Hearing loss tinnitus: treatments and causes

Why reduced hearing and noise in ears?

Reduction of hearing acuity, as well as the appearance of extraneous noise quite dangerous to human health. For these symptoms can stand severe inflammation of the ears. If you have not noticed the first signs of the disease, it can cause dangerous complications, which negatively affect the patient’s quality of life. Therefore, treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus must be immediate and, most importantly, correct.

For the purposes of treatment, the doctor needs to find out the root cause of the disease and its factors occur. On the basis of data specialist prescribes medications, or special exercises. In rare cases is surgery.

The factors of occurrence of inflammation and its symptoms

Most often, tinnitus and hearing loss appears when the penetration of dangerous viruses and infections in the ear. It happens in the cool time of the year when people forget to wear a hat and dress for the weather. At the time of hypothermia, the patient’s reduced immune system and malicious viruses almost without difficulty penetrate into the human body.

On the second place among the factors that cause hearing loss, is mechanical damage to delicate skin.

This can be during a rough or incorrect cleansing of the ear canal from excess of sulphur or insect bites.

In the first and in the second case of the disease, the patient feels a significant reduction of hearing acuity, there is swelling, pain, itching and burning.

According to statistics, diseases of the ear that cause hearing loss and tinnitus, the first place is otitis media, the second – the flu and colds.

Causes of hearing loss and tinnitus are rooted in many signs that are not always easy to determine.

To detect them in some cases necessary for a complete examination of the body, including the audiometry and CT scan.

Based on these data, the doctor-the otolaryngologist to determine the classification of the disease and indicate its appearance. After that, a specialist may prescribe individual treatment.

However, in the course of treatment is largely influenced by the root causes that caused the inflammatory process.

If you ignore the inflammation and its symptoms, or you have no recourse to the doctor, the illness may take an extreme stage, which covers the inflammation of nearby tissues and organs. In this case, the patient may experience meningitis, adhesive otitis media, hearing loss, or lead to deafness.

Treatment at later stages is quite difficult and not always medication way. In the case of prolonged inflammation, the patient can assign surgery.

Therefore, it is important to start treatment in a timely manner. Only in this case you will bypass the uncontrolled disease.

Although not always extraneous noise, such as noise, crackling or bubbling appear due to the onset of the disease. In some cases, the ears may be noise because of domestic reasons or because of active sports. In this case, medical treatment is not required. Patient enough sleep or good rest.

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Severe hearing loss is accompanied by disruption of the Eustachian tube.

We know that the main goal of this on – the regulation of the internal pressure within the body.

When blockage of the ducts or due to the penetration of bacteria and viruses, a person feels congestion and severe hearing loss.

To assign the correct treatment, it is necessary to determine the cause of the failure functions. If it happened because of the malicious viruses, you must start the treatment immediately. Otherwise, infection can cause inflammation of otitis media. In addition, throughout the course of treatment a person needs to take vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

Sometimes the factors of decrease of hearing acuity is manifested because of the appearance in the ear passage of sulphur deposits. Sulfur is produced in the ear of the patient on a daily basis, and can be formed up to twenty milligram of sulphur. If improperly cleaning, and excessive cleaning or frequent use q-tips, in the passage of the patient may form a tube.

From this problem often affects people whose work is connected with large accumulations of mud or dust.

When cleaning the ears of the baby, the actions needs to be especially careful. To do this, wipe your finger on the outer ear, and then slide in soft synthetic with a handkerchief in each pleat.

It is important to prevent water from entering the ears, as the fluid also provokes pain sensation, hearing loss and the appearance of the effect bubbling. This is especially tougher in the summer while swimming in lakes or rivers.

Water entering in the ear of man, can cause severe and serious diseases of the ears. In addition, in waters where bathing lot of people, the water is dirty. This in itself is a source of many diseases.

Therefore, any fluid from the ears it is important to withdraw immediately after it is hit.

Penetrating the region of the middle ear, the water becomes conducive environment for the breeding of undesirable elements and other pathogenic viruses.

It is important to monitor their health at the moment of activation of respiratory disease, catarrhal inflammations, and the appearance of cold.

Ironically, it is mucus from the sinuses are a frequent cause of ear disease.

Most often this type is found in younger children. Because of the inability to get rid of the mucous secretions, they pull the mucus back to the nose. She, in turn, gets into the Eustachian tube and causes clogging of the passages.

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At this time, a person feels the rustle or squeak in my ears, and the ear gradually begins to decline. Inside the body in this period of the formation of viral otitis media. So the man begins to torment the temperature, disturbance of sleep and appetite, pain in the ears or frontal sinus.

If one ear or both as a otitis, patient to avoid the unpleasant symptoms. And the treatment of viral or infectious otitis is quite long and complex. If the child got sick, parents don’t have to miss the first symptoms of the disease as quickly as possible to address to the otolaryngologist.

Otitis media in children is dangerous because the baby can not only stop to hear and speak. This will prevent its adaptation in the modern world.

In some cases there is a sharp loss of hearing. Perhaps the patient is diagnosed with hearing loss education, as an unexpected decline in hearing and education of alien sounds, but that’s about this disease.

Hearing loss is of several types, the treatment of which is assigned a strictly individual.

If you apply at the first sign forecast comforting, since with a probability of ninety percent of the patient returns the hearing. But if the hearing loss has acquired a third or subsequent stage, the patient is appointed for hearing AIDS.

Sometimes the appearance of congestion, reduced hearing and other symptoms appear hypertension. In this case, the patient feels dizziness and sudden signs of sickness.

Is that the reason lies in the penetration into the ear canal of an insect or small toys. The patient notices this symptom immediately, as in the ear canal there is severe pain, the ear is markedly reduced, and the ear felt a foreign object. Do not attempt to remove a foreign object yourself, and go to the nearest clinic.

If you are in the period of the emergence of sound in the ears are already taking any medication, consult your physician describing your symptoms. You probably have an allergic reaction to a specific medication.


Once you have found the cause of the disease and have passed the necessary examinations, begin the prescribed treatment.

In the case of allergies to any drug, replace the treatment or to suspend it temporarily.

If for treatment of allergies affected the lymph nodes, pass term examination. In this case the treatment prescribed by your doctor.

With hearing loss go through audiometry. According to the results of its decoding is assigned to medical therapy. In the third stage of the disease, the medications will be ineffective, so the doctor Sokolov appoints a hearing aid.

At the first stages of hearing loss, the prognosis is more positive. In almost all cases the disease is successfully treated.

If the ear passage formed sulfur deposits, spend eyedrops Remo-wax or cerumen And.

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However, these medicines will be effective only with sparse traffic.

If the situation is more serious, consult a doctor for washing the ear canal.

If the possibility of going to the audiologist in the near future, do the washing yourself. To do this, purchase trepresents hydrogen peroxide and enter in the sore ear one milliliter of media.

In contact with the tube, it begin to sizzle. Then tilt your head over the sink and allow the solution to flow independently.

Then repeat the following for each ear:

  1. Type the solution in the syringe to rinse the ear. This may be the solution furatsilina or sea water.
  2. Attach the syringe to the back wall of the ear canal and begin a slow introduction means.
  3. Enter in the ear about ten milliliters of media. This amount is sufficient for washing the ear from sulphur deposits.
  4. After the procedure, flush the ear with warm water and dry thoroughly.

All of the above reasons can be cured on their own, but in the formation of otitis need medical help. Therefore, when the first factors of the disease should consult a doctor.

In acute otitis media and in other forms of often prescribed the following medications:

  1. With otitis media need antibiotics «Augmentin», «Suprax», «Sumamed», «Dioxidine», «Amoxicillin».
  2. Ear drops – «Cipromed», «Otofa», «Normaks», «Kandibiotik».
  3. Vishnevsky ointment will speed healing of the affected tissues.
  4. Perhaps thermotherapy, exposure to blue light and other treatments.

In the case of other inflammations should immediately contact your doctor, as the General scheme of therapy does not exist.


If you laid the ear and the other sounds it is important to start treatment in a timely manner. Otherwise, you can avoid dangerous diseases that can permanently knock you out of the normal rhythm of life.

With more dangerous forms of hearing loss occurs in which you need to wear a hearing aid.