Heavy periods after a cesarean section, the norm is it

Very often women give birth by caesarean section. Of course, normal delivery is best reflected in the child’s and mother’s, but there are cases where such operation is absolutely necessary. Any girl who gives birth in this way, need to know what will happen next and will there be a heavy periods after a cesarean section.

Rehabilitation after surgery

Caesarean section performed under General anesthesia. The woman cut the top wall of the abdomen and the front area of the uterus. After surgery, a woman’s body spends all his strength in recovery and healing of cuts. Therefore, the onset of menstruation may occur later than anticipated.

Other processes are restored, as with a normal childbirth. The body develops and returns to normal hormonal background, which was noted in girls before the onset of conception. The uterus gradually reduced and restores its original shape. But you need to know that if a woman is breastfeeding, menstruation will probably start in six months and even a year after the appearance of the child. This also applies to caesarean section.

The body begins to change immediately after the appearance of the baby. The uterus is reduced, and the wound is bleeding heavily. When the uterus heals, the woman sees a strong red highlight. They are six to eight weeks after your baby is born, and over time the image of the discharge is starting to change. In the first days highlight red, unpleasant odor and large amounts, and over time they become more brown with clots in small quantities.

Due to the fact that the woman gave birth by caesarean, her strong and profuse discharge can last a little longer than usual. To ensure that the recovery came much earlier, it is necessary to follow some recommendations:

  • often go to the toilet and empty the bladder. It should not be strongly filled. Depends on the duration of the bleeding and how quickly it will heal the seam after surgery;
  • follow the simple rules of hygiene. Regularly and have a good wash, use gaskets and often to change them;
  • often put the baby to the breast, it causes the uterus to contract.
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But, as a rule, strong secretion after birth, it’s not monthly, and preparation to the normal mode of life. When they end, it means that the body of the girl gradually becomes old, what was before the pregnancy.

That may affect critical days, after a caesarean

In first period affects a lot of different circumstances, such as:

  • when you begin the critical days, depends on the age. The younger she is, the sooner will come the critical days. In women after thirty, these days come later.
  • as are all nine months of pregnancy. If throughout the pregnancy there were no complications, and it is not any abnormalities, the uterine contractions will occur quickly;
  • a way of life, a young mother, as well as food and exercise. If you observe balance in everything, it very quickly returns to its previous shape;
  • breast-feeding. This is one of the important points, about which we already told you. At this point, the body produces prolactin, which directly provides production of breast milk. Hormone acts on the ovaries, making them lethargic. If the baby eats the breast often, the less likely it is that go monthly. Therefore, four to six months after a caesarean, you can already expect the critical days. And if she is not breastfeeding, these days will come in one month or two months.

What are month after surgery

What is menstruation after birth, namely after cesarean interested in any woman. They often ask this question to gynecologists. Image monthly, may interfere with the tightening of wounds, and also cause inflammation.

The first critical days after birth always have a lot of selections. They last the first few months. This duration of critical days is considered normal if no other symptoms. For example, ill health or various other unpleasant symptoms. Every woman body reacts to the work of the hormones in different ways. Therefore, the nature of the discharge of each will be different. When the discharge is profuse, and lasts longer than the period, you need to see a gynecologist. Period when strong enough, this could be the beginning of hyperplasia or other disease.

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The first thirty days monthly go without oocyte maturation, due to the fact that the body is weakened and have not had time to recover. When will a new month, the ovaries will begin its work at full strength, and hormonal balance almost close to normal. So you need to wait until ovulation.

After cesarean, the cycle may not be constant over the three to four months. After this time it is getting better and is becoming the way it was before pregnancy. But you should see what the gap between critical days. It should not be less than twenty-one days, and not more than thirty-five days. A duration not less than three days and not more than a week. If there are deviations from the norm, you should consult with your doctor.

That should not happen after the surgery

There are several symptoms of a bad menstruation, after which you need to go to the hospital:

  • abrupt cessation of selections to the correct time. Almost always in these cases, there is a bend of the uterus, when it release, not coming to the surface. This creates endometritis;
  • minor monthly. This phenomenon may be due to poor contractions of the uterus. It the secretion stagnates, and as a result various inflammatory processes;
  • not a constant cycle of six months after the operation. It can also develop into a serious problem. Considered normal if after delivery, the cycle is getting better and the opposite of pain during critical days there is little;
  • heavy menstrual cycle after the operation for several months, signals about possible diseases and requires special treatment. After cesarean, the body retains the scar, which does not allow the uterus to contract properly. If a woman spends one hour more than one strip, then it should go to the hospital;
  • bad, the sharp flavor of the month appears at the genitals, there is a strong infection, or even purulent. It may be associated with endometritis. Also during this disease may experience fever and abdominal discomfort. This disease usually is seen after cesarean section;
  • strongly smeared secretions, before menstruation or after. Under normal condition, this should not happen;
  • when the discharge resemble a lot like cottage cheese and accompanied by itching, are signs of thrush. When the girl after the operation takes antibiotics, such a phenomenon appears and is considered to be very dangerous;
  • frequent monthly for three cycles. When first period go once for 14-20 days, it is considered normal. But when it continues in the following cycles, then you should start to worry and seek medical attention.
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How can I restore the reproductive

Order period after cesarean section was adjusted, and the woman entered in the previous form and could continue to be fruitful, it is necessary to follow a certain regime.

To start to try to observe the regime. Eat fresh food, take a walk street and sleep well. Not to make love a couple of months after surgery. Do not take a warm bath, and limit yourself to a light shower and only use pads, no tampons. During sexual intercourse to protect, so there was no new conception. After cesarean section, it is advisable not to become pregnant for two to three years. Then the child will be born healthy, and the operation will not be dangerous to a woman’s life.

Almost always monthly are the same as after normal delivery or after caesarean section. The girl don’t have to worry if something goes wrong. All consequences depend on the individual woman’s body and also mental and emotional moods after childbirth. But when your time of the month for a long time after the surgery, then it is better to come to the gynecologist.

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