You can do before chest x-rays Smoking, contraindications

Chest x-ray (FOG) is a diagnostic examination to detect early stages of lung diseases. The detected change is used for further detailed examination of the body. Chest x-rays are prescribed to people with suspected pathology of internal organs, as well as all healthy men and women annually. The passage of x-rays – one of the components of the medical commissions.

Many people to obtain a quality result diagnostic tests prior to the procedure, the questions arise:

  • Can I smoke before a fluoroscopy?
  • Influence of cigarette you smoke for result of chest x-ray?

Studies have shown that cigarette you smoke for 30 minutes or an hour before the procedure significantly the outcome will not be affected. The presence or absence of pathology of the will show, and smoked a cigarette for it has no influence.

What can x-ray the show:

  • various benign and malignant tumors;
  • the inflammation;
  • fibrous education;
  • pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • foreign body;
  • tissue necrosis of internal organs;
  • abscesses.

What you need to know before undergoing the procedure

Is it possible to have chest x-rays before? Abstinence from food and drink, it is recommended to undergo ultrasound (ultrasound) of the digestive system or before a blood test, but not before the passage of x-rays. Food enters the stomach, which will not affect the result of the survey. In the past, during the procedure, the unit gave quite a powerful radiation, which caused nausea and vomiting. Today, the use of modern equipment minimizes the radiation that allows you to eat before fluorography.

Is it possible to do x-rays during a cough? Coughing is a reaction of the body aimed at freeing the Airways from dust, foreign bodies Cough can be a symptom of the disease. In the process of coughing the body excretes through the respiratory tract substances, making breathing difficult. Therefore, regardless of the origin of nature of cough, chest x-rays to be done and in some cases (on the recommendation of a doctor).

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Is it possible to do a chest x-ray during pregnancy? Doctors believe that the conduct of fluoroscopy is possible in any day of the cycle of menstruation and much harm to her body will bring.

You can also pass fluorographic research before pregnancy. If there is no urgent indications, it is better to take a picture at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. At this time the risk of conception is minimal. During the passing of FOG woman can use a protective apron.

Is it possible to do x-rays during pregnancy? When a woman is going to become a mother, she is gentle and sensitive as their health, but the health of the baby she is carrying. Naturally, correctly and live a quiet life, to avoid stressful situations. So when the question arises about the passage of x-rays, women the question arises: is it harmful for the baby and will there be consequences?

Doctors do not recommend to take x-rays during pregnancy. In special cases it is possible to do FOG after 16 weeks, when all internal organs are formed, and the radiation could not affect the further development of the fetus. But if there is no strong evidence for the passage of FOG, doctors recommend completely for the duration of pregnancy to abstain from its passage. All women is FOG on the second day after birth.

In some cases, not doing chest x-rays:

  1. If the child has not reached 15 years of age. But you can get an x-ray after doctor’s permission.
  2. For people who have a specific disease, a procedure only possible with the permission of the attending physician.
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How many times can you do x-rays? The procedure of fluoroscopy, for medical reasons, are the number of times which is necessary for diagnosis of the disease. For the prevention and detection of early stages of diseases of the chest and lung rather than 1 time per year (2 times per year for people of certain professions).

How much time is fluorography? The procedure will take some time: to remove clothing, take a photo (1-2 minutes) to get dressed. During the procedure, it is forbidden to speak.

Contraindications to fluoroscopy

Contraindications for passing fluorography in principle, no. Relative contraindications apply poor General condition or other reasons affecting the health of the person that hamper steady, strong shortness of breath, early pregnancy (before 20 weeks), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces). In any case, only your doctor make the decision and only he can tell you how you can do this study.