Homeopathy for the common cold: homeopathic remedies for children

How to treat homeopathic drugs for the common cold?

The natural desire of every parent is to protect your child during treatment. Unfortunately, most pharmacological agents are not different natural composition and can cause many side effects.

In particular, in the treatment of rhinitis in children, current drugs do not give a full sense of safety, so every day become more and more popular homeopathic remedies for the common cold. This area of alternative medicine is causing skepticism among the majority of pediatricians, but the treatment positive dynamics proves the effectiveness of the method.

Snot and homeopathy what is the relationship?

To prevent the ingestion of pathogens and dust particles, the mucous membrane of the nose produces mucus that holds them to the occurrence of cauteloso reflex.

In the period of the disease, the amount of produced mucus is greatly increased, to resist the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses. That is why, people may notice mucus during illness because when healthy, produced a secret imperceptibly swallowed.

Fact! Daily nasal mucosa produces about 1 liter of a protective secret.

The product of secretion of cells generated in the strengthened mode, begins to accumulate in the sinuses, which causes congestion of the latter. In addition to the concomitant symptoms, mucus color can indicate the nature of their occurrence.

For example, the transparent secret – a sign of a healthy functioning of the mucous, whitish snot can indicate a viral infection, a yellow or green color characterize the bacterial nature of the symptoms of the common cold.

Principles of treatment

The primary principle of homeopathy is based on treatment of «like with like». In other words, drugs provoke similar symptoms that are not aimed at the disease itself, but on a more complex and comprehensive process – the body’s healing.

Homeopathy for the common cold for children implies an individual approach to each patient, as the homeopaths claim that the cause of disease from infectious agents and directly connected with the peculiarities of the totality of the functional and morphological characteristics of the human body and method of contact with an infectious agent.

Therefore, self-treatment without the participation of a qualified specialist may be ineffective and even exacerbate the condition.

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In the composition of homeopathic medicines may contain the following active ingredients:

  • education natural inorganic origin;
  • plant communities;
  • substance of the animal world and insects;
  • biological agents the human body, causing illness.

Also, some drugs may be the presence of natural toxins in minimum quantities, which requires strict adherence to the values of single or cumulative ingestion of the substance.

The excess of the assigned dose, and thus exposure to higher concentration of active substances and poisons, including that may cause poisoning of the body or the occurrence of other diseases.

Subject to the recommendations of the doctor, these drugs are completely safe and not addictive.

Important! Alternative therapies in pill form has age restrictions and is not administered to children under two years of age.

Treatment of rhinitis with homeopathy helps to activate the immune processes in the nasal mucosa, tissue regeneration, reduction of inflammation and swelling, the damaging effects of viral agents, and strengthening immunity in General and stimulate the body to heal itself.

It should be noted that an alternative way of treatment of cold is possible only at the initial stage of the manifestation of the symptom is only valid with infections of a viral nature. On the stage of occurrence of complications such as otitis, sinusitis or bronchitis, it is more rational to give preference in favor of antibiotics.

Interesting! Practicing homeopaths claim that the speed of the impact of homeprepared on the body can depend on patient history. The less drugs with the chemical composition used in a therapeutic treatment regimen for human life, more effective treatment and faster acting homeopathic medicines.

How to influence nasal congestion with homeopathy?

A sufficient number of dosage forms of medicines can effectively treat the symptoms of rhinitis as a systematic way, exerting effects on the body as a whole (tablets, granules, powders) and in a local way – with drops and spray.

Regardless of the fact that the action of homeopathic medicines still retains a small risk of allergic reactions, these drugs are the most optimal ways of influence on diseases.

As a rule, to notice the negative reaction of the child’s body can be after a month of therapy, in rare cases, after the first applications.

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Before prescribing pharmacological product, the physician should consider the patient’s age, the degree of complexity of the disease, its duration and individual characteristics of the organism.

The distinctive feature of this treatment is an accumulating effect, so do not expect quick results from therapy. Sometimes it can take a fairly long period of use of homeopathic medicines to achieve the desired effect (for example, in the treatment of allergic rhinitis).

Tablet form means sublingual technique (absorption under the tongue). As practice shows, this method is more effective in contrast to the local use medications.

The drops or spray must be taken at the first signs of a cold. The first day of the disease, it is recommended to carry out the instillation of the nose every fifteen minutes during the first two to three hours.

In the days that followed, you must follow the instructions and recommendations of the attending physician.

Interesting! Homeopathy as an alternative medicine originated over 200 years ago.

Drugs for the treatment of rhinitis in children

Sufficient efficacy in the treatment of rhinitis of different etiologies observed after local application of these drugs:

  1. Spray «Teva», helps to reduce the irritation of the nasal mucous membrane, increasing the local protection. Has regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antihistaminic and antimicrobial action. In most cases treatment is limited to weekly use, in certain situations, the treatment period may be extended to 21-31 days. Recommended daily dose – 1-2 irrigate each nasal passage.
  2. «Duffel». Prescribed for allergic rhinitis, forbidden to use children under the age of six. Tool with a pronounced antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action. The course of therapy is seven days, 4-5 R./day. When included in the therapeutic regimen of the same name of the pills greatly speeds the healing process.
  3. Aerosol «Euphorbium Compositum». The drug is easy for atrophic, vasomotor, allergic and infectious rhinitis. Has age restrictions, the age of 4 years. The course of treatment is determined individually, the result is noticeable at 25-30 days of use. The norm for children from 4-6 years – 1 irrigation 3 R/day, over 6 years – 2 spray 3 R/day.
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Additional funds

For stimulation of the organism and the action of active substances, as a rule, treatment is made by several homeopathic remedies. Often prescribers for topical use, in combination with types of medications oral route of administration. The most common:

  1. «Sinupret». Available in the form of drops, tablets and syrup. Tablet form of the drug is permitted upon reaching the age of six. For younger children it is more rational to use a syrup or drops. Can also be used for inhalation. The allowable rate is determined by the doctor individually.
  2. «Oscillococcinum» is quite effective in the treatment of catarrhal rhinitis, has anti-viral and immunomodulatory effects. At the first signs of the disease one dose of the drug dissolves under the tongue two to three times a day. For children from 2 years, can be dissolved in water. The following days of the treatment implies the drug is not more than 2 times. You must wait for the recommended interval between meals is 30 min. before meals or after 60 minutes after.


Today, homeopathic products causing controversy – can be seen as positive reviews and encounter ardent opponents of alternative medicine.

Perhaps we should designate one simple rule in the treatment of homeopathy is to use products based on vegetable and animal components only at the initial stage of the disease. In severe disease, better to give preference to conservative treatment.