How and what to quickly stop severe cold in the home the child and the adult

How to stop runny nose at home?

Rhinitis is a disease with inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nose and characteristic symptoms in the form of a complicated breathing, swelling and uninterrupted discharge from the sinus. Most people are interested in the question of how to stop a runny nose fast if runny nose?

Compliance with a few simple tips will help to quickly get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon!

Therapeutic measures for treatment of the common cold in 1 day

The first symptoms of a cold tells about the beginning of the disease, but the use of proven traditional medicines to try to prevent a leak from the nose. The main methods of treatment:

  • nasal lavage effective drugs with salt water, peppermint, menthol;
  • the use of inhalation on the basis of special herbal plants;
  • a combination of finely chopped onions and garlic can significantly facilitate the process of breathing, as vegetables contain volatile, possessing antiseptic properties;
  • the inhalation of the raw root of horseradish or eating vegetable;
  • bath with mustard or sprinkle it in your socks before going to sleep to obtain a warming effect.

The above methods can be useful at the initial stage of the disease, as later symptoms of the common cold should be treated with medication and special procedures!

Methods for rapid treatment of the common cold

Quick relief from rhinitis depends on the degree of development of the disease and methods of treatment of pathology. You should consider a few basic recommendations about how to stop a runny nose fast at home.

Drugs vasoconstrictor character

This category of drug quickly relieves the common symptoms of runny nose and eases breathing.

Active ingredients that help to remove the swelling in the maxillary sinuses and prevent the constant discharge of mucus from the nose. Such medicines include: Expra, Nazivin, Natolin, Otrivin, Nazol. For children it is preferable to use compounds with the contents fenilafrina: Nazol-kids, Eririn.

Drugs based on herbal components

The use of special plants and trees, with reducing properties in the cold effectively alleviates symptoms of the disease and does not have any impact on the body compared to chemical drugs. The most effective remedies: oil of eucalyptus, arborvitae, fir, peppermint, black cumin.

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Pharmacy medicines simple impact

These drugs have high efficacy and lack of serious side effects. With the help of these drugs you can easily stop a runny nose in a child, do not fear for the negative effects.

Asset: Akvamaris, Humer with the content of natural sea water, well washed nasal cavity, and in combination with Protargol quickly treat nasal congestion. Pinosol based on peppermint also has the effect of impacts and recommended during pregnancy.

Solution Furatsilina antiseptic properties when washing the nose to quickly relieve the cavity of accumulated mucus and helps restore normal breathing. The drug does not have any side effects on the body, which is very important if there are contraindications!

The intake of antiviral medications

The effectiveness of drugs is to hold a special protein similar to human interferon, which actively fights against all kinds of viruses and prevents the development of severe respiratory diseases. To stop a runny nose in adults and children you can use the following medicines: Kagocel, Amizon, Arbidol, Grippferon, Anaferon. The use of funds should be made by the treating physician or official usage instructions.


The conduct of inhalation is also an effective method of dealing with a cold and its unpleasant symptoms. The essence of the procedure is based on the use of hot steam, which greatly facilitated the process of respiration, so that the active substances used component have a positive effect on the maxillary sinus.

At home you can prepare inhalation using potato tuber as an active component of the procedure.

The recipe is based on cooking a few small potatoes. After the tubers are brought to the readiness of the water in the pot need to be drained and a portion of the potatoes to leave in the boiling water. Next, you should cover your head with a thick towel and proceed with the process.

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For home inhalations you can use essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender and cypress. Application of the method involves the exclusion of contraindications: the presence of high temperatures, children up to age 3 years. Also effective inhalation on the basis of a combination of medicinal herbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, sage).

Modern medicine offers the use of a special inhaler occupational exposure called nebulizers. The use of the device is quite simple and involves putting on a mask and inhaling the particles of steam used component. The apparatus provides rapid effective impact, and the risks of developing negative effects minimal!

Nasal lavage

The procedure of rinsing the nasal cavity to stop a bad cold and prevent further progression of the disease. As effective means can be used decoctions of herbs (chamomile, St. John’s wort, sage, mint, eucalyptus) and preparations with content of sea water (Akvamaris, Phrase, Humer). Effective normal saline solution, prepared at home. The process is carried out while using the syringe or a rubber pear.

Progrevanie nose

The warming of the nose is possible in the absence of high temperature, high pressure, purulent mucus in the nose. In other cases, this procedure will benefit and eliminate negative symptoms of the common cold.

You can use boiled chicken egg, which is applied to the nasal nostrils in the hot state. Also effective is the use of heated salt, buckwheat, potatoes. The optimal time to sleep.

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies brings positive results in quick treatment of a cold. Particularly effective methods are: milk, combined with honey, drops of beet nose, eating fruit with a high content of vitamin C (lemons, oranges, kiwi, black currant). Also the effect of bringing the distribution of onions and garlic in the premises and compliance with bed rest in the development of the disease and increasing temperature.

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Preventive measures to prevent the development of rhinitis

In order to solve the problem and how to stop a running nose it is best to prevent the development of disease subject to prevention of the disease:

  • maximum protection of the body from the effects of unfavorable factors (immunity strengthening);
  • if you experience hypothermia should immediately take a hot shower or bath and drink hot tea with lemon;
  • sore throat and a little mucus in the nose are the reason for the use of mustard as a good warming means;
  • compliance with bed rest by using a maximum warming of funds.

Important! Subject to the necessary treatments and preventive measures aimed at preventing the development of rhinitis, it is possible to quickly cure the disease without causing negative side effects!

Rhinitis represents a number of pathologies that often occur by reducing the immune defense of the body and can develop into the chronic form of the disease. Therefore, the optimal method of solving this problem is proper treatment and compliance with measures to prevent the disease!