Why you need a menstruating woman

Why having periods, naturally occurs in every girl who enters adolescence. Faced with this essentially unpleasant phenomenon as menstruation, to the uninitiated in this subject, the child will not understand the reasons, will suffer, and may even be frightened. Therefore, the goal of every loving mother is to tell her daughter that this is a natural process occurring in the body on a monthly basis, is necessary in order to enable it in the future to experience the joy of motherhood.

The physiology of female sexual sphere

A menstrual cycle is a periodically recurring changes in the reproductive system. The installation of the cycle occurs gradually, about 1 – 1.5 years, in the future, it persists throughout life up to menopause. Consists of two phases:

  1. The first phase (follicular) is characterized by the maturation of the egg, rupture of the follicle and the release of their him of the egg (ovulation).
  2. The second phase (luteal) ensures the maturation of the corpus luteum. Along with this, in the uterus occurs the overgrowth (proliferation) of the inner layer is the endometrium.

Moving down the fallopian tube, the egg meets the sperm, fertilization occurs, and then the introduction of the embryo into the endometrium is prepared. In the case when fertilization has not occurred, the uterus begins to contract and to reject unnecessary endometrium, menstruation occurs. And in the reproductive system again in the same sequence occur the above-described cyclic changes.

Menstruation is the discharge of blood and clots from the genital tract occurring at the end of the uterine cycle. Highlight appear in the beginning of the follicular phase. It is considered that from the first day of menstruation begins the first day of the cycle, which lasts 28 days, but can individually vary from 21 to 35 days. Duration 3 – 7 days.

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It’s now easy to understand why we need monthly. If every month around the same day there spotting, it means that the woman is healthy and in their reproductive period of life. Circuit-breakers, on the contrary, speak about the impossibility to conceive and give birth to a child. This state requires mandatory treatment, even if there is no desire to have children, because it is a signal of the violation of hormonal background of the organism, and in the future may lead to irreversible consequences.

How to make so that menstruation does not interfere with usual life

Earlier, in the so-called dark ages, a woman menstruating was considered unclean, unworthy. This event was associated with the questions “why” and “why” there was a lot of superstition, mystical assumptions, this led To a basic misunderstanding of the causes and nature of this phenomenon. Currently, the question is, why you need a month, there is a precise answer, the physiology of the reproductive system is well understood, knowledge is transmitted from generation to generation, therefore, the monthly menstruation is not afraid of anyone, and not surprising.

Monthly do not deliver any inconvenience, if properly adapt to them.

  • Due to the fact that this event occurs every month, a girl has to have a handy calendar in which she will celebrate the first day. Over time, through observation, to find out how many days into the cycle, it’s not hard to remember, and calendaring may be no need.
  • The duration and amount of discharge help to choose necessary means of hygiene. To use pads or tampons girls decide on their own depending on the rhythm of life, the sensitivity of the external genitalia and personal preferences.
    Day, most active time, it is better to enter a tampon. They are divided by size for sparse, moderate and abundant secretions. Tampons are introduced in a relatively short time (2-4 hours), so at night it is better to use the gasket. These tools also come in different shapes and thicknesses.
  • If at this time to bother excruciating pain, modern medicine has developed so many antispasmodics, which will relieve these unpleasant sensations, just need to find the right medication and take it according to instructions.
  • Every healthy woman knows the day will come menstruation, so you can confidently plan important events and activities, trips, and travel to these days the possibilities were more free and relaxed.