Hexoral spray: instructions for use for the children, price and reviews

How to use Geksoral spray for children?

Among the most common drugs used for the treatment of diseases of ENT organs, secrete spray Geksoral. This drug has antiseptic properties.

Efficacy proven in some cases noticeable side effects. If you do decide to use it to treat your child, discuss with your doctor the dose and possible side effects.

Information about Hexoral

Most often it is the children who suffer from various inflammatory diseases of the throat. The cause of which often become viruses or hypothermia.

Pharmaceutical market presents a large selection of drugs to combat tonsillitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis and tonsillitis.

Its safety and high efficiency of different spray Geksoral. This drug inhibits a large number of harmful microorganisms, thus relieve.

Form release Hexoral:

  • the aerosol spray;
  • a solution for rinsing;
  • pills.

Hexetidine is a substance that is part of Hexoral, has been active in the fight against germs while easing pain.

Hexetidine is shown to receive children in the following cases:

  1. Regular and suppurative tonsillitis.
  2. Tonsillitis.
  3. Pharyngitis.
  4. Stomatitis.
  5. Purulent inflammation of the mucous membranes of the gums and tongue.
  6. Candida lesions mouth.
  7. Inflammation of the gums, the cause of which is the removal of the tooth.

Make the drug should only as directed by your doctor. It is forbidden to self-medicate, because improper treatment can lead to negative consequences.

Suitable age for applying

What age can children Hexoral spray? When you receive Hexoral necessary to take into account the patient’s age and release form. So for children aged three years are allowed to apply the tool in the form of a spray. Apply the spray before the specified age, as it can trigger laryngospasm, which is dangerous and requires emergency ambulance.

In the form of tablets fits children starting from the age of four.

At this age the baby can self-dissolve tablets, while not swallowing it.

Very often, pediatricians prescribe a solution Hexoral children under three years of age for the treatment of stomatitis and thrush. It should be used by hearty swab into the solution and wiping his mouth.

If a tampon is uncomfortable, you need to roll the bandage in several layers and wrap the finger. Then soak a bandage with the liquid and to wipe the mouth.

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If there is thrush, then the solution is additionally necessary to dip the pacifier. All actions should be slow so as not to injure the inflamed surface.

Price and shelf life

How much is Geksoral spray for children? The cost Hexoral spray within 300 rubles.

The price depends on the pharmacy of the settlement and the applicable discounts at the time of purchase.

Before purchasing, you must pay attention to the production date and shelf life, as well as the integrity of the packaging.

If the integrity of the vial is broken, the drug cannot be used.

In some pharmacies there is a package for the whole family, which are attachments for a few people. Store the drug away from direct sunlight, out of reach of children.

A maximum possible storage temperature is 25 OC. Shelf life is 2 years. After completion of the shelf life of the drug is not suitable for use. Pharmacological companies release this drug without a prescription. Before taking obligatory consultation with a doctor.

Instruction manual for kids spray Geksoral

A spray solution and applied topically. Solution Hexoral alcohol, so it must be used with caution by children and pregnant women.

Attention! Ingestion of the drug induce vomiting.

Before you apply the remedy you should rinse your mouth by removing accumulated food and saliva. After rinsing, to achieve quick results, it is not recommended to eat and drink within the hour.

Rinsing the oral cavity is carried out twice a day, mainly after meals.

For rinsing you need to have one tablespoon of the solution.

Pre-dilution water is not required. Rinse the oral cavity it is necessary for minutes, such a term is necessary to effect.

The spray should also be used twice a day, and more. The exact dose will tell the doctor.

Must carry out the procedure in the following way. To introduce the applicator into the mouth and press the button that you hold for two seconds. The flow of the drug should be directed directly to the affected area of the mucosa.

Tablets should be sucked until dissolved. Do not swallow and do not chew. Children over the age of twelve can apply But every 2 hours, not to exceed the amount of 8 pieces per day. Children up to twelve years, not more than four tablets per day.

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Consider the reviews of parents who have used this remedy for the treatment of children.

Tatiana, 28 years old, housekeeper In two years my baby went to kindergarten. By this time, the teeth grew not all. Teething dragged into the mouth dirty hands and toys. As you know there where a lot of children, there are various infection. A sharp increase of body temperature. The doctor diagnosed tonsillitis and prescribed a treatment. After some time I saw a mouth sores — the mouth.

The pediatrician prescribed a solution Hexoral. At that time we could not even rinse your mouth yourself. I smeared the child’s mouth every three hours. After four days application condition of the mouth had improved and after a week the sores were not visible. Tool Hexetidine proved its effectiveness. No adverse events were observed. I recommend to all.

Sergey, 40, Builder: When the child was 5 years old began a sore throat, which is accompanied by severe redness of the throat and high body temperature. The doctor prescribed a spray Hexetidine in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs. Hexetidine in combination with other drugs have demonstrated their effectiveness. It is easy to apply, just spray. After a week my child was successfully cured.

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Causes yellow discharge from the nose.

Drops with eucalyptus — very effective! We have a complete list with description.

Analogues of the drug

Among the analogues Hexoral spray for children are the following drugs:

  • Stopangin;
  • Went to the doctor;
  • Any disease.

The presented tools are of one substance, while their price is different. Similar agents having an antibacterial effect: Ingalipt, Tantum Verde.

Cheaper alternatives Hexoral tablets is Prescribed. It has a pleasant taste and aroma, so popular with the children. The price is somewhat lower, but this does not affect its effectiveness.

Characterized by safety and efficacy Problems. This means the liquid soap, which effectively acts on a sore throat. It is indicated for use in pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children.

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Very often patients ask the question: What has a more positive effect of Hexetidine or Doctor? A clear answer is impossible to give to this question. Depending on the type of disease, treatment may be different, so in one case will be effective one way, and another another. Comparing the price range of these drugs, we can say that the eye drops three times cheaper. Also analogs include Strepsils, Bioparoks.


Kids are willing to allow you to apply spray for the treatment. After all, it has a pleasant taste and aroma. When you receive it is important to follow the dosage. But you’ll be antimicrobial and analgesic properties. Patients note the performance of the drug, which is an advantage.

Negative aspects include the fact that the drug has a number of contraindications and side effects. Do not forget about a possible overdose. If adopted on a large dose of the drug, it can affect the functioning of the CNS in the form of shivering in the body, seizures, shortness of breath and intoxication which is accompanied by vomiting. It is also possible disruption of the heart and cardiovascular system.

The drug should not take too long to apply, it can lead to loss of taste and numbness of the mouth. In the presence of angina with complications, after a course of treatment, it must be replaced.