Headphones: can be a headache, as to restore hearing

Can from headphone headache and lay on the ear?

In recent years, doctors in one voice say about the harmfulness of using headphones, and not the accessory, but the music and its volume level preferred by the users. This fashion in the future may result in hearing loss and deafness, especially for today’s youth are the main consumers of the invention.

Who of us did not notice on the street or in buses young music lovers with headphones, and with a completely detached gaze, immaturity and unwillingness to notice what was happening around him. Next, we will focus on the potential consequences of mindless use of this integral attribute of our everyday life.

Can from headphone headache

It is worth to mention right away — the damage from headphones comes, not on the accessories. If this were so, then the person would be harmful and earplugs, and ear muffs for work, and basically everything that has at least some pressure to the area of the organ of hearing.

The damage from this invention depends on their transmission of sound, especially loud sound.

Help. The volume level of sound when listening to music or watching a film with the use of such accessories shall not exceed 60 DB, and the duration – no more than an hour.

Excessively loud music through earphones affects several organs at once, causing the following sensations:

  • headache for no reason, irritability;
  • the emergence of the perception of the tinnitus;
  • disorientation of the person in space.

So, the head from the headphones, but rather from this method of listening to music, rooting it can be very intense.

The mechanism of headache is as follows: after 40 minutes of listening to music is a violation of the tone of the brain and its blood circulation, that leads to such unpleasant sensations.

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In addition the person may experience heart palpitations and increased blood pressure.

In addition to the effect of music, it is worth noting that the head may ache because of an incorrect earphone design.

Especially often complain the headphones -«mugs», which not only compress the head, but fairly push the ear.

In any case, such a phenomenon takes place after 10-15 minutes after removing headphones.

Such trouble is not returned, it is necessary to control the time in headphones, the volume level and choose a convenient design of the device.

Must choose based not on beauty and design and on the technical characteristics and ease to you personally. It would be better to ask in the shop once to try on headphones to home to avoid unpleasant discoveries.

If after headphones laid the ear

In that case, if laid after the ear headphone, and besides, there is background noise, then this may be indicative of acoustic trauma, i.e., exposure to excessively loud music causes damage or even death of the auditory receptor organ of hearing.

Attention. If you have noted this phenomenon more than once, you should immediately visit a doctor because this could be the beginning of the development of hearing loss.

To explain this phenomenon it is necessary to consider the principle of transfer of sounds on this device. A special concern of the doctors here are the best DJ headphones, as they are pressure inside to which the human ear to adapt not.

The air layer is absent, so loud music freely have a destructive effect on the auditory system, causing it to strain.

The nature of the human auditory analyzer provided a protective function only on a short-term strong sound waves, prolonged exposure can lead to very unfortunate consequences:

  1. The inner ear ceases to function fully.
  2. Negative impact on the vestibular apparatus due to exposure of the eardrum to constant vibrations from loud sound.
  3. The development of sensorineural hearing loss – damage to the auditory nerve.
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Based on the foregoing, stuffy ears after headphone condition is very serious.

So, as mentioned earlier, you must immediate medical examination and assistance in order to ensure the preservation of hearing. In addition, headphones should be abandoned for a while and go to the acoustic method of listening.

Restore hearing after headphone

How to restore hearing after headphone? Here, perhaps a slightly different question – is it possible to restore hearing after headphone?

We have found that loud music can lead to hearing loss and deafness, not immediately of course, this requires years of «therapy from the headphones».

But the first «swallows» the development of hearing loss if you frequently use accessories in the foreseeable future (we have already mentioned – the noise, the roar in his ears, congestion).

Next, consider the stages of negative impact on the auditory function of loud music and their treatment.

First, a person ceases to perceive the high frequency sounds (birds singing, words with hissing sounds, for example, fly, vaseline). The man, of course, able to hear, but it was partly to correct such defect is not possible, because hearing AIDS are often neglected treble setting. That’s why in practice, in such a situation, the audio amplifiers often interfere with and cause severe fatigue and discomfort.

If you take no action to hinder the progress of the process, the result may be complete loss of the ability to disassemble sounds.

Without going into medical terminology, the ear and the brain are connected by a thin nerve. It performs the function of a cable for transmission of impulses from the ear to the brain. Loud noises spoil the cable, causing the impulses reach the brain bad.

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Our speech – these are the best impulses. The less of them gets into the brain, the worse a person hears. Subsequently, the brain actually can forget how to recognize human speech, and everywhere will hear unintelligible babbling.

To resume the ability to recognize sounds is extremely difficult. It is a long and painstaking treatment and also large financial cost of hearing AIDS. And thus to fully achieve recovery of hearing is impossible. It’s only possible to improve the condition of the hearing-impaired, and to teach the brain to analyze sounds and speech using the devices to improve hearing.

To say that the headphones are evil, of course, impossible. With the same success can be harmful for people to rank all around.

Here it is worth remembering that all use should be in moderation. So you get the pleasure of listening to your favorite songs and will protect your body from the harmful effects.