Why is my period coming 2 times a month, critical days again

Why did my period come the second time in a month? The answer to this question looking for a lot of women. Menstrual disorders belong to the group of the most common pathologies in gynecology. Even a simple viral infection can trigger repeat unscheduled monthly cycle. The incidence reaches 20% in the General segment of women’s pathology.

The peculiarities of the female organism

Before answering this question it is necessary to make a brief excursion into the biological rhythms of the female body. Sex or the women’s menstrual cycle consists of several stages and lasts from 28 to 32 days. His task is to prepare a woman’s body to conceive and carry a pregnancy.

The biological cycle starts with a hormonal peak and rejection of the inner layer of the uterus. If you went monthly, it means that began the process of tissue rejection and bleeding from the inner layer of the uterus.

After 3 — 4 days the bleeding stops, the tissue of the uterus is restored and ready to accept a fertilized egg. On the 7th day out of the egg. If it is not fertilized, the hormone levels decreases because of the complex biological processes in the ovary. It is a signal for the female body on the new cycle.

In the case of fertilization the egg begins to divide, move down the fallopian tube to the uterus. The endometrium or inner layer of the uterus is an active surface with a large number of vessels. The fertilized egg embeds itself in the endometrium. So begins a new life, and then the birth of the new man. Naturally, any month can not be discussed.

Menstruation resumed in the postpartum period. In the normal course of the restoration of the menstrual cycle is one month after the birth. However, breastfeeding produces a hormone that inhibits the release of a Mature egg. In such cases, the restoration of menstruation only occurs after the cessation of feeding.

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The menstrual cycle is a complex biological system that is regulated by the coordinated work of the ovaries, uterus, Central nervous system, pituitary, thyroid, and other organs. One failure in this chain leads to disruption of the menstrual function and the occurrence of complaints on frequent monthly monthly 2 times per month, monthly weeks and other menstrual disorders.

The main causes of frequent menstruation

The reason for more than a quarter of all pathological uterine bleeding are organic changes. In other cases, frequent periods due to hormonal disorders.

To describe irregular menstruation using the following names. The term “polimenorea” applies if the periods are twice a month at equal intervals of time. The term “metrorrhagia” is used in the case when the bleeding come haphazardly, regardless of what day of the cycle.

Menstrual dysfunction is seen as two diametrically different symptoms — the weakening or absence of menstruation. And Vice versa — amplified uterine bleeding, frequent periods — periods are every 2 weeks and even more often.

In the basis of functional hormonal disorders are:

  1. Neuropsychiatric and physical stress. The most common cause of such as monthly, several times a month. Experiences, malnutrition, vitamin deficiencies, mental or physical fatigue, tantrums and other emotional outbursts lead to the violation of hormone of the ovary (estrogens), and the uplift of a large dose of the stress hormone cortisol. This causes a disturbance of blood circulation in the endometrium, its premature detachment. And monthly can start immediately.
  2. Age-related changes. Before establishing normal hormonal levels and well-coordinated work of the endocrine glands menstruating adolescents are irregular. They are characterized by the abundant discharge, and can be repeated regardless of the phase of the cycle.

In the last decade in all developed countries there is a growing prevalence of various forms of menstrual dysfunction among adolescents. Most experts link this trend with an increase of psychoemotional load on the immature organism, the influence of anthropogenic factors, poor diet, noncompliance with a healthy lifestyle and other external factors.

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Women in menopause there is a gradual decrease in hormonal levels. The latest iteration comes in 47 – 50. In this period you can often hear complaints: month 1 every 2 months, often go monthly, monthly in a week and two weeks. The stabilization of hormones could happen in a natural way. For investment status prescribed hormonal drugs.

  1. Side effects of medicines, including the contraceptive pill. All medications that affect hormone levels can cause, that periods are consecutive several weeks.
  2. A blood disorder causing the violation of the coagulation system. Violation of hemostasis of blood can lead to repeated and heavy bleeding in the rejection of the inner layers of the endometrium.
  3. Miscarriage. The greatest number of miscarriages happen in the first trimester of pregnancy. Thus, every second woman does not know she is pregnant and takes this incident as a re-menstruation.
  4. Inflammatory diseases of the external and internal genital organs. The acute phase of the inflammatory process, regardless of the place of localization might begin with secretions from the genital organs of a different nature (bloody, sukrovichnye-purulent and purulent).
  5. Acute and chronic infection. Once in the human body, the pathogen begins to multiply and excrete waste products of various toxins. Intoxication and elevated temperature disrupts the triad of the endocrine glands (pituitary-hypothalamus-ovary). In such situations monthly the third time in a month are not uncommon.
  6. Endocrine diseases. Endocrine system is represented by a different structure, size and functions of the glands of internal secretion. Their total mass is about 100 grams, and the level of hormones in the blood reaches several milligrams. However, the impact on the health and functioning of the whole body.

For example: with a low level of thyroid hormones menstruation are longer with a large amount of discharge and severe pain syndrome. In hyperthyroidism, menstruation may come back in a week, but the bleeding is scanty and insignificant.

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To determine the causes of private monthly it is necessary to exclude pathology of the endocrine glands, which are not directly associated with the functioning of the reproductive sphere of women — the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal glands and other.

The answer to the question, why is my period coming 2 times a month, often to be found in the liver and kidneys. All abdominal organs in one way or another are involved in the metabolism of hormones and support normal hormonal levels. Since the liver is a chemical factory of the body. She is actively involved in the production of compounds of the precursors of hormones and their synthesis. Therefore, malfunction of the cookies has an immediate effect on the frequency of menstruation. If periods are irregular or the patient complains of menstruating twice a month by the apparent prosperity, the first thing to check all the organs and systems of your body.

With organic changes of bleeding can go at any time and be repeated, regardless of the hormones and phases of the cycle. The most common causes are:

  • malignant and benign growths of the genitals;
  • cysts and tumors in the ovaries;
  • polycystic;
  • polyps and cancer of the cervix;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • the endometriosis.