Hot compress to the ear: a technique of setting the child

How to make a hot compress on the ear?

In medicine is often found in such a diagnosis, as inflammation of the middle ear. Sometimes this disease is treated with thermotherapy. It should be noted that this method is applied both in folk and in traditional modern medicine.

The most common method is the imposition of a hot compress on the ear. Properly placed bandage can relieve the pain and discomfort for the shortest period of time, and also will eliminate the cause of the inflammation, if any, which is especially important when otitis. In this article, we analyze the technique of setting a hot compress on the ear of the child and the algorithm steps.

What is compresses

Often hot compresses are applied at average, acute and chronic otitis media, with the exception of acts purulent form. Also a hot compress is recommended for otitis externa. What is a hot compress? Everything is very simple.

This bandage,in some cases containing medicinal substances or solutions that should be superimposed on a part of the body where there are signs of inflammation.

There are a great many types of compresses. But in this article we will tell you how to make a hot compress on the ear.

This type of bandage has a temperature slightly higher than normal body temperature. It provides a warming effect, improves blood circulation and speeds up the recovery process. This treatment is not only effective, but at the same time, quite affordable, not costly to purchase.

Most of the components of which it consists, are inexpensive and sold in almost any pharmacy. In General, the procedure of the imposition of a hot compress on the ear does this, but still there are some features that you should know.

For all its simplicity, the method of imposing of bandage on the ear, requires knowledge of simple nuances. First you should wash and then thoroughly dry your hands. After that, warm them and clean the areas of overlap hot compress. Now you can go to the stage of manufacture of the bandage. To do this you need medical gauze or light cotton fabric.

It should be folded into six layers so that you get a square of size six by six centimeters. In the center of this square, you need to make a hole for the ear. Next you need to cut a piece of tablecloth that will go beyond a gauze square for a distance of not more than two inches on all sides.

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It should be the same to make a slit for the ear. After that, prepare the wool, with a thickness of 3 cm and slightly larger than the size of tablecloth.

This is necessary in order to wool blocked the oilcloth and went a little beyond. Next, you need to prepare a medical bandage or synthetic scarf in order to compress was recorded.

If you need to apply a moist hot compress, in addition to the above actions, you need to prepare and heat treatment composition.

Heat it up to temperature, just above body temperature approximately 37 degrees Celsius.

Methods of formulation packs

The therapeutic compositions may be different, we consider the most basic and common in our days.

  1. For the alcohol, you need alcohol or vodka of high quality. They must be diluted with water in a ratio of one to one to the amount of 70 milliliters.
  2. For the oil solution must be heated camphor oil without dilution with water.
  3. For herbal solution, as recommended in folk medicine, it should be mixed infusion of chamomile, Basil and sweet clover at the rate of three tablespoons and pour the resulting mixture one Cup of boiling water. After that, you need to wait about 30 minutes, strain through cheesecloth and cool to the desired temperature.

Now that all the components of the lotion is ready, you can proceed to process the overlay. In the case of setting the dry compress, the easiest and most convenient way will be to put on the ear pre-prepared cotton-gauze. In order to compress was recorded, on top you need to wear a headscarf.

If you need to put a wet compress, it needs to be applied in the order in which you prepared for it components.

Gauze, oilcloth, wool, and then tied with a scarf, of course, do not forget to wet the gauze in a warm solution.

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After the wrap is installed, should pay attention to the duration of the procedure. The time that the poultice should be located on the ear, completely depends on the composition of the dressing.

It is worth noting that to leave for a long time, e.g. overnight, it should only dry lotion. They serve to warm the ear from the inside. That is to protect it from hypothermia and not releasing the heat that the body naturally produces.

Wet hot compress must be kept exactly how long it takes to heat. If you overdo on the ear cold wet compress, it will probably cause the opposite of the treatment effect, which is highly undesirable.

Consider what bandage composition and how much time they should be kept:

  1. Alcohol bandage to keep no more than three to four hours.
  2. Oil bandages can and should hold much more, as the oil retains heat for longer time.
  3. Herbal lotion cools faster than any other and the average duration of their heat is approximately two hours.
  4. After you remove the compress, the skin should be wiped with a cloth soaked in warm water. After this region, which was compress, wiped dry. Don’t forget that after this procedure, you should avoid hypothermia, drafts, and also not to go outside.

Compress on the ear must be done every day once a day.

Repeat this procedure until the complete disappearance of pain and inflammation. If during treatment you will notice that began to develop purulent process, it is necessary to stop immediately therapy and to go to the doctor.

Compresses in the treatment of children

Next, we consider the factors that you just need to know when setting a hot compress on the ear of the child.

Categorically contraindicated put camphor bandage children under two years of age.

Pair these bandages are toxic and can harm the baby’s health.

If you install an alcohol bandage, note that the solution should be less concentrated than for an adult. A desirable ratio is one to three.

Since children’s skin is much more irritable and sensitive, so before you put a compress to the baby, grease the area where you will be put headband, baby cream or vaseline.

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This will prevent the possibility of burns from the bandages. Young children should put the compresses in a lying position, the patient’s ear to the top. Do not forget that to put a hot compress on the ear of the children, after consultation with the ENT doctor.


Not in every case when an Earache, you can put hot compress.

Before you start dressing you need to ensure the absence of purulent processes.

If they have to put a hot compress is contraindicated.

Also to the factors prohibiting the imposition of a poultice, are abrasions, scratches, and other skin damage in the area where it was intended to be a blindfold. Another contraindication is the increased body temperature. In this case, to put a compress on the ear should not be.

In General, the bulk of contraindications it can be seen by the naked eye. But there are those that will be seen by authorised personnel only. So before you start applying a compress to the ear, contact your audiologist, who will advise you correctly how to do it.


The process of applying hot compress on the ear not only simple but also inexpensive. At the same time we should not forget about precautions and contraindications. Don’t forget to prepare thoroughly for the imposition of a bandage and carefully prepared solutions.

If all requirements are met, treatment will not last long and your ears will be healthy.