Why before my period sore Breasts

More than half of the fairer sex, since puberty and before the menopause are familiar with the «precursors». Burning and soreness of mammary glands, uncontrolled appetite, pain in the lower abdomen and mood swings. Why is this happening? Why before menstruation sore breast swell and become heavier?

A woman’s breast consists of the mammary gland, which is divided into equal shares, also contains fat and connective tissue. The exact structure and the proportions are strictly individual and depend on weight, age and hormonal status throughout the cycle, i.e. before, during and after menstruation. This is not the norm, and in some cases shows deviations and dangerous diseases of the breast in women.

The main causes of discomfort in the chest before menstruation

Progesterone and estrogen are not only responsible for the formation and growth of oocytes depends on the presence of Breasts of women of the future. 12 – 15 years begins to develop first estrogen, and later progesterone. At this point girls appear secondary sexual characteristics – Breasts begin to grow, to swell and, at times, be painful. In girls with overweight or obesity often appear first stretch marks in the chest area.

That is why the chest and feeling in it depend on, among other things, from a hormonal background, which is constantly changing during each cycle. In the initial phase of the cycle the ovary to ripen the follicles containing oocytes. By mid-cycle the follicle ruptures and the egg continues its way to the uterus, turning into a yellow body. There may be a meeting with the sperm during copulation with the male, and then there will be conception. These days there is a mad splash of estrogen. If this does not happen, the corpus luteum dies and hormone levels reduced. This time menstruation occurs.

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Estrogen, besides the main function, affects the mammary glands, causing them to change. It causes growth of glandular cells that clog the ducts in the breast. Progesterone also contributes to swelling, improving blood circulation, making the Breasts heavier, increases the sensitivity, it swells and hurts. It is a kind of preparation for a possible feeding.

This phenomenon has an official name – mastodynia or cyclic pain. This term is characterized by: beginning complaints of chest pain a few days before the onset of menstruation and improvement with the onset of menstruation. After menstruation hormones are leveled completely and the chest relaxes. During pregnancy, the hormones are not much concerned about the woman, and all this phenomenon takes place only with the onset of menopause and then menopause. The larger the Breasts, the more she experiences this unpleasant and painful sensation.

In medicine there is another common notion of premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It includes anxiety, mood swings and tearfulness. Often this syndrome is present in young, nulliparous women. In this case, the cause of the pain don’t depend on ovulation. Peak discomfort occurs in 3 to 4 days before menstruation. The claim that women with PMS are more susceptible to cancer tumors, although there is a perception in society, in modern medicine, the validation is not found. If breast pain is persistent, accompanied by severe fever and pain, this significant occasion will address to the gynecologist or mammologu.

Breast pain is possible when hormonal therapy, mismatched contraception, breast implants, with chest trauma, malignant or benign tumors. At any pathology of the pain are not dependent on the menstrual cycle in women, and can become a serious challenge. By the way, statistics show that a greater percentage of entities accounted for by the left breast. To distinguish pathology from cyclical pain can the woman herself, because the pain mastodynia localized (for example, to the left, beneath the nipple).

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Why still can hurt the Breasts? Cysts of the breast are able to affect pain entire thoracic spine. The cyst – cavity of different sizes filled with liquid. Phenomenon in its manifestations like mastitis, because he, too, arises from the stagnation of the liquid (milk) in the ducts and lobes. Cysts are of two types – temporary and permanent. Temporary occur when the surge of estrogen and are followed by edema. The constant can be different sizes, but consult a doctor and mammography testing mandatory for all women with breast cancer in the family, and annually after 35 years.

Why can still swell and hurt the Breasts?

Infection, mastitis, injuries (bruises, scrapes) and inflammatory disease occurring in the reproductive system of women, also affect the Breasts and overall health. Then in addition to pain and swelling of the mammary glands is present intoxication (fever, headache, weakness, etc.). During lactation the pathogens penetrate into the breast through the nipple and cracked it and its halo.

Breast cancer is a nightmare for many women. In this case, pain may not be, but the Breasts will begin to swell, redden. Most often, the tumor can be felt on their own, in front of the mirror. Inspection is carried out visually first carefully examining the chest from different angles, with lowered and raised by hand. After lifting one arm up, the second palpate the chest first on top, then the bottom. Examination is performed from the beginning of the breast to the nipple. Late first birth, predisposition and excessive body weight are the main causes of breast cancer.

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To the doctor should I contact if:

  • Seal glands or other tissues in the breast or axillary folds;
  • Changes in the size, shape or asymmetry of the location of the mammary glands;
  • Nipple discharge, in addition to colostrum or milk during lactation;
  • Retraction or deformation of the nipple;
  • Pain associated with breast examinations.

For the first time pregnant women face the fact that the mammary glands seemed to grow, swell, swell and hurt. This happens because the body prepares for future breastfeeding the baby. Most often, women experiencing before the conception of pain in the Breasts before menstruation the symptom is as aligned hormones.

Women once a year to screen for cancer of the breast, ultrasound and mammography. Girls with genus cancer cases or diabetes, should monitor their breast much more thoroughly, because in these cases, the risk increases significantly. With hormonal trifled with, so in some cases, an endocrinologist may explain why sore Breasts.