Hearing loss: what it is, 1-4 degree adult, mixed hearing loss

What is hearing loss?

Many who are faced with the problem of hearing loss, wondering what it is hearing loss. This condition is caused by acute or progressive loss of hearing acuity. The deterioration of hearing sound waves can be caused by a chronic pathology or the consequence of severe inflammation of the organ of hearing.

According to official statistics, in recent years, problems with hearing acuity occurs not only in older people but also young generation. This is due to the deterioration of living conditions and climate in megacities. In addition, there are other causes of hearing loss in adults. Their definition and diagnosis of the degree of the hearing loss needed to determine future treatment.

What is hearing loss

Hearing loss is a sudden or gradual hearing loss is characterized as a persistent weakening of hearing sound waves, noise and human speech. There are several forms of manifestation of hearing loss in which the patient may complain of a slight decrease in hearing or complete deafness.

To determine the type of hearing loss should seek diagnosis of inflammation to the otolaryngologist and otoneurology.

In the inspection process, the patient will need to undergo otoscopy, audiometry, imaging and other studies. Based on these results the doctor will determine the degree of hearing loss and prescribe further treatment.

To date, the problem with ear health is especially important, as hearing loss or deafness affects more than ten million inhabitants of Russia. What is particularly surprising, the most part of victims – minor children.

According to the disappointing statistics, today, one baby out of 1,000 is born with deafness or chronic manifestation of 1 degree of hearing loss.

In second place on the incidence of there are people of retirement age. Almost fifteen percent of people older than 50 years there have been problems with the poor health of the ears, in particular, reflects the relative deafness of 3 degrees.

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Notice the education of hearing loss in the newborn takes several tests which are usually conducted in the maternity center. Upon detection of inflammation at this time drug therapy is prescribed. Other types of hearing loss are more complex and more difficult to cure.


To determine the type and degree of hearing loss should undergo a special examination, and to notice the first signs of inflammation can be due to the following reasons:

  • severe pain in the middle of the ear because of the injury;
  • damage to the tympanic membrane;
  • anatomically pathological structure of the tympanic membrane;
  • the accumulation of moisture in the middle part of the ear, or labyrinth;
  • trauma to ear by injury, fall or gunshot shot;
  • the pathological structure of the ear device;
  • dysfunction of the Eustachian tube due to the effects of otitis media, rhinitis, influenza or the common cold;
  • the formation of cerumen, which acquired a dark color and dense texture.
  • excessive work of sulfuric glands, which is associated with improper cleaning of the ears or injury to ear cartilage;
  • the consequences of a ruptured eardrum due to the large accumulation of purulent secretions. For this reason, include chronic otitis media;
  • not properly done the puncture of the tympanic membrane in the presence of pus in the ear;
  • seal drum region;
  • disruption of the ossicles in the middle ear. With this inflammation may be a partial hearing loss for a long time;
  • the appearance of the tumor;
  • the formation of cysts;
  • prolonged or thoughtless use of antibiotics and other medicines.

Most often hearing loss caused by the described causes, treated with medication. But in the more severe forms require surgery.

If the patient ignored the inflammation and brought the disease to the most extreme form, treatment tablets and drops will be ineffective. With 4 degrees of hearing loss the patient is appointed for hearing AIDS.

Is it possible to cure hearing loss

Hearing loss can be treated, so if you notice the first signs of hearing loss you need to consult a doctor.

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If the patient will have timely assistance in case of acute hearing loss 1 and 2 degrees, there is a favorable chance to restore hearing fully.

In such forms the patient is prescribed medication. But to assign the correct therapy, you need to install the root cause of inflammation.

The most common cause in the early stages becomes the presence of cerumen or otitis media effects. In the first case, the patient is assigned the washing of the meatus with a solution furatsilina or salt water.

When otitis need more serious treatment. Most often the patient is assigned a combination of drops and special ointments that speed up the healing process.

After recovery the patient feels improvement of hearing, and after two or three days the hearing returns completely.

But not always, the prognosis is favorable. If the patient is delayed going to the doctor, the disease may take an unexpected turn. Such forms of inflammation, medical treatment is preceded by surgical intervention.

When surgery implants are introduced and cleared the ear pus. Subsequently, the patient need to undergo rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

In the case of chronic inflammation to restore hearing more difficult as the congenital types of hearing loss are almost impossible to cure.

With no performance medications the patient is prescribed a hearing aid. Today to find a discreet and comfortable hearing aid is not difficult, as patients will find a large selection of devices.

The same output waiting sick of hearing about the third or fourth form. As drug treatment in the last stages is ineffective, the patient with the help of the audiologist select the hearing AIDS.

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Preventive measures

To protect your health from hearing loss you must adhere to preventive measures. To predict the development of hearing loss is impossible, but there are a few rules which must be adhered to.

If you became ill with otitis, it is necessary to cure the inflammation until the end. Relapses or goes untreated form cause lasting hearing loss and, as a result, hearing loss.

Besides, it is necessary to undergo regular examinations and in identifying the first signs of inflammation to begin immediate treatment.

Regular surveys should be made to those people who have a professional activity is connected with conglomerations of dirt and dust, as well as people whose job is at risk.

Try to conduct timely examination of the newborn, and twice a year examinations by children of kindergarten age. Hearing loss can cause problems with the formation of speech, but also development in General.