How and what to properly wash the nose with a cold: to be at home

Something to clean the nose?

The mucus produced in the nasal cavity, under normal condition the body is derived from the nose alone. With the development of diseases of infectious nature, the mechanism of the synthesis/output selections is broken. There is a runny nose and congestion.

One of the ways to safely get rid of a cold and discomfort – lavage of the nasal cavity.

Why do I get runny nose

Rhinitis (the medical term is rhinitis) is a protective reaction of the organism. In the nasal cavity constantly producing mucus, whose main task is the removal from nose foreign elements and microorganisms. In normal conditions people don’t notice it because snot are derived independently and do not cause discomfort.

When injected into the nasal cavity of germs, viruses and allergens particles, synthesis of mucus increases. It is produced in large amounts to combat foreign bodies.

Sneezing that accompanies this process is also aimed at getting rid of microbes/particles. Additionally there is swelling that blocks the ingress of foreign bodies into the upper respiratory tract. Owing to all these processes arises rhinitis and nasal congestion.

Help! Rhinitis is often seen as one of the symptoms of other diseases.

There are the following types of rhinitis:

  1. Allergic. Occurs because of penetration into the nasal cavity of allergens.
  2. Infectious. Is the body’s reaction to activity in the nasal cavity of foreign viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.
  3. Chronic. A constant runny nose. Caused due to hereditary predisposition, prolonged infectious processes, excessive pollution of the external environment, prolonged contact with dust particles.
  4. Medication. Develops due to the effect of certain medicines.
  5. Traumatic. Is a consequence of damage of the nasal septum.

Therapy of rhinitis depends on its type. The market presents a large variety of medicines produced in different forms. The most secure are means for washing the nasal cavity.

They have no side effects (when used correctly). With their help it is possible to solve the problem of congestion. Should be more to consider and how to correctly wash the nose when cold.

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Lavage of the nasal cavity

Under the lavage is the procedure which essence consists in the introduction into the nostril of the liquid, with its subsequent withdrawal through the other nostril. It allows you to get rid of excess mucus and flushes out the nasal cavity alien micro-organisms and elements. A lot of solutions for washing contain sea salt, which allows not only to breath but also to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, placed in the nasal cavity.

For the procedure, you can use special devices. For example, pharmacies sell rubber pots designed for washing. But they are not required elements of the procedure. To hold it and using the syringe without the needle or just alternately drawing liquid from nostrils small bowls.

Medical facilities

Nasal lavage in rhinitis pharmacy drugs allows you to quickly clean the nasal cavity, reduce swelling and restore nasal breathing. This procedure has a positive effect on the elimination of microorganisms and gives you the opportunity to withdraw from the cavity of nose foreign elements.

Something to clean the nose? Among the drugs provided in pharmacies, you need the following tools.


The tool is distributed in the form of bags with the mixture. Comes with a special bottle.

In order to use the tool you need to dissolve contents of the sachet in warm water and fill this solution vial.

«Dolphin» is made specifically for the procedure. Contains iodine, sea salt, a large number of beneficial micronutrients.

Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic action. Positive effect on the regeneration of the nasal cavity.


Under this name there are a number of funds that differ in their composition: «Plus», «Sens», «strong». In the first preparation contains sea water, the second salt and the third is a hypertonic solution of salt.

The above tools can be applied for the treatment of rhinitis, and as a way to prevent it. «Akvamaris Plus» is allowed to use up to eight times during the day. «Sens» as «strong», it is recommended to use no more than four times a day.

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On the market there are five funds related to this line.

The weakest means of «Aqualor baby», the most powerful – «Pharmstandard» neosmectin «extra Forte».

The drug can be found in the form of drops and spray.

Affects the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.


The products of this line contain sterile sea water. In its composition there is a large number of trace elements useful for human.

Four types of «Humer» is registered in Russia and can be found in the pharmacies of the country. The drug can be used by children and adults and also pregnant women and women during lactation.


Contains isotonic sea water. Can be used for the treatment of infants, but the drug «Physiomer Fort» cannot be used for the treatment of children who have not reached six months.

Attention! Some of these drugs are analogs for washing the throat. It is important not to confuse the means with the purchase.

In addition to the funds described above, you can also use the drugs, «These», «No salt», «saline». All funds distributed in the form of solutions, mixtures for the preparation of solutions or drops or sprays. Side effects often occur with improper use of drugs.

Lavage at home

Rinse your nose at home you can use home-made solutions. The simplest method of preparation is to dilute two or three tablespoons of simple salt in a glass of warm water. For added effect, consider adding in a solution of a few drops of iodine, but make it optional.

You can also use soda (drinking). You must dissolve in warm water soda (1/2 teaspoon) and salt (same amount).

The solution allows not only clean the nasal cavity of mucus, but also has a positive effect on the swelling, reducing it and improving nasal breathing of the patient.

Well suited for washing propolis. Fifteen drops should be dissolved in a glass of water. Optionally, add salt (a teaspoon will be enough).

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The resulting solution can be used to rinse the nasal cavity three times a day. Procedure is not recommended more than four times during the day.

You can also use the decoction of different plants. The best choice in this case would be a chamomile infusion. He has a calming, soothing and anti-allergic action. Remedy quickly relieves runny nose and resume breathing through the nose.

Important! In some recipes celandine is used. In high concentrations it is toxic, and therefore safer to use other medicinal plants.

The technique of washing

Lavage is easy. Should:

  1. To prepare the remedy.
  2. Tilt your head sideways over the sink.
  3. Pour the solution into one nostril so that it flowed from the other.
  4. To turn the head and repeat the procedure.

To breathe during rinsing need mouth. Simultaneously pour the liquid into both nostrils prohibited. In the event of severe bleeding, tumors and cysts in the nasal area, before the procedure it is recommended to consult with your doctor.


Rinsing the nose with a cold is a very effective way of therapy of rhinitis. Procedure (with proper implementation) safe for persons of different age groups.

It can help clean and moisturize nasal passages, breath with your nose, to get rid of foreign organisms/particles in the nasal cavity.