Hot flashes at menopause: what is it, symptoms

Menopause is a condition faced by almost every woman. It is also worth noting that in this period there are hot flashes during menopause what is it symptoms also known to many. Although also worth noting is the fact that some women may suffer from an uncomfortable condition for several months at a time, others tolerate it for years.

With regard to related adverse events, the tides in most cases are accompanied by the following pathological conditions:

  • migraine;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • mood swings and other.

Nervous system during this period are also vulnerable. This is manifested in the appearance of nervous instabilities and can outbursts of anger or increased tearfulness.

During menopause sleep is suffering and may disappear. However, when experiencing anxiety is to consult a doctor who will help you to choose the necessary means possible to eliminate pathological climacteric state.

The main symptoms of this condition at menopause, as hot flashes

To understand what is this manifestation in the form of heat during menopause, you need to determine what can happen to the female body during this period.

Usually, menopause is the aging of the ovaries, which slows or stops production of female sex hormones estrogens. The aging process significantly affects the appearance of such pathological syndrome of fever during menopause.

What concerns the process of thermoregulation in the body, it is affected by hormone levels and the condition of the nervous and vascular systems. Also, with regard to the effects of extraneous external factors on the rate of heat exchange, all they are as captured by the human body and transmitted to the Central nervous system. Therefore, from the tides during menopause the woman is suffering and is as motivated to figure out how to remove the tides, maximally facilitating the woman’s condition.

Once the brain received the signal, it starts to react to the condition by the effects of hormones on metabolic processes, namely, blood circulation and thermoregulation. Therefore, if a woman starts to worry, and hot flashes during menopause are amplified.

With regard to hormonal disorders, the phenomenon may be the reason that the signals that enter the brain can certainly be distorted. Because of this, you may experience hot flushes during menopause and other unpleasant phenomena.

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Manifestations of heat is a condition when a woman has during a certain period during menopause, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • a woman can throw in the pot;
  • there is a feeling of heat;
  • there may be unforeseen dizziness;
  • heart palpitation;
  • there is a General malaise and weakness.

It is worth noting that often hot flashes during menopause are accompanied by a constant feeling of anxiety, and the heat may be quickly replaced by a feeling of chills.

The condition can occur in women during menopause several times a day and not uncommon occurrence of such condition, as the night tides. They are able to Wake the woman, who wakes up in a cold sweat or a fever followed by chills. The process does not go fast, and may experience prolonged insomnia. In this case, the question of how to alleviate the condition can be solved only by a specialist, whose actions are directed in order to remove the symptoms of hot flashes, the symptoms and treatment which will be different in each case.

Why the tides are amplified during menopause

The causes of these symptoms can be many, but there are certain factors that more affect the process of thermoregulation violations. Hence, they have and exercise depends on the intensity of the tides:

  • strong tides can be caused by a sudden change of climatic indicators, namely air temperature;
  • causes of tides can directly be linked to the working conditions of women. This facility is poorly ventilated, or it contains a large number of cigarette smoke;
  • hot flashes dramatically worse after drinking woman large quantities of coffee, alcohol, salty or spicy dishes. This is because all these factors can enhance the process of stimulating the nervous system, which is not the best way affects the condition of women;
  • menopause hot flashes can occur due to the use of a woman special preparations which are necessary for weight loss and quick weight reduction. This is because when you receive funds increases the process of metabolism that affect the autonomic system in women during menopause;
  • menopause hot flashes often become active after the use of special tools, which help to thin the blood and accelerate blood circulation. The majority of drugs to increase blood pressure;
  • menopausal hot flashes are often generated by stressful situations. In times of stress, the unexpected heat, to remove which is possible only through complete relaxation and recreation;
  • relief of symptoms can be done by wearing clothes made of natural fabrics, because synthetic materials is a factor that may increase the frequency of occurrence of manifestations of heat;
  • reduce hot flashes may decrease physical activity.
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Why, when the climax throws in the heat and how to cope with the tides during menopause are the main issues that should be integrated and all tools should be selected and monitored by a physician. This is because menopause is the state of the female body, in which the self is not only not helpful but can do harm.

Methods of elimination of menopausal tides

Hot flashes during menopause treatment status should be directed to raising the General level of the immune system women, as well as providing a feasible physical activity, which should be regularly alternated with periods of rest.

The data load need to help the tides to end. They should include:

  • many hours of Hiking;
  • sports exercises;
  • long stay in the fresh air;
  • sports training (running and light exercise).

As mentioned above, clothing is a factor that has a significant importance in the emergence of such a state like the tides, to remove which can be difficult. Hence why there are tides at menopause – it is possible to solve the issue, replacing closet for items made from natural materials which will not cause excessive sweating, which is hard to remove. This is because synthetics are able to dissolve the body, not allowing the body to breathe and you receive the increased sweating in women during menopause.

What to do if you suddenly started tides – it is recommended to immediately take a shower. This is necessary in order to remove from the surface of the body of excess sweat and maximum cooling. After the procedure, almost all the negative signs of retreat and to treat hot flashes is easier.

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How to get rid of the flushes in menopause and hot flashes during menopause what is it symptoms– you can learn from a large number of sources. However, as this condition can resolve without any consequences for health will tell the doctor the gynecologist-endocrinologist.

Rest and sleep is a constant companion of how to fight and how to survive the problem. Therefore, in order to ease hot flashes during menopause, should have a rest, night sleep should be at least eight hours a day, only then fight effectively, and the negative consequences do not arise.

In addition to vysheperechislennyh information is to say that a state as hot flashes during menopause is often accompanied by dehydration, which can make effects that can worsen chronic diseases. Dehydration this period can be much longer, reducing symptoms is not observed, and lack of fluids affects the way the tides is manifested in a whole.

To eliminate the condition to consume the required amount of liquid, in most cases, this amount is two liters.

If you entered the phase of menopause, the first thing you need to do is ask the gynecologist to have it explained to you what hot flashes during menopause, to minimize the consequences for women’s health. This is because any disturbing or painful condition caused by hot flashes, easier to prevent prevention, than to make long and expensive treatment of a condition which does not want to end up.