vagina. Inspect and treat should a woman and her sexual partner (the detection of sexually transmitted infections).

The white moderate allocation without a smell, itching and burning sensations before menstruation is not treated. They are the norm for the female body.

You must learn a number of rules to protect against the appearance of pathological whiter:

  • Genital hygiene is carried out every day by both partners.
  • Soap cannot be used, it is necessary to use gels for intimate hygiene are of good quality. The cleaning women has a distinction. It is carried out from the vagina to the anus to exclude a contamination of the anus.
  • Before sex both partners should wash.
  • Sexual intercourse and swimming in the river water during menstruation is prohibited.
  • Change underwear every day.
  • Intimate strip should be used with abundant secretions.
  • What linen, what gaskets should be of high quality and do not irritate the skin.
  • To avoid infection should be ordered sexual life and to use condoms.
  • Do not undertake independent attempts of treatment of genitals.