Hearing disability criteria how to obtain and register adult

How to get adult hearing disability?

If you or someone you know have hearing problems, then it is reasonable to issue a hearing disability. Criteria can accurately determine the group of disability. The whole procedure usually takes a couple of months.

Received a disability certificate, its owner will receive different benefits from pension payments, ending the financial reimbursement for the purchased hearing AIDS, medication and treatment.

Under any circumstances you can receive benefits?

Based on the letter of the law in relation to the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, disability can be provided (determined) on the basis of the following diagnoses:

  • the third degree of hearing loss (referring to the ear, which hears better than the second one, and age does not matter);
  • bilateral deafness since childhood;

There is also another very important aspect that must be considered. You need to have a document that shows that the auditory apparatus is not able to compensate for the hearing loss to a sufficient level.

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And the first and the second case implies that the disabled person will be provided with group 3, but in some cases is determined by 2 (two) when a person has a sudden or complete deafness, which, in turn, resulted in the loss of a job.

In that case, when given 2 (two) group disability, it is valid for 12-24 months, until the disabled person will not pass a rehabilitation course after which the group will be changed to 3 (third).

As for group I, it is not available almost in any of the cases. This is because even a total lack of hearing, implies the ability to lead a normal life.

What are the requirement for the group?

The only document that is used by employees of the examination to determine the disability hearing in Russia, represents the order of the Ministry from 17.12.2015. number 1024н.

Referring to this order, to obtain the status of a disabled person, the hearing loss should definitely restrict human activity for the following items:

  • the work;
  • spatial orientation;
  • the ability to communicate;
  • to control their behavior;
  • the opportunity to study;
  • to move independently;
  • to serve himself.

Is identified only 3 degrees of disability to establish disability on the basis of generally accepted norms for each disabled person of a certain age on an individual basis.

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To assign Commission status of a disabled person is required to have a minimum of first degree of disability is at least 2 paragraphs, or 3 degree of disability in one of the paragraphs.

What you need to do to obtain the status of a disabled person?

Before how to get and apply for disability hearing to the adult, it is important to know all the nuances of bureaucratic delays. Often to obtain a certificate of disability can with the third and fourth degree of hearing loss.

For disability, the person must have difficulty with movement, communication and other normal functioning. To confirm these difficulties, it is necessary to pass examination:

  1. Take direction from an otolaryngologist for passing the examination.
  2. To provide a statement in the office of examination along with direction.
  3. To appear at the appointed date of the medical examination. Will be a comprehensive examination.

In the case of a positive answer, then the disabled person will be given 3 references. One should remain in his hands, the other must submit to PF for the completion of the related pension certificate, and the latter need to provide social protection and design benefits.

In addition, for the disabled developed a personal rehabilitation program, which spelled out all of the rehabilitation program and their technical means. Hearing impaired receives a pension and financial compensation for the purchase of a hearing aid.

Even a pensioner who already receives a pension, has the right to a hearing disability, if he had the relative deafness of 3 degrees, as a result, he had DWS on one or two points.

Need to know when you give hearing disability, this does not apply to one ear. This may not be the basis for granting such status. People will be able to lead a normal life with one healthy ear and hearing aid for the other.

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Before you request a disability hearing, it is very important to prepare all the documents. Only the gradual passage of all levels will reduce the time to get his legal help.

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