White patches on labia, causes and treatment

In different periods of life woman Dating such a phenomenon as white patches on labia. In the first weeks of life in newborn babies plaque, puberty teenage girls 11 – 14 years face bright secretions of pregnant women experience this stage when hormonal changes the body. Sex life also affects the changes in a woman’s body: this reaction occurs as a response to someone else’s flora sexual partner. The ability to distinguish between normal physiological from pathological processes will help to avoid many problems.

The types of white residue

White patches on labia can be both normal and pathology.

  • Normal physiological discharges do not have a pronounced smell. Slight smell of acidic character due to the vaginal flora. The appearance of mucus due to the physiology of the female body. Cycle in the female body implies a permanent change in the structure, the characteristic smell and consistency of discharge.

Physiological plaque between large and small labia, the bright color is called smegma. Smegma is a composition of dead epithelium, sebum, water. In the female small and large labia is a lot of sebaceous glands. They develop the secret that creates the bright highlight. The secret accumulates in the folds of the sexual organs, acts in the form of whitish discharge.

  • Plaque infectious character of the discharge, which are accompanied by such symptoms:
  • high temperature;
  • an unpleasant odor;
  • swelling of genitals;
  • a burning sensation accompanied by itching;
  • pain during urination.

These symptoms require professional assistance.

Factors contributing to the formation of white discharge between the labia, shown in the table:

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The reason Brief description
Thrush (candidiasis) A sexually transmitted disease caused by the fungus Candida. Is characterized by burning sensation, itching in the genital area. Selection cheesy. Sexual intercourse, urination accompanied by burning sensation
Vaginal dysbiosis (bacterial vaginosis) Changes occur due to hormonal changes in the body, long-term administration of antibiotics, the imbalance in the neuro-mental state. Occur gray-white discharge with smell of rotten fish
Hormonal changes This is a typical phenomenon for girls before onset of menstruation, and for pregnant women.
Nonspecific vaginitis or vulvovaginitis Pelvic disease involving inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. The appearance of yellow and green discharge
Genital herpes The causative agent is herpes, sexually transmitted. The appearance of small rashes on the genitals
The lack of intimate hygiene during menstruation Prolonged contact with used strips of the intimate area leads to increased natural secretions
Underwear made of synthetic material Such clothing is in close contact with the sexual organs, irritate them, leading to inflammation.
Improper means of intimate hygiene Wrong intimate hygiene gels violate the acid-alkaline balance of the vagina or lead to the development of allergies

A sound approach to the treatment of white patches

Physiological discharges are protective. They create a barrier for pathogenic bacteria and support healthy vaginal flora. To prevent unwanted inflammatory processes, it is necessary periodically to clear secretions groin. Independently it can be done with a small jet of water during hygienic procedures. If this procedure is not enough, you can use a cotton swab: dampen it with water and eliminate the white patches between her labia. To use this procedure for regular soap is not necessary – it will cause dryness and discomfort. It is best to apply the solution out of chamomile, gels from natural ingredients for hygiene of the intimate area.

Infectious white patches on labia requires a professional examination and appropriate treatment. Self-treatment may aggravate the situation, and the inflammatory process will become more severe.

Selection baby girls

In the first eight weeks of life a newborn baby’s genitals appear different selection bright, pink and brown. This is a normal variant. The child’s body is cleansed and adapts to the new environment. The selection doesn’t should be cleaned with cotton swabs or to use cosmetics. Timely enough to wash away the child, to take air baths give the skin little break from diapers.

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Exquisite female nature

The female body is a delicate and unpredictable mechanism. Any period of life has its own peculiarities. Careful diagnosis, skilled care specialist, timely treatment will help to do the right thing and not to harm their own body.