Why before menstruation you want a lot is: cause in the menstrual cycle

Famous romantic tenet: “the woman should be a mystery”. And very nice that such thoughts come to mind of men. But it is absolutely unacceptable when a woman is so mysterious that even his own body for her secret. And hundreds of sad, “why?” are sentence well-being, mood and self-esteem. A favorite should be studied as the very mystery and the mystery and understand the causes of their mood. Then, “why?” will be a simple question, and the answer there is simple. So, why before menstruation, women want to eat a lot? Is it possible at this time to eat much? And how to reduce the desire to eat a lot of what you really want?

Menstrual cycle

A woman’s body is changing. In a relatively short period of time, about 28 — 30 days, he manages to pass all the stages of preparation for fertilization, including selecting and attracting the best partner. But if conception has not occurred, the uterus is cleaned and ready for the next cycle. During this period, hormonal changes significantly, and the woman is not always able to keep track of the manifestations of these changes.
For simplicity and clarity, we can represent the entire menstrual cycle in the form of tablets:

Preparing the body for the formation of the egg Menstrual phase Starts on the first day of menstruation and lasts 3 to 7 days. Rejected endometrium. Recommended rest and stress reduction.
The follicular phase Begins before the end of menstruation and lasts about 14 days.

The ovaries produce the hormone that promotes development of follicles.

Also is the release of the hormone estrogen, which renews the lining of the uterus and prevent conception.

Formed the dominant follicle, which will Mature new egg. The period of well-being and energy efficiency.
Education, maturation of the oocyte and subsequent death (in the case of neoplecostominae) Phase ovulation Lasts about 3 days. Luteinizing hormone promotes receptivity to sperm and completes the maturation of the egg. The release of an egg from the follicle into the fallopian tube during ovulation and ready for fertilization. Increased stress resistance, attraction to the opposite sex, the desire to attract attention.
Luteal phase Lasts no more than 16 days. The follicle produces the hormone progesterone prepares the endometrium for the adoption of a fertilized egg. If fertilization was not the production of progesterone stops. The body in anticipation of the implantation of the egg in the uterus. When the expectation is not justified, the egg dies, the endometrium breaks down and is rejected in the next phase. Good health in the beginning phase to the end is replaced with vulnerability, irritability and fatigue. Now arises the compulsion to eat.

As can be seen, the fatigue and irritation before menstruation caused by not hostility and injustice of the world, the desire to cry — not cunning friend or inattention of the spouse. The feeling of hunger before menstruation occurs not due to weak willpower or depression. Blame changing hormones. During this period there are other feelings:

  • I want to drink a lot (increased thirst);
  • I want to cry or laugh for no reason;
  • no desire to have sex;
  • I want to sleep constantly.

On average, PMS lasts for a week (2 to 7 days).

Body was ready for pregnancy, but this did not happen. Now it intensively gets rid of unable to perform its function, the endometrium and the ovum. The body needs this period of rest and specific products. I want a lot of good, delicious food, thirsty. If all this no — stress and a long period of weakness is provided. Especially attractive now sweet and chocolate. But can you afford all this? After each eaten a piece is difficulties with excess weight in the future.

Why you want certain products

You may have already noticed that a severe famine as such at this time does not arise. But the desire to eat something specific sometimes becomes Intrusive. These products may be different, but as a rule, such a desire is evidence of the specific needs of your body. Why during menstruation want that without which you can safely do in normal times?

  • The lack of endorphins, which during the phase of ovulation, when they stand out in excess, the body is used. Therefore, it is desirable sweet or other “solid” food. Chocolate, starch, pastries, salted fish, and sometimes meat and more. All of this suggests that the nervous system wants to achieve that level of calm and security that was experienced recently.
  • In the luteal phase there is a change in metabolism and the body really needs extra calories. That explains why you want a lot and eat often, and to some extent justifies attacks night gluttony.
  • The habit of stress-eating, which in women’s lives enough.

How to deal with craving for food before menstruation

Women are very sensitive to their achievements. A good figure is without exaggeration one of them. It’s hard not to fall into despair, looking at cock, inexorably gaining extra pounds to the usual mark. But before you make a decision to fight this scourge, it is necessary to take itself in hands and to exercise maximum calm and restraint.

To one kilogram and remained one kilogram that will easily go away after your menstrual period, that is just a few days, should be possible to avoid stress. And the constant willful suppression of cravings, especially fasting is stress. And guilt for a broken diet. The woman becomes angry and hungry, which only exacerbates symptoms. While serious physical exertion in the period when the body needs rest, do a disservice in the future. How to reduce unhealthy interest in food and not become this enemy myself? The fight against apathy needed, but as it does not hurt?

Experts advise at this time not to eat mindlessly and focus on the quantity and quality of used products. If you want chocolate, eat chocolate. But not a whole tile in the hearts after a quarrel or a work involving all hands. A small piece in a quiet environment, with pleasant thoughts. Or thoughtful, it may be better to replace chocolate with dried fruit or yogurt. Too sweet, but useful.

Take your time while eating. Eat small portions and chew well. The quantity of ingested food is also important.

If to distribute food for 6 — 8 times a day but small portions, overeating can be avoided.

To days increased appetite you need to prepare

The phenomenon of appetite before menstruation, it is correctable. It can be controlled, but working on the problem need not in these particular days, and throughout the cycle. You should start with self control in a time when the desire to go “Hawking” is particularly strong. Don’t let yourself of nervousness, do not indulge the desire to jam unpleasant situations. It’s one thing to want a bite to eat, another is to constantly overeat. Critical days will end, the mood will change and the weight will remain with you.

For subsequent alignment changes in hormonal levels try to add physical activity from the beginning of the cycle. This will allow faster to get back to normal after menstruation. The education of the will and suppression of food cravings is also best done in these periods, then it will be easier to give up the extra calories in the critical days when mental balance precarious. And so for the next month.

In time, teach your body to proper intake of water. Sometimes really want to drink, and it seems that like chocolate.

Keep a menstrual calendar. Get ready not to the red numbers and take into consideration a few days before. Free this time from the stresses and processing. Don’t be touchy. Calm the body sparing diet and relaxation exercises.

You will soon notice the difference in mood and hormonal balance will not be so radically change and affect you. It will also reduce the appetite before menstruation. And following the recovery period will be even easier.

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