Headache and lays the ears causes — what to do

What to do when ears and headache?

Headache, stuffiness in ears are symptoms of various diseases. They can indicate the presence of an infectious process, pathologies, hearing AIDS, vascular disorders.

Laying the ears can be caused by a blockage of the ear canal of sulfuric stopper, and a headache to talk about fatigue. But often such feelings arise when bleeding in the brain or a sudden increase in intracranial pressure. For accurate diagnosis it is important where localized pain is there associated symptoms, e.g., runny nose, or flies flashing before my eyes. When often stuffy ears and headache causes are serious illness.

Causes headaches and stuffiness of the ears

The middle ear cavity filled with air. So we can hear, inside it creates a pressure that varies from atmospheric. As soon as it changes, there is a feeling of stuffy ears.

Causes of stuffy ears, accompanied by headache, are:

  1. A sudden change in atmospheric pressure. It happens during takeoff or landing, diving into the depths. In this case, slight dizziness, headache, hearing loss – short-term and do not indicate pathology.
  2. Stuffy nose. The air in the middle ear and the Eustachian tube enters during inhalation. At a cold inside the tympanic cavity pressure decreases, and the ear is pressed, there is a rise in pressure of the inner labyrinthine fluid, hearing is reduced. Migraine, feeling of heaviness in the head, knock in temples arise from hypoxia, intoxication, and not associated with hearing impairment.
  3. Increased intracranial pressure. Because of circulatory disorders of the ears and pressure on head. Often this state is accompanied by the appearance of black spots before my eyes. This is a very alarming symptom, indicating the presence of pathology.

Headache accompanied by hearing loss, patients often turn to the otolaryngologist, a neurologist or a cardiologist. This is due to the fact that the spectrum of diseases proceeding with these symptoms is very wide. It can be pathology:

  • conductive apparatus;
  • sound apparatus;
  • cardiovascular;
  • the Central nervous system.

Headache and hearing loss can be symptoms independent from each other. For example, the ear of sulfuric tube, foreign body caught after bathing with water, and the head while sick due to fatigue and stress. In any case, it is necessary to pay attention to these signs, as they indicate the presence of pathology.

Only a consultation with a doctor will help to determine the exact reason why a headache, and ears.

In what diseases have these symptoms

First and foremost, if the headache is accompanied with congestion of the ears, the doctor will suspect pathology of the auditory analyzer. It can be:

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  • otitis;
  • Qatar Eustachian tube;
  • labyrinthitis;
  • atresia of the auditory canal;
  • injuries of the eardrum.

One of the main symptoms of purulent-inflammatory process in the organs of hearing is the reduction of pain in the head when draining purulent discharge from the ear. Also removes the feeling of pressure, of gravity.

The same symptoms can occur in infectious diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Pain in the forehead, the temples, arise from the sinusitis. In this case, an additional sign will be disturbed nasal breathing. Migraine it increases when the head tilts towards the affected side.

If ENT-organs, should be examined by a cardiologist. Often a sudden drop in hearing and the appearance of a pulsating pain in the temples, and the oppressive feeling in the head, testify:

  • hypertension;
  • hypertension;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Hypertension may be affected by a snail. Often, because of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, all of a sudden deafness. This is caused by thrombosis or embolism of the internal auditory artery.

Deviation of blood pressure from the norm can arise not only due to diseases of the cardiovascular system. Hypertension happens when the kidneys, diabetes.

About the presence of hypertensive encephalopathy evidenced by the emergence of such symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • hearing loss;
  • blurred vision;
  • «heavy head»;
  • loss of coordination;
  • decreased cognitive abilities;
  • constantly high blood pressure.

Important! If suddenly feeling a sharp pain in the back laid ears, his head buzzed, and before my eyes swam the black dots, the earth began to leave from-under feet are a harbinger of stroke. Be sure to consult your doctor.

It happens that only increases intracranial pressure, thus the blood is normal, in rare cases decreases. This condition occurs most often due to degenerative changes in the cervical spine and says:

  • osteochondrosis;
  • spondylosis;
  • the osteophytes etc.
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Osteochondrosis is the main cause of distsirkulyatornoy encephalopathy. At untimely and inadequate treatment, the disease leads to disability. Characteristic signs of defeat of vessels of a brain are:

  • laying the ears;
  • pulsation of blood vessels in the temples;
  • blurred consciousness;
  • migraine;
  • feeling like your head is about to explode.

As well as symptoms such as stuffy ears and headache characteristic of the serious diseases which are treated surgically:

  • tumor;
  • sarcoma;
  • cyst;
  • polyps.

If you have a headache, ears pop and the pressure is OK – it is possible that there is an acoustic neuroma. A benign tumor, but with a severe clinical course. In the third stage of the disease occurs deafness, visual disturbances, cerebellar and cranial nerves.

How to get rid of the problem

If this phenomenon is transient and associated with SARS, acute respiratory infections, unpleasant sensations disappear, when it will be restored nasal breathing and disappear the signs of intoxication. If it is absolutely unbearable to endure a knock at the temples, aching in the neck and hearing loss, you can try to get rid of these symptoms, but the doctor’s long delay is not necessary. The correct course of treatment can pick up a doctor.

What to do when ears and headache:

  1. It is necessary to measure the pressure. If it’s high, take anti-hypertensive drugs. If the doctor medication is not prescribed, it is better to take a vasodilator – Validol, Korvalol. These drugs are the least harmless and will help relieve the unpleasant symptoms. Under reduced pressure recommend Advil. Instead, you can drink strong black tea or organic coffee.
  2. To chew gum. To get rid of hearing loss, it is necessary to chew gum. This measure will help to balance the air pressure in the middle ear and the Eustachian tube with atmospheric.
  3. To clean the ears. When the ears associated with obstruction of the auditory canal of sulfuric tube, it is necessary to clean the ears with a special stick, pre-dripped into the ear hydrogen peroxide (3-5 drops).
  4. Applying a cold compress. This will help to reduce the pain in the head.
  5. Warming up can help with shooting pains in my temple and ear. In a cotton pouch and poured bran, salt, heated it to a temperature of 40–500C. Apply it for 20 minutes to the affected area. With this procedure it is necessary to be careful. Purulent otitis warming will provoke the exacerbation of the inflammatory process, the occurrence of brain abscess, meningitis.
  6. Massage can help to relieve pain in the temples and forehead. Doing it with fingertips. Massaged in a circular motion, and deliver clockwise.
  7. Daily exercises help to get rid of the symptoms, if we are talking about the degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine.

Learn from what your ears and a headache, doctors recommend that patients completely different methods of treatment.

Patients with arterial hypertension medications that lower blood pressure:

  • captopress;
  • amidopyrine;
  • diuretics;
  • bisoprolol etc.
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To relieve headaches recommend analgesics. But if the disease is caused by a lack of b vitamins prescribed drug Milgamma which have analgesic effect. Medication alone should not be accepted, they should be prescribed by a doctor. Otherwise, instead of a positive effect, the patient will exacerbate his condition.

When squeezing the head, ears, be sure to consult a doctor. If you detect the disease at initial stages and time to start the treatment, you can avoid serious consequences. Self-treatment and neglect of their health can lead to serious complications and even disability.