Homeopathic nose drops nasal for children and adults

What homeopathic drops you can apply from the cold?

Rhinitis is a very common phenomenon that occurs in both adults and children. The disease is accompanied by a lot of unpleasant symptoms that interfere with normal life. If untreated, the disease reaches the acute form and becomes chronic with a high probability of unpleasant consequences for the organism of the sick. Therefore, treatment should begin promptly.

There are many methods to cure cold and one of them is homeopathy. This method involves the use of homeopathic medicines that contain the minimum amount of active substance. So many question about what a homeopathic nose drops nasal allowed and are the most effective.

What is the effectiveness of homeopathy?

Homeopathy for colds is shown in the case of nasal congestion caused by a viral infection, allergies, or diseases of the paranasal sinuses. In order to cure as effective as possible, it is necessary to determine the root cause of the disease. This will depend on the selection of medication.

Homeopathic remedies are the safest and most effective to cure various types of rhinitis.

Their positive effect is achieved due to:

  • symptoms of infectious diseases;
  • getting rid of nasal congestion when peremerzaniya or in the initial stages of respiratory diseases;
  • removal of pathological symptoms in allergies.

Homeopathic medicines do not give quick results. Their action occurs gradually. For this reason, when cure of snot by such means it is important to take them regularly.

A small amount of active substance in the composition of homeopathy does not kill the infection, and gives the body a signal about the inclusion of protective features.

Homeopathic nose drops for adults and children

There is quite a wide range of homeopathic drops. Before using any drug you should consult with a specialist and adhere strictly to all recommendations.

A list of the most popular homeopathic remedies for nose:

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  • Inital EDAS 131;
  • Euphorbium Compositum;
  • Disease Nose;
  • Traumeel S.

Inital EDAS 131

Drops reduce pathological symptoms, clean the mucous and prevent various complications. Due to this significantly decreases the risk of recurrence of the disease. The drug has a delayed effect. You should not immediately expect a positive result. Very often, this remedy is prescribed to pregnant women.

The ratio and dosage is prescribed only by the attending physician.

The drug is often prescribed by pediatricians for the treatment of rhinitis in children.

You usually have to drip 3 drops in every nostril three times a day. After improving to drip 5 drops three times a day.

The children the following:

  • babies under two years are not recommended to apply the medicine;
  • kids up to five years drip 3 drops three times a day;
  • children up to ten years to drip 5 drops three times a day;

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Euphorbium Compositum

The drug is most effective when cold. Due to his actions is performed outside the extraction nozzle.

The drug allows you to use it at a cold of any severity, regardless of the nature.

Helps to cope even with rhinitis, which is chronic and is accompanied by dryness and atrophy of the nasal mucosa.

The dosage of the drug following:

  1. Adults should drip 2 drops in each nostril 3 to 5 times. It all depends on the severity of the common cold, a common clinical picture and the root causes of snot.
  2. Children means are shown only when you reach the age of four. Kids 4 to 6 years medium use 1 drop in each nostril three times a day. After six years of medication apply as well as adults.

Disease Nose

The drug is designed to combat various types of rhinitis. The drug is banned for use in children under 12 years. The drug is also contraindicated to patients with thyroid disorders.

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Adults and children from 12 years: 2 injections in each nostril four times a day. The duration of therapy from 1 to 4 weeks. Before use, be sure to consult with your doctor.

For the rapid weakening of the symptoms of number of sprays of the spray for any Disease Nose can be increased to 8 times thrice a day.


Homeopathic nasal drops are shown for adults with colds infectious nature. You cannot use the product children under 12 years. Remedy was instilled into each nostril 10 drops three times a day. The duration of application should be at least 3 weeks. In the case of third-party effects from medication should be discontinued.

Homeopathy in allergic rhinitis

Homeopathic cure allergic rhinitis consists of the treatment of acute and purpose of homeopathy. Proper curing helps to prevent aggravation of allergic rhinitis.

Among the most prominent and frequently prescribed of funds recovered:

  • Coryzalia, tablets;
  • Lymphomyosot drops for intake;
  • Loeffel, nasal spray.


Coryzalia — a homeopathic remedy used for treatment of allergic rhinitis.

The tool is designed for oral use:

  1. Adults take 1 tablet every 60 minutes throughout the day, but not more than 12 pieces. In the next 4 days to drink every 2 hours. Tablet you need to hold in your mouth until its complete dissolution. The duration of therapy lasts for 5 days.
  2. Children up to 6 years tablet must be dissolved in a Cup of water. To take the same dosage as adults.

If there is no positive effect, it is necessary to consult with a specialist to undo the medicine.


Lymphomyosot is a homeopathic remedy effective in dealing with allergic rhinitis. The drug is designed for oral use. To take only before eating.

In Pediatrics drops are applied as follows:

  • babies under 2 years 3-5 drops twice daily;
  • children 2 to 6 years are shown at 8 drops twice a day.
  • children 6 years dosage shown the same as adults: 10 drops twice a day.
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In allergic rhinitis the tool in the form of a spray is very effective. The drug is contraindicated in children under 6 years. Also, do not use it in the case of individual intolerance of the individual components in the composition.

Duffel use throughout the week. For proper use it is necessary to spray each nostril three times a day. If a bleeding or a burning sensation, from the use of the medication must be abandoned.


From the above we can summarize that the homeopathic drops at a cold play an important role. Their efficiency is proven, but only in case of prolonged and regular use. They do not have an immediate impact on the nasal mucosa.

Homeopathic remedies included in the combination therapy, significantly increase the cure rates. But before using any medications must consult a doctor to receive competent advice. In this case, you can avoid the risk of complications and adverse reactions.