Hexoral spray during pregnancy: instructions for use, 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester

Can I use Hexoral spray during pregnancy?

The period of carrying a child is not the time for illness. But, unfortunately, nobody is immune to it. High probability of Contracting an infectious respiratory diseases during change of season and of the epidemic, when increases the number of cases in the cause of the spread of the virus by airborne droplets.

A weakened immune system of the expectant mother susceptible to viruses. To help combat the common cold and SARS will help Hexetidine.

About the drug

Antibacterial spray Geksoral belongs to the group of disinfectants.

Available in the form of a solution, spray and pill. Its effect is detrimental for a number of pathogens.

The drug has antimicrobial effect and is often used to fight against ENT diseases:

  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • tonsillitis.

The drug is recommended for ENT diseases of different etiologies and promotes the full cleansing of the oral cavity from pathogens. Perhaps the use of funds to prevent and after surgery in the ENT organs.

Use at the time of beremennosti

Instruction manual does not prohibit the use of Hexetidine spray during pregnancy. Sometimes the aerosol is prescribed the mother, although specific information on whether to use Hexoral spray in pregnancy are not available.

About contraindications of this drug during pregnancy manual does not contain information and therefore the full confidence that the drug does not affect the fruit either.

The use of the drug requires caution and monitoring by the attending physician. The duration of treatment and dosage is determined.

Expectant mothers use the medication as regular patients. About the positive effect after application Hexoral can be judged in the first 3 days.

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Influence Hexoral in the first trimester

In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy formed the vital systems of an organism of the child. Any aggressive influence, such as medication, may lead to irreparable consequences.

Attention! The risk of miscarriage is highest during the first weeks of pregnancy.

In the early stages of pregnancy Hexoral spray is not recommended. For the reason that it contains very strong antiseptic that is able to penetrate into the systemic circulation, it is better to prefer the most secure means. Better not to risk health of the future baby.

Influence Hexoral in the second and third trimester

Guide to drug allows the use Hexoral in the later stages of pregnancy under medical supervision. For pregnant women in 2nd and 3rd trimester of gestation, among the many vehicles from ENT diseases, this drug has the least harm.

All possible adverse reactions, it is recommended to find out from a specialist. Read here how can I use this spray for children.

Adverse reactions in pregnant women

First of all a pregnant woman needs to monitor the health and control the appearance of side effects. As soon as there is any negative reaction should abolish the use of the spray.

While carrying a child on the background of the use Hexoral may occur:

  • allergic reaction in form of redness;
  • irritation and swelling in the treated area;
  • a violation of taste sensations;
  • change the color of tooth enamel.

Pregnant patients need to give up the aerosol, if there is hypersensitivity to components of drug. Independent use of the drug is not recommended.

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The likelihood of side effects

According to the instructions for use side effects when using this antiseptic is rarely, less than 1 time in 10 000 cases. And it can be:

  • dry mouth and throat;
  • cough;
  • shortness of breath;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • irritation of the mucous membrane.

Information on the impact of the drug on the child lists of the office for sanitary supervision over the quality of medical preparations do not contain.

How to apply Hexetidine during pregnancy

Pregnant women are allowed to apply But only in the form of aerosol due to in the solution of high concentration of ethanol. Its negative influence on fetal development after exposure to the gastrointestinal tract is obvious.

Attention! To avoid the contamination of the active substance in the placenta for the treatment of expectant mothers is only used spray Geksoral!

It is preferable to irrigate mucous membranes of the mouth after eating to avoid falling drug in the stomach. Try not to eat or drink for 4 hours.

The drug is sprayed on the inflamed areas for a couple of seconds, when this spray aerosol is positioned vertically. Established therapeutic scheme involves twice — a-day application of medicine in the morning and evening. But need to rely primarily on the advice of a doctor.

Duration of therapeutic course involves 7 days, but can vary according to indication and prescribed by a doctor. In exceptional cases may be prolonged antiseptic use.

But, like any drug, has a number of contraindications:

  • individual intolerance;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • insufficient amount of cholinesterase in the blood;
  • damage and wounds in the nasal and oral cavity.
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The above contraindications require careful use of a spray Hexoral during gestation.


The use of Hexetidine spray in the kid’s waiting time is allowed upon the recommendation of the expert, which has the right to judge the benefits and harms of the drug on the pregnant woman’s body.

Test, for obvious reasons, pregnant women were not conducted. However, negative reviews are also available. Today Hexetidine is an effective drug in the fight against ENT diseases. But should complement the treatment Geksoralom with prescription the complex of therapeutic measures to achieve the best result.