Why not regularly go periods in women, causes and what to do

Regular periods, like clockwork, is the exception rather than the rule. Women may not pay serious attention to the occasional failure. He is quite harmless, unless it becomes a rule. But if the violation lasts a few months, should start to be interested in its origin. To find out, why not go regular monthly, it is better not waiting for an explicit response from the body. The causes are easier to overcome in the beginning of the pathological process.

Which cycle is considered normal?

To start is to just search calendar and verify that the failure actually occurred. This “menstruation diary” will not be excessive at any age. Just remember that periods come, for example, in the beginning of the month, you can greatly confuse you.

The norm think, if from the first day of discharge, before the first day of the next menses is between 21 to 35 days. It very rarely coincides with the duration of the calendar month. Not making a mark on the calendar, it is very easy to stray and start to worry needlessly. Do not be lazy to count the days so calm and clear you to a gynecologist if necessary.

How is the process

Processes required for reproductive function, and the timely arrival of menstruation are controlled by hormones and have a complex hierarchy:

  1. It all starts with parts of the brain that are responsible for emotions, fear, stress, sleep, memory. They all belong to the limbic system and transmit information through nerve impulses.
  2. The second stage adjustment — the hypothalamus, it largely determines human behavior, regulates the homeostasis and survival of the organism as a whole. In this part of the brain is the language of nerve impulses on the endocrine.
  3. The pituitary gland obeying the orders of the hypothalamus (already hormonal) produces more than 10 of its own hormones, which control all processes.
  4. The ovaries, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, are the immediate subordinates of the pituitary gland. They produce their hormones, some of which regulate sexual function.
  5. Uterus lining of her endometrium and mammary glands are very sensitive to all hormonal “orders” and carry out their direct functions thanks to this guide.

All five levels interact with each other both directly and sequentially by steps. Any change in one of the stages entails violations on the other. Transferred stress, anxiety, change in diet, lack of sleep (crashing on the upper floors) is quite able to be reflected down the food chain irregular menstruation discharge.

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Causes of unstable periods can be hidden quite deeply, but practicing gynecologists and most of them are obvious after the first dose and multiple analyses.

Possible causes of a failure

Absence of menstruation in some cases shows the normal passage of physiological processes. Upon the occurrence of a pregnancy one of the first signs is a delay in regular discharge. In the lactation period can also go irregularly.

Irregular monthly cycle can have both physiological and pathological basis.

Such breaches are temporary. Recurrence able to recover on their own and require only observation and supportive measures. Recovering the body, without pathologies, gradually regulates the process. Such reasons include:

  1. Age. After the arrival of the first menstruation to the periodicity established for 1 year. After age 40, women begin the process of decay in the reproductive sphere, and the irregularity of the discharge indicate the approach of menopause.
  2. Pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding greatly alter the whole hormonal balance of the body. He is recovering from several months to a year.
  3. Artificial or spontaneous abortion is also a shock to the system. Severe disturbance of natural processes requires time on the endocrine and physical recovery, as well as the attention of a doctor.
  4. Surgical intervention (curettage). Depending on the morbidity of the procedure and characteristics of an organism can lead to slight violations of the physiological cycle, and to cause pathology.
  5. Drugs affecting blood clotting, hormonal contraceptives, sedatives, and even long-term use of antibiotics can greatly affect the frequency of menstruation.

Attention! Poor selection of a contraceptive method can cause serious consequences. Prolonged use of any hormonal drugs (oral and vaginally) is valid only under regular medical control. Even if the drug was previously well tolerated, but over time, periods become irregular, changed quantitatively, visit the gynecologist, maybe the tool will have to be replaced.

Sudden weight loss or a set, violation of sleep, hypothermia, fatigue — can be attributed to physiological causes of violations, while they are amenable to easy adjustment and escalate into a painful condition.

Causes of pathological

Such violations of cyclicity of menstruation caused by the disease, their symptoms are eliminated only together with the main pathology. The most common reasons:

  1. Hormonal. Insufficient or excessive production of hormones one of the organs included in the endocrine chain, the hypothalamus, uterus. Disease, trauma of any of them may lead to inconsistent menstruation. To identify the exact cause only allows a comprehensive examination.
  2. Tumors, polyps, fibroids in the uterus and appendages interfere with the normal functioning of organs. Benign growths interfere with mechanical, some malignant tumors tend to produce hormones, which are embedded in the overall system.
  3. The endometriosis. Common reason why my period not coming on time. Epithelium from the inner surface of the uterus (endometrium) grows outside, on the cervix, in the vagina, covers the coming bodies. This fabric is not designed to function outside the uterus, often bleeding. Pathology greatly complicates normal work of the whole sexual sphere.
  4. Dysfunction ovarian cyst, polycystic (multiple cysts), tumors. Ovaries — the reproductive organ, and violations have the potential to spread further faster. It often affects endometriosis, inflammatory processes, tumors, which violates one of the most important parts of women’s health.
  5. Inflammatory processes of any origin. Sexual infection is one of the causes of inflammation, lesions of the pelvic organs, the formation of adhesions, obstruction of the fallopian tubes. Have a lot of unwanted effects and usually appear altered menstrual discharge and other symptoms. Easily determined during the research.
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Irregularities in the thyroid gland, diabetes, diseases of the blood can influence the regularity of the monthly cycle. Figuring out why my period are not regular, the doctor may discover hidden disorders that otherwise does not manifest itself.

The consequences of irregular cycle

The consequence of prolonged irregular menstrual cycle problem in conceiving. Incorrect passage of the individual phases of the female reproductive cycle affects the maturity of the egg, its fertilization and attach inside the uterus. When diagnosing note the absence of ovulation, or lack of hormones, providing a nurturing.

This violation often provokes endocrine infertility. How to adjust not regularly occurring ovulation or irregular menstruation, will be advised by the fertility specialist or an obstetrician-gynecologist. Identifying the causes helps to cope with most conditions with conservative methods.

Important! Age-related conditions, menstruation girls are considered the norm. But if the normal cycle is not set for more than two years, there is a danger that the reproductive processes are laid incorrectly. In this case, only a doctor can determine treatment is required or sufficient supervision. In a favorable embodiment, after the first delivery establishes a regular cycle.

What if the cycle is unstable, and the reason is not immediately clear? In any case, the organism signals about the problems and demands urgently to normalize mode, food, habits.

On that note:

  1. To reduce stress, to avoid severe unrest, if it is impossible to determine the appropriate sedative.
  2. Sleep of sufficient duration, in the dark. Some of the processes of formation of hormones occur only during sleep at night.
  3. To exclude rigid diet. Strict limitation of fats provokes irregular monthly cycle. Female body needs good nutrition, the intake of sufficient amount of protein and light carbohydrates.
  4. If necessary to Supplement the diet with multivitamin complexes and “women’s” vitamins (E, C, folic acid, rutin).
  5. To reduce the physical load in intensity. To increase activity at failure. For women’s health is important exercise, but not heavy sports.
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Often enough small changes in behavior or diet to make sure everything returned to normal. Why not routinely go monthly, will be determined by the doctor. If the cause lies deeper, positive changes in lifestyle will allow faster and easier to cope with any disease. Any medical or surgical treatment will be more effective.

Remember that the regulation of all processes of female genital sphere starts with the head. Emotional, stress factor is one of the most important in the occurrence of many diseases. Take care of your peace and balance, provide not only work but also rest. All the endocrine glands, working in normal mode, will help to establish the lost balance.