Hearing amplifiers and hearing AIDS: difference and harm

What is different from a hearing aid sound amplifier?

The people who have hearing problems, try to use all kinds of means in order to hear anything. Modern science in this plan is not in place and is actively working on the development of new products, which the market then tries to implement. Unfortunately, many do not understand the difference of such equipment, what is its real purpose, and, if finances allow – buy all in a row, so to speak, for testing.

The wide popularity and availability got hearing AIDS, a major competitor which began among the people of sound amplifiers. Many people do not know the difference between a hearing aid from the audio amplifier. To understand the functionality of the devices, their characteristics, pros and cons, you can only learn what exactly is each device.

What is a hearing aid

Medical device that is able to compensate for the lost hearing, made or chosen for a particular person, depending on the degree of hearing loss called auditory apparatus.

To buy in the regular pharmacy such a thing will not work, as a medical device can only be purchased through the auditory prosthesis.

The product is initially checked different tests and can not cause harm to health.

Made hearing AIDS well-known manufacturers, whose reputation is impeccable.

However, cost is such a device may cost about 10,000 rubles, which for many is simply unacceptable. That is why most people try to replace their hearing amplifiers, the price of which is much smaller (from 1 000).

Often the price factor plays the most important role in the selection of goods.

How does the amp sound

As the name implies, the main function of the device — to amplify sound. Works amplifier hearing in the following manner: detects an outbound signal and a microphone, amplifying it in the desired range, transmits to a small speaker placed in the ear.

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The volume of the transmission is regulated independently. Depending on the model, microphones and speakers, sound can be captured at considerable distances.

The honors and the dangers of hearing amplifiers and hearing AIDS

The external differences are almost there, so inexperienced people the device can not distinguish. Both compensate for lost hearing. To use each product simple and uncomplicated, with its function to cope with any.

Just want to note that cheap products will bring only harm. Let’s understand why a hearing aid works better, than the amplifier of the hearing.

Before getting into the auditory canal, picked up by the camera, the sound is filtered and cleaned. The result is maximum safe flow of sound in the auditory tube of the ear canal.

The cheaper the unit picks up that there, and only increasing the volume and sends the sound on. Extraneous sounds, noise, extra signals are not reduced. No filtration occurs.

Important! This difference as signal filtering, not initially noticeable but after a while, hearing problems from poor-quality sound can increase, and then it will need surgery or there was complete deafness.

Distinguishing feature is and the price of products. The brand in the case of cheaper units raises serious questions. Sometimes it was not even clear who and where they were produced.

The hearing aid can «afford» not to everyone, while the audio amplifier can be purchased by anyone. The first device will buy it just like at the pharmacy, you need to order.

A hearing aid is customized, strictly for medicinal purposes. Specialist to start measures the ear parameters, identifies the degree of deafness, and the product but allows you to hear, performs and therapeutic function, which is not to say a cheaper unit.

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It turns out that the use of sound amplifier may be any, but every medical device is suitable only for a particular patient.

Prolonged wearing of a hearing aid may result in its replacement by the less powerful device, as the hearing partially recovered. But in the case of audio amplifiers, rather the contrary. In addition, hearing AIDS are made from environmentally safe products, can not be said about conventional amplifiers.

Wearing hearing AIDS is under the control of the attending physician. The doctor keeps track of not see any changes from hearing, no need to change machine for another model.

In the case of audio amplifiers, the person takes full responsibility, buys what he just liked it – no control. The impact of the apparatus, is not clear.


We found out what is different from a hearing aid amplifier hearing and I can understand how the specific function of each unit.

In fact, knowing the specifics, you begin to realize that the audio amplifier is a device intended for people having hearing problems.

It’s probably only a market thing, which allows sometimes to eavesdrop on the neighbors, to listen carefully to his lectures. Simply put, did not initially assumes its long and continuous use – listened to, when necessary, and removed to the place in a nice box.

With hearing AIDS, things are different. These products are designed for constant use daily, every minute, every second.

When it comes to sick people, it is important to know not to waste the remainder of the hearing, the maximum saving and restoring the defined training and treatment. Such goals were set forth initially, when the hearing aid.

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The difference between this products and its purpose is obvious, and I want to say that the high price of hearing AIDS is justified. Therefore, if we are talking about the purchase of the instrument for a man whose seen a sharp decline in hearing, it is not necessary to spare money.

Buying a sound amplifier, you additionally will create a burden on the patients hearing. The rattling, which probably soon will be from low-quality speakers, can cause irreparable harm.