Women’s labia: features of the structure

Women’s labia is an integral part of genitals: they cover the clitoris, the eve of the vagina and orifice of the urethra. Physiological feature of the structure of the vagina involves the presence of two types of labia: big and small (PGM).

The labia majora are of a great size, the presence of adipose tissue and hairline. Anatomically they look like the sides of the genital slit.

The structure of the labia minora are represented by two thin folds of mucous tissue, located inside of the large lip that merged into the front spike, go directly to the clitoris. The labia, as well as large, perform a protective function: protect the internal female sex organs from injury and infection by pathogenic flora.

Features of the structure

The physiological structure of the vagina in women the same, but the anatomic features of the individual in each case. Types of women’s vaginas are different: in some women it is a big, fat, others, on the contrary, is thin, stretched.

The appearance of the labia depends on factors such as:

  • genetics;
  • ethnicity;
  • body weight;
  • age;
  • the peculiarities of the intrauterine development;
  • the disease of the vagina;
  • labors;
  • injury;
  • surgery;
  • religious beliefs (circumcision);
  • the imbalance of hormones.

Labia little girls are connected by a rear spike. As they grow, the female body they are modified, back spike disappears. In 80% of cases types of women’s labia are dependent on genetic factors. Normal the vagina of healthy women varies in size from 6 to 10 cm.

After childbirth, surgery, infectious diseases that cause altered tissue, the size usually increases. The size of the lips is also affected by the location of the entrance to the vagina, development of the clitoris, the degree of elasticity of the walls.

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Narrow short lip often dominated by the French, Italians, Greek. The small size also observe the Germans, Georgians, and Spanish. In women, residing throughout the African or American continent, often observed narrow vagina with long labia.

Labia klassificeret on grounds such as:

  1. length and thickness;
  2. the symmetry of the folds;
  3. festinately (jagged edges);
  4. protrusion (increase, extension);
  5. pigmentation;
  6. elongation (hypertrophy, bulging of the inner folds).

Aesthetic standard

In gynecology there is no concept of beautiful labia: their shape and size in each individual case. However, from an aesthetic point of view, the standard beautiful female vagina is a vagina with small PGMs. If they are open, they resemble the shape of a butterfly.

In addition, the beauty of the vagina and labia are determined by criteria such as:

  • symmetrical arrangement;
  • covered the entrance to the vagina in the unexcited state;
  • festinately;
  • minor severity of folds (characteristic of young age);
  • the pink color of the mucosa;
  • PGMs are inside the large;
  • elongation MPG no more than 1 – 2 cm;
  • from the back, invisible;
  • the absence of abnormal pigmentation;
  • the clitoris covered by labia in a state of rest;
  • missing the gaping jaws.

How does a healthy vagina and labia, seen in the photo.

When the available chromosomal anomalies observed malformations: MPG can be huge size, long (seen from behind) or Vice versa – completely absent.

Types of women’s vaginas Length of vagina Phenotype women
Small 12.5 cm Low growth, fragile physique, narrow shoulders, small Breasts, wide hips
Secondary 17,5 cm Average height, well-developed chest, wide hips, long neck, sloping forehead, umbilical area somewhat raised
Large Within 25 cm Tall or medium height, big bones, developed breast and hips
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What is labiaplasty?

Dissatisfaction with intimate body causes women to seek ways of eliminating the aesthetic deficiency. Focusing on the canons of fashion, advertising in the media, the desire to feel liberated in the moment of sexual intercourse, some of them have resorted to surgery.

Labiaplasty is a plastic (correction) of the shape and size of the labia, focused on the preservation of anatomical and physiology in achieving an aesthetic standard.

Deciding labioplasty, some women focus on beauty, not on a healthy vagina. What are vaginas and labia look like normal size depends on what and where needs to be, better to know a gynecologist. Therefore, it is important to obtain maximum information from several doctors before making a decision on surgical intervention.

Labiaplasty is shown in cases where the medical aspect prevails over the aesthetic:

  1. the recovery of the muscles of the pelvic day;
  2. the elimination of the open entrance to the vagina after childbirth;
  3. the gap of the vagina and lips at the time of labor with the formation of rough scars;
  4. elimination of defects that adversely affect the quality of sexual life;
  5. developmental abnormalities that cause frequent inflammation;
  6. hypertrophy of the folds that hinder full hygiene;
  7. elimination of pain during exercise, wearing tight underwear;
  8. inferiority complex.

View of your intimate areas before and after the labiaplasty.

Complications and contraindications labiaplasty

As with any surgical intervention into the body, labiaplasty may cause complications:

  • excessive resection, which appears gaping vagina;
  • violation of the anatomical location of the urethra;
  • bleeding from damage to blood vessels, hematoma;
  • keloid scars;
  • loss of sensitivity;
  • infection of the tissues.
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Labiaplasty is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • planning delivery through the natural genital tract (discussed with a gynecologist);
  • disorganization of connective tissue by immunopathological processes in the body (systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatic fever, scleroderma);
  • mental illness;
  • acute infectious diseases (the operation is delayed until recovery);
  • inflammatory diseases of the genital tract;
  • aggravation of any chronic pathology;
  • young age (under 18).

If the size of the MPG does not preclude a full sexual and social activity, pregnancy, does not cause psychological discomfort and all kinds of complexes, the result of surgery is positive. However, remember that the aesthetic systems that experienced by women dissatisfied with the appearance of the genital organs, partners in most cases do not share. It is not excluded that such structure of the labia, they are considered as a peculiarity.