Hearing loss in children: causes of loss and deterioration of hearing

Why is a child going deaf?

Hearing for man is one of the most important functions, providing it with close interaction with the surrounding world. The deterioration in auditory function or dysfunction deprives people of the opportunity to fully appreciate and communicate with society. Particularly acute this problem is for children.

Hearing loss robs the child the ability to adapt to the social environment, inhibits the development of speech and as a consequence a violation of General child development (psychological and physiological). Next, let’s talk about hearing loss in children, causes of development of such phenomena and methods of determination.

Deterioration and loss of hearing

Hearing loss – partial loss of hearing, where all sounds become unintelligible and muted, and some dismantling is not possible.

Just allocate 4 degree of progression of hearing loss, the higher the degree, the less legible it becomes a speech for the hearing person. The last (4th degree) is considered the most severe.

Help. Since the 4th level is bordered by deafness – profound hearing loss, the person must use a hearing aid for opportunities to fully realize themselves in everyday life.

Depending on the affected area of the hearing analyzer to identify the following types of hearing loss:

  • conductive – deviations in functioning of the sound-conducting function. Marked irregularities in the elements of the outer or middle ear;
  • sensorineural – dysfunction zvukorezhissera apparatus (inner ear, auditory branch of the facial nerve, Central auditory analyzer).
  • combined – a combination of two types of disorders in the organ of hearing.

Persistent hearing loss can affect one or both ears, respectively, develops or unilateral or bilateral pathology.

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For the duration of the flow of this deviation is divided into such stages:

  1. Sudden hearing loss – developing in just a couple of hours.
  2. Acute – from the moment of manifestation of hearing loss was held not more than 28 days. The reasons for the development are mainly infectious diseases, poor circulation, injury.
  3. Subacute – there is a persistent hearing loss from 1 to 3 months.
  4. Chronic deviation developed more than 3 months ago. This case is worse than others responding to therapy.

Hearing impairment and deafness is not a reason to lose heart and give up. Medical developments today allow you to partially or fully restore hearing.

Mars is only one – some effective methods are pretty costly and not available to all who need it.

Causes of hearing loss in a child

Hearing disorders in children engaged in children’s otolaryngology, otoneurology and surdology.

However, a large responsibility rests on Pediatrics, because early detection of such problems of the child leads to its successful recovery and normal development.

Help. In Russia the number of children and adolescents suffering from hearing loss and deafness, reaches 600 thousand, with 80% of children breaches occur in the first 3 years of life, and 0.3% — the pathology of congenital nature.

Modern scientists in the field of surdopedagogue on the basis of the conducted studies have concluded that all the causes of hearing loss in children and its deterioration can be classified into 3 groups:

  • hereditary factors, provoking the development of hereditary deafness or hearing loss;

This group includes the following pathological conditions: hereditary hearing loss (violation handed down from generation to generation) and genetic abnormalities.

  • congenital – factors adversely affecting the fetus during pregnancy;
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This can be attributed to the following effects: hypoxia (lack of oxygen), birth injury, respiratory arrest (newborn after birth for a long time could not make the first breath), birth weight less than 1.5 kg, infections suffered by the mother during pregnancy (rubella, influenza, mumps, etc.), intake of ototoxic drugs during pregnancy.

  • acquired factors that adversely affect the organ of hearing child throughout his life.

This group includes such diseases as: chronic otitis, infectious diseases (measles, mumps, scarlet fever), bacterial meningitis or encephalitis, head injury, and organ of hearing, chemotherapy, intake of certain ototoxic drugs.

In addition, you should pay attention to the following conditions in a child (they can be combined with different kinds of hearing):

  1. The lack of speech or stop its development.
  2. Extremes in behavior (the child is either too quiet, or Vice versa — aggressive).
  3. Increased salivation, with the eruption of the teeth can not explain it.
  4. The unusual shape of the outer ear and ear canal.
  5. Limited mobility of the mouth.

Help. In 30% of cases to determine the exact cause of hearing loss is not possible, but this does not mean that the pathology in such a situation can not be treated.


Hearing loss in children is a very serious problem that entails a lot of complications in the development of the little man. However, everything is possible if you do not correct, then at least time to start treating that will greatly help to socialize the hearing impaired child.

The responsibility for this rests on the shoulders of parents, because the closer they watch your child for changes in his behavior, the more they do, the sooner they will be able to detect the occurrence of this problem, and thus more likely to start treatment.

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Depending on the factor that caused the hearing loss may eliminate the problem thanks to the latest medical technologies.