Hearing test in children on the unit — in this case indicated that audiometry

How to check a child’s hearing?

With the advent of the child in the family, it is important to monitor its condition, particularly the condition of the organ of hearing. Viral diseases and various infections can lead to serious consequences. The most common complications are considered a speech disorder, hearing loss, inability to socialize in the outside world.

The sooner parents notice the health problems of the ears, the sooner you can establish the cause of the inflammation and eliminate possible complications. This requires hearing tests in children at an early age.

About problems with the ears

It is known that even the slight deterioration of the sharpness of sounds can lead to serious disturbances in the development of the baby. Abnormalities in the structure of the organ of hearing can be temporary. In this case, parents should not worry.

However, when running conditions children need serious help, until surgery.

The consequences can be irreversible until complete deafness.

There are times when violations are formed at a later time.

At the age of two or three years the kid already knows how to talk, but when violations of the ear may lose speech. In this case, it is necessary specialized care doctors and teachers to preserve the possibility of communication.

It is therefore important to monitor the development of the child and to observe how well the child hears and at the slightest deviations to refer to specialists.

It is known that the ear can be reduced due to hereditary disease, and also due to the following diseases:

  1. Pig.
  2. Measles.
  3. The scarlet fever.
  4. The otitis.
  5. The flu or a cold.
  6. After a long use of antibiotics.

Initial screening of the child’s hearing can be done at home. However, a full hearing screening to be implemented in the first months of a child’s life. Usually it takes place in the clinic as a doctor-otolaryngologist.

Causes of hearing loss

Hearing loss in children can be divided into three types:

  1. Conductive form.
  2. Sensorineural.
  3. Conductive and sensorineural in one form.

They can be as pathological, and acquired character. Localized simultaneously in the two ears, but most often occur only in one.

The first form of inflammation caused due to diseases or trauma of the ear.

In addition, abnormalities of external and middle ear are also provocateurs conductive hearing loss.

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This type includes all kinds of ear infections, inflammation of the nose or throat, the formation of cerumen and the introduction of foreign object into the ear. In most cases, this is easy to cure.

The second form includes damage to the structure of the internal and middle ear. This problem occurs due to injury of the middle ear, in the case of prematurity and other prenatal diseases. That is why the sensorineural view occurs because of a genetic predisposition.

Pay attention to the condition if during pregnancy you had the following diseases:

  • viral inflammation such as influenza, cold, or rubella;
  • meningitis and mumps;
  • application for long time of antibiotics.

Unfortunately, in this type of hearing loss rehabilitation and healing rather long, but in maximum number of cases is not productive.

To restore hearing in this state is almost impossible.

In this case, the children are prescribed hearing AIDS.

In the case of the latter form, the inflammation is caused by a combination of pathologies and auditory ear canal. In this case, it is prescribed as medication, and specialized amplifiers.

Preconditions of occurrence of problems

Pay attention to the health of the ears, if the child under 12 months doesn’t flinch or not is frightened of loud noises. in addition, there are the following characteristics:

  1. The baby does not respond to voice.
  2. Does not turn on the voice of the parents.
  3. Does not respond to loud sounds during sleep.
  4. Does not turn head, if a sound is made from behind.
  5. Ignores toys with sound.
  6. The approach of the 12-month date of birth do not understand the meaning of simple words.
  7. The child does not have new sounds.

At the age of one year to three years, the signs change:

  • at the age of one to two years the baby is no coherent speech;
  • a noticeable disturbance in the formation of vukobratovi;
  • the kid ignores it or asks often;
  • if the person is talking in the other room, the baby does not understand words;
  • if the child pays attention to facial expressions more than words.

Hearing test at home

There are several methods to determine hearing acuity in the home. To do this you need toys can emit loud sounds: rattles, pipes or accordions. Stand at a distance of six metres from the child and make sounds with toys. In the first second, the child must freeze and then turn his head or eyes towards the sound source.

To consolidate the effect make sounds not only in the sight of the baby, but also for his pock.

There is another method called «pea test». To implement it you need three empty dark bottle.

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Two of them need sowing peas or buckwheat, and leave one in the normal position.

Then one parent takes in one hand a jar with grits and the second empty. Sit in front of the baby at a short distance. Then start to slowly shake the bottles at a distance of about thirty inches from the ears.

In a minute change jars in places, and retry the operation. Second parent while carefully watching the reaction of the baby. The child, in turn, should turn her head toward the sound stimulus. The reaction of the baby is easy to understand, he hears it.

It is important to know that this method of verification of the organ of hearing is possible only four months.

The kids, whose age has reached three years old, to analyze the possible hearing ordinary speech. Stand at a distance of six metres from the child. The toddler must not look at the person, so put it sideways, covering one ear with a pellet.

First start speaking words in a whisper. If the kid can’t make out the words, moving closer.

To check the audibility of high frequency sounds should stand at a distance of fifteen meters. The words should speak clearly and loudly. The child should clearly repeat them.

Spoken words must be clear to the child.

You should know that the shorter the distance between you and the child, but the words at the same time confusing the kid can not repeat them, the greater the degree of hearing loss in your baby. In this case, please contact a qualified specialist urgently.

Hearing test in children on the unit

At the slightest inflammations of the ears and pain the kid has to go to the pediatrician. After examination, the doctor will send the case to the otolaryngologist or audiologist.

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Check child’s hearing apparatus is possible in several ways.

In the case of acute or partial hearing loss are the following methods for determining perspective:

  1. For the youngest patients are the physiological methods and visual examination of the ear.
  2. A examination through reflex manifestation. It is based on unconditioned reflexes such as muscle contraction, jerk reactions of the eyes and facial expressions for the loud frequencies.
  3. Examination of the reflexes that occur in response to any action.
  4. Analyzing the ossicles the sound waves.
  5. Methods based on bodily sensations. Subjective methods are considered when reaching a child five years of age.
  6. Oral examination. In this type the child is at a different distance, say the words of different frequencies.

However, the most common type of analysis of hearing acuity is audiometry. It is possible to obtain analyses in the form of graphs, which clearly specifies the type of disease and its degree.

The survey takes place with the help of a specialized drug – audiometer.

The essence of the survey is that the child at different frequencies, sound intensity, signaling its perception by means of a button on the audiometer.

Audiometry can be both electronic and voice. However, in the second case, you can testify only about the magnitude of hearing loss.


If you noticed first symptoms of the disease, it is important to start treatment in time. Since the ability to hear and speak are important factors for socialization in life.

Don’t place problems with the ears without attention, as even the flu of the mother during pregnancy can cause serious complications in the baby.