Hearing aid Siemens

What you need to know if you want to buy hearing AIDS from Siemens?

In the case of hearing loss patients seek help from a medical professional. Usually, after many surveys and tests that the specialists prescribe medication. It is necessary to identify the root cause of loss of hearing acuity and to try to restore hearing as soon as possible.

If the patient was diagnosed with more serious problems with the organ of hearing, pills and drops do not had the desired result in most cases, doctors prescribe hearing AIDS. The majority of patients prefer hearing AIDS Siemens.

About the company Siemens

According to the statistics of the official site of hearing AIDS Siemens, this company prefer the most. This is for certain reasons. So, hearing devices of the company do possess strength and power, better than others. To buy the products of this company can be anyone, as pricing and a large selection of devices meets all the needs of customers.

It should be clarified that in the company category pricing starts with five thousand rubles, but there are more expensive models with increased functionality. Every model is thoroughly tested and usovershenstvuetsya every few years.

BTE custom products, as well as digital and analog hearing AIDS, Siemens presented in a large volume, and also divided into several types and classifications. Each device has its own unique features and functions, and also have different housings and sizes, so choose the hearing aid device is quite simple.

Among the main functions of the drug – to increase the sound of the waves and the reduction of various noises. Thus, the hearing device must meet the requirements of the customer and accurately amplify the sound of the total amount of noise.

To maintain this service can be purchased with a unit which meets the minimum requirements.

Devices average price category are treated not only sound waves, reducing or increasing sound, but also emit background noise, and add clarity in human speech.

More expensive models have a large range of functions. The main objectives are to decrease or eliminate noise and extraneous sounds. Human speech at the same time become clear and more qualitative.

Among the latest updates according to the official website of the hearing aid, Siemens, indication of localization of the sound waves. So, now patients will be able to hear certain sounds, whether the sound of rain, wind or singing birds, however, it is necessary to aim the microphone for outgoing audio.

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In addition, the patient can perceive human speech, which is the back or side. We will remind that earlier it was difficult and the patient had to turn to the source of the sound.

The choice appearance of the phone is also striking, as in the official company presents more than one hundred kinds of hearing devices. They can be large, small or even invisible. However, it does not change the content of the devices:

  • microphone;
  • amplifier;
  • speaker;
  • liner;
  • the case, which is custom-made;
  • batteries.

Hearing devices from Siemens are divided into three types.

A large part of the preparations presented in the company have behind-the-ear look. They are attached in one ear and have a different view. So, they can be quite large or, conversely, miniature. Size does not affect product quality, so choose the drug you need at the individual characteristics.

In most of the models introduced several microphones, which favorably affects the quality of perceived sounds in a noisy place or improved perception of human speech.

The price for behind-the-ear options ranging from five to eighty thousand rubles. There are more expensive models that do not require special handling during water treatment or swimming in the pool or ponds and lakes. Their is no need to remove or pre-clean.

Another view presented is not so massive as the first. But despite this, they have a lot of positive reviews. Custom products devices submitted by the company Siemens, are made only for individual orders. Before their production is made a mold of the auditory canal, for which further made apparatus.

These devices are designed for people with minor disabilities of hearing, and almost complete deafness. They are small, so may not be suitable for people of retirement age. Not always it is convenient to introduce the external auditory pass or shoot without irritation and wrong actions.

Therefore, when buying-the-ear devices, you must make sure the easiness of the device as hearing AIDS are designed for daily use.

The latest device from this company – pocket devices. By purchasing this device, be prepared for the fact that the speaker itself will be in the pocket, and from it to get a special cord that connects to the earpiece. The wire can be attached to the belt or to hang on the neck. Audio signals are transferred with the help of specialized headphones.

This unit is considered the most inexpensive of the presented types. However, be prepared for the fact that this device is uncomfortable to do sports or other active exercise, as there is a risk of loss.

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Low-cost devices

If you choose a hearing aid in the low price category it is necessary to pay attention to some nuances.

The device of economy class have the same features as other devices:

  1. Treated with sound waves and increase the intelligibility of human speech.
  2. Lower noises.
  3. Reduce extraneous sounds.
  4. With these drugs you can talk on a cell phone, watch TV or listen to the radio.

To select these devices you need the people who noted weak loss of hearing acuity. In addition, these drugs can be purchased to consult with a specialist, if it is impossible to survey in the near future.

Be prepared for the fact that these drugs are no large features or options, so the quality of the sound waves will not be as distinctive as the more expensive models.

But the functions in the data preparation allow you to understand even a small child, so a person will not have problems with options.

It should be noted that sound waves are corrected and can be corrected through manual adjustment.

Each model of this group has the ability to reduce the squeaking, whistling and other noises in loud places, and while eating or chatting on the phone.

Average category

These devices are in great demand among the population due to its affordability and large range of devices. Hearing AIDS from ten to thirty thousand rubles capable of processing sound waves through multiple channels. In addition, the devices protect the ear from sudden high sound frequencies and extraneous sounds, noise and squeak.

This allows you to listen to music in the headphones without any damage to the organ of hearing.

Hearing AIDS of this group have tematicheskoi setting for each patient. In addition, they have a good function of processing the sound waves and enhance the clarity of speech.

Setting hearing AIDS mid-level is done by the computer.

Due to this, the device can analyze the background noise, increase soft speech and other noises and sounds.

Most often in this price range people opt for custom made instruments devices that include two or three microphones.

These drugs are protected from sulfur glands, ingress of water or sweat, and also differ in the duration of operation.

Expensive hearing devices

Among this category, there was a particular clarity of sounds, a perfect reduction of noise and other extraneous sounds. Moreover, the devices of premium-class are constantly improving. So, some devices can be worn during water-based treatments or active sports.

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Data auditory devices are attached by various methods, and are as fully automated and adjustable height sound.

Some models possess the function of processing the sound waves up to sixteen channels.

This allows to adapt the hearing aid for different occasions.

Basic concepts

Before buying a product from Siemens, pay attention to a few basic concepts. So, hearing devices must undergo special inspections and to guarantee quality.

After that, the patient is the individual drug which meets all the requirements of the client. Just before purchasing a patient is undergoing tests, whose analysis is carried out a trial fitting of the device. If it is satisfied with appearance, function and price, the patient makes an order for the drug.

If the choice was to vnutrishniy device, the patient may need to undergo the procedure, which is a cast of the external auditory canal. After a number of days, the patient made individual apparatus.

Before final purchase, do a test fitting as necessary to ensure usability and compliance of devices. Also, please note, does not cause discomfort if the hearing aid is comfortable and whether it is in use.

Remember that many devices cease to function when in contact with water. Therefore protect the device from any liquid.

Before buying, be sure the service apparatus.


Pick hearing AIDS together with your doctor. Specialist help in choosing the device that will meet all the requirements of the patient as on the physical parameters, on the financial side of the issue.

Do not ignore the advice of agrology as auditory devices must be not only visually comfortable and cute to you, but to match all the parameters according to the audiometry, and other studies.