Help nose: instructions for application if you can dribble and how to wash

Can I drip into the nose Help?

Even our mothers and grandmothers treated us with the Help of sore throats and colds. This tool to this day is popular for their healing properties and low prices. But there are people who have never experienced this antimicrobial drug. They do not know, you can apply the Drug in case of sinusitis, as annotation information is not available.

About the drug

The drug combines the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and fungicidal properties.


Chlorophyllin is made from eucalyptus essential oil. The leaves are amazingly beautiful plants produce extracts of chlorophylls A and B.

Thanks to the natural origin of the preparation is harmless for children and adults. Chlorophyllipt can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Parents can take the drug to treat kids very early age.

Background: Eucalyptus is an evergreen shrub that grows in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. Currently, feels good in many countries with a warm climate: Abkhazia, Cuba, Greece, etc.

Indications for use

This drug is prescribed by a doctor with acute respiratory diseases caused by the different staphylococci. The drug has a strong antibacterial effect and is actively fighting the common cold, sinusitis and other problems of the upper respiratory organs.

Background: Staphylococcus Aureus is a bacterium of spherical shape. Externally, under a microscope resemble bunches of grapes. They belong to the group of gram-positive cocci. In humans, these organisms are constantly, being part of the microflora.

Staphylococci aktiviziruyutsya when the immune system weakens, and causes inflammation in the healthy cells.

Release form

The drug comes in five dosage forms:

  1. An alcohol solution. Used outdoor applications.
  2. The oil solution. Treatment of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat.
  3. Spray. Irrigation of the oral cavity.
  4. Ampoules. Suitable for intravenous injection.
  5. Pills for resorption.
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Each form is designed for your application and affects inflammation. Oil and alcohol solutions are often used for instillation and lavage of the sinuses, and rinsing the mouth.

Side effects

The drug is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Small negative effects make the drug popular among Russian families. Side effects may include:

  1. Allergic reactions that can cause swelling of the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose.
  2. Nausea and vomiting caused by the sharp smell of the medicine.
  3. Diarrhea.
  4. Cramps in the muscles.

Possible dryness of the mucous membranes. But the side effect is observed only with prolonged use.

Important: If the product enters the eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

The use of the drug acceptable for acute and chronic rhinitis, as the Drug has all the properties required for the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus in the nose.

How to apply the Drug for the nose

Chlorophyllipt can be used in the cold. Particularly effective drug for purulent sinusitis or sinusitis when the sinuses are filled with thick green slime. The medicine affects the nasal passages so that thins snot, destroying harmful bacteria. But how to drip your nose to achieve the best effect?

Lavage of the nose and sinuses

To cook at home solution for washing the nose is quite simple.

This will require 200 ml saline solution and 1 teaspoon of Hlorofillipta alcohol-based.

The diluted liquid is introduced into each nasal passage three times a day for 2 ml.

Then carefully bismarkia and repeat the manipulation until completely clean.

Manipulation is undesirable conducts babies and children of early age. The alcoholic solution is able to dry up the delicate nasal mucosa. The indications for lavage is infectious sinusitis and severe nasal congestion.

Important: to Specify information about how to dilute the Drug for nasal irrigation, you can check with your doctor.

Nose drops

For the preparation of nasal drops need oil Help. The cure in this case dilute with water or saline is not necessary.

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Pipette 2-3 drops of liquid injected into the nasal passage three times a day.

The method is well suited for both small children and adults alike.

The procedure will cause some discomfort. First nose a little pinch. The feeling associated with the interaction of active ingredients with pathogenic bacteria. The mucous membrane thus responds to the drug.

The dosage for kids is determined only by the pediatrician. Independently calculate the amount of medication is not recommended.

Important: Children up to three years to clean the nose preferably, soaking in the oil Chlorophyllipt.


Method of administration the medicinal product, which is based on the inhalation of steam, suitable for all ages. The oil Tormented with a cold, dilute in proportion 1:10. Inhalation is performed with the help of webulator or you can just lean over the pot of hot liquid. The device can be purchased in almost any pharmacy. This procedure facilitates nasal breathing and active against pathogenic bacteria Staphylococcus.

The opinion of patients

Reviews about medication as a means of a cold positive. The drug has long been established as a good assistant in struggle against runny nose and symptoms of SARS and ARI. Different forms of production allow the use of drug for adults and children, without any side effects.

Oleg, 27 years: Since childhood I am suffering a chronic runny nose. Saves only the Drug. At the first symptoms immediately dropped the nose at night. The next morning the breathing is restored.

Ekaterina, 24 years: the Therapist gave me a solution Hlorofillipta for the treatment of sinusitis. First wash, then immediately nose drops three times a day. After the second day reception felt a great relief.

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Maria, 30 years: When my son started to go to kindergarten, we were often on sick leave. Runny nose – a constant companion. The local doctor prescribed a Drug in the form of a spray, and oil solution. Spray some more solution, probably because of the bottle. But the drug I’m satisfied that the disease has receded. Son no tears were given to treat throat and dripping nose.

Elena, 23 years: About the effectiveness of the oil Chlorophyllipt with a cold read on the forum. Portal learned how to wash the nose alcohol Drug. Therapy is effective only in slightly severe cases. Overall a positive experience.

At the first sign of the disease should see a specialist. Only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis. Dosage and method of therapy prescribed individually depending on the severity and course of disease.