Herpes on labia: causes, symptoms and treatment

Herpes refers to many types of viral infections diagnosed in the vast majority of women. It affects different areas of the skin. Often the disease is localized in women, the labia, causing a quite painful sensation. While on the surface of the skin, herpes looks like small white bumps filled with fluid.

Causes of acute herpes

The virus, once released into the body is it for all life and aktiviziruyutsya is influenced by several factors.

  1. Chronic fatigue.
  2. Excessive anxiety that causes nervous breakdowns and exhaustion.
  3. Serious physical injuries.
  4. The influence of heat or low temperatures.
  5. A lack of vitamins.
  6. Unjustified reduction of the consumed food in terms of strict diets followed without the recommendations of experts.
  7. Infectious pathology.

Completely cure herpes on labia will fail, so a woman needs to know what methods should be applied to the recurrence of herpes are not often repeated.

Characteristic symptoms

If there is a herpes infection, then the incubation period will every woman to have a specific length, depending on the degree of stability of the immune system, and range from two days to three weeks.

Usually treat cold sores begins when it manifests acute, localized on labia. It can be accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms:

  • feeling of weakness;
  • the febrile phenomena;
  • loss of appetite;
  • pain in lower back, thighs or buttocks.

The main symptom of viral pathology become very painful white vesicles, small in size, filled with a transparent liquid.

To understand that herpes on labia began to intensify, it’s still early, feeling the tingling and itching with a burning sensation. It is at this point necessary to start the treatment, as the distribution of lesions will continue to grow and discomfort. After the blisters burst, ulcers, delivering intense pain. Heal them, covered with a crust, sometimes longer than two weeks.

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If the labia appeared a white point, a visual inspection makes it impossible to accurately determine the viral nature of the disease. In situations of the presence of painful vesicles of the material for analysis is taken directly from them. The doctor prescribes blood tests to confirm the presence of antibodies to herpes.

Medical treatment of herpes

In times of outbreaks of herpes, the doctor will prescribe treatment with antiviral drugs such as Famciclovir, Denavir, Acyclovir, Valacyclovir. Their task is to facilitate the woman’s condition, but to cure the virus they can not. With the right approach you can achieve a very rare manifestation. It is useful to lubricate the blisters gels, ointments with the same antiviral effect.

On the recurrence of the disease «reports» arising itching, indicating that herpes on labia moved into an active form. Started on time the treatment makes the shortest period of «prosperity» disease, accompanied by severe pain that cause ripening of the bubbles.

If the herpes virus is detected during a medical examination of a pregnant woman, she is under special medical supervision. If necessary treatment at the very end of pregnancy to exclude the possibility of infection of the child. In a situation when discovered intensified the herpes virus before the birth can be accepted the decision on carrying out cesarean section.

The frequent appearance of the rash the doctor completes the treatment with immunomodulators on the basis of interferon to enhance the body of the patient’s own defense mechanisms, is able to suppress the virus and prevent serious consequences. Yourself to begin to heal cold sores with these drugs inadvisable and even dangerous — it can cause addiction, which will lead to the fact that the immune system will cease to function without outside support.

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Methods to avoid recurrences

Knowledge of the characteristics of the organism will allow to develop a complex of measures, which by their functional orientation will be preventive. If you pay attention to their own health, herpes on labia will disturb quite rare. Should:

  • to dress in accordance with weather, avoiding hypothermia;
  • in a timely manner to treat infectious diseases;
  • to learn to resist the stress;
  • to secure a full sleep;
  • alternate work with rest;
  • to get rid of bad habits;
  • follow the rules of healthy nutrition;
  • daily to do exercises.

You need to follow the culture of communication with strangers, because proximity to them can lead to a herpes infection. As extra measures, you can use Warpfire, processed areas, who had contact with a carrier of the virus.

Even in the rare manifestations of herpes should not assume the virus is safe. If you do not go to the doctors and not to treat the disease promptly, the disease can spread almost on the entire body.

Folk methods

Comprehensive treatment, including properly selected compositions of piggy Bank folk wisdom, it accelerates the healing, suppressing the virus.

You can coat the blisters thrice a day juice of Kalanchoe or a leaf. Useful for the same purpose to prepare the following mixture: 100 ml white yogurt stir instant coffee (one teaspoon), you must also enter two crushed garlic cloves, honey and corn flour – a tablespoon. To treat the resulting composition to be effective, must make application on gauze, apply on problem areas and to hold, until the mixture after drying herself disappear. Then repeat the procedure.

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It is useful to introduce in the diet a herbal remedy that helps to treat herpes. They are applied in the form of lotions and compresses.

  1. Infuse for 20 minutes, 5 g of sage, filled with 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. To sustain two hours and 15 grams of inflorescences of Arnica in 0.5 liters of boiling water.
  3. Boil 15 g of birch buds in 200 ml of milk for 5 minutes.

To strengthen the body, make the treatment speedy and get a positive result, it is recommended four times a day to drink half a Cup of the curative infusion of 20 g of crushed berries viburnum, soaked in 200 ml cool boiled water for four hours.

The entire medical complex coordinated with a physician needs to encourage the herpes virus does not manifest its activity.