Honey, baking soda and oil for sinusitis: treatment

How to treat sinusitis with honey butter and baking soda.

Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses of the face, many patients are subject to frequent penetration into the cavity of the nasal passages of viruses and bacteria. This can sometimes be due to weak immune system and due to the frostbite that goes untreated acute rhinitis or congenital predisposition. Sinusitis is known for his acute symptoms and this is why every patient wants to cure the inflammation as quickly as possible. In this case, the patient in conjunction with a comprehensive drug therapy can prescribe alternative therapies.

Inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, you can use butter in the nose. Treatment of sinusitis honey, baking soda and oil is very popular as it helps get rid of acute symptoms of the disease and regain nasal breathing. However, it is important to know the details of the use of such prescription, in order not to provoke side effects. Therefore, we propose to study the method of application, and then use the recipe.

Causes and symptoms of sinusitis

Sinusitis can occur at any age, including children who have already formed of the maxillary sinus. This inflammation is accompanied by severe symptoms and may cause a number of complications.

Provoke the appearance of the disease may be an infectious lesion of the mucous membrane or nasal cavity, prolonged exposure to cold, improper treatment of inflammations in the upper respiratory tract, and the irregularity of treatment.

To find out the cause of the disease should using doctor-otolaryngologist. Specialist can diagnose congenital or inflammation of the upper jaw. Unhealthy teeth can also cause sinusitis, so you need to visit the dentist.

In addition, the causes of sinus infection include trauma to the nose, a deviated septum, the presence of adenoids and polyps, and malignant or benign tumors.

The process of inflammation in the maxillary sinuses can be identified by characteristic symptoms. With the progression of the disease the patient has the violation of nasal breathing, profuse discharge at first mucous, then purulent character, pain in the nasal cavity. Other symptoms include:

  • the increase in body temperature;
  • fear of light, profuse lacrimation;
  • pain in the temples and frontal sinus;
  • chills and fever;
  • shooting sensations when tilting or turning the head;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • strong swelling of the eyelids;
  • swelling of the cheeks and neck.
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In addition, sinusitis is always accompanied by abundant secretion of mucus, which is hard to break. Their accumulation in the maxillary sinus leads to a feeling of pressure in the nose and eye sockets. This pathology causes severe pain in the head, sleep disturbance and loss of appetite.

How to cure sinusitis with olive oil and soda

Honey, soda and butter in the sinus in the complex are having the best impact on the cavity of the maxillary sinuses.

The use of these ingredients allows you to remove the inflammatory process.

However, independent use of prescription desirable, discuss this with your doctor.

Only after receiving the recommendations, the patient can begin the therapy and use honey with baking soda from sinusitis.

This method has undeniable advantages:

  • it is available in the application to all segments of the population;
  • low cost ingredients to prepare the medication;
  • ease of preparation;
  • ease of application;
  • in this method, there are no serious contraindications, besides personal intolerance to the ingredients or allergic reactions;
  • no side effect;
  • a quick reduction in pain;
  • strengthening the immune system.

Complex, honey, soda and sunflower oil for sinusitis improves breathing through the nose and stimulate the immune system.

Recipe No. 1

Coordinating treatment with the addition of folk medicine with her doctor, the patient can proceed with the necessary procedures. There are many recipes, but people often prefer to enter into the nasal cavity a small amount of butter for the whole night.

To enter into the cavity of necessary oil about the size of peas.

This method allows you to remove the swelling in the lining of the cavity and improve breathing for the third night. After the tenth time of applying the decreasing amount of viscous secretion and improvement of health.

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Recipe No. 2

For the treatment of inflammation in the maxillary sinuses you can use a mixture of baking soda, honey and sunflower oil.

For the preparation of a medicinal preparation stir all ingredients in the same proportion.

After obtaining a homogeneous mass, soak gauze flagellum composed and enter the inflamed nose cavity.

If the patient has bilateral maxillary sinusitis it is recommended that alternate introduction turundy.

When laying gauze flagellum is recommended to lie on one side for twenty minutes. At this time, the patient on time may lose the sense of smell, but should not be afraid. It will return immediately after the procedure.

The course of treatment – four treatments.

Recipe No. 3

To maintain the immunity, the patient should be prepare a tea made of honey and add to the mixture a drop of oil.

In addition, the decoction is useful to introduce five drops of tincture of eucalyptus.

Apply this decoction is recommended every day for twenty days.

Then you need to take a break of one week and repeat the course.

To improve the effect after taking tea in the nasal passages is necessary to bury the remains of the solution two drops three times a day.

Recipe No. 4

Another method involves the resorption of a small amount of sunflower oil. This recipe will save you from the signs of sinusitis and positively affects the entire body. Fifteen milliliters of oil is capable of cleansing the body of toxins and salts.

The course of treatment is five days, but to achieve a therapeutic result doctors recommend to dissolve the oil for twenty days.

Recipe No. 5

For lovers of baths you can use the following recipe. Lubricate the nose with a little oil and honey. After that sweat at the steam room and rinse solution.

After the third time the patients note the improvement of health and removal of swelling in the lining of the cavity.


Reviews about these recipes is very positive.

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Irina Lavrova: «I live in a private home and with the inflammation sinusitis without purulent secretions sit for half an hour in the bath. Pre-lubricate nasal passages with honey and top with a little oil. After thirty minutes, it becomes easier to breathe and improves overall mood. I go to bathe every day, so after the third time, to become better.»

Valentine bashkova: «inflammation of the sinus use turundy. Moistened cotton wool in a mixture of oil, soda and honey and put in the nose for twenty or thirty minutes. Used this recipe for one week, but the effect is felt after the first time. Nasal passages become moist, reduces swelling and improves breathing.»

Olesya vagizova: «When the child appeared mild sinusitis, gave him tea with honey. After he drinks, lubricate nasal passages with a mixture of soda and butter. This method is suggested by the doctor. It is necessary to moisten and cleanse the nasal passages. The child began to breathe through the nose and marked improvement in health, so was the entire course of treatment without whims.»


These recipes are based on baking soda, honey and oils are quite easy to use. They can be used at any age and not be afraid for dangerous consequences. However, before applying you should consult with your doctor.

Remember that the main goal of treatment is to do no harm.