How and what without the drops to penetrate the nose at home

Without drops to get the nose to breathe?

The human body can’t work properly if some or function is impaired. Normal nasal breathing is a necessity to maintain a vital task. Nasal congestion caused by colds or viral illness, can bring the patient many unpleasant hours. In such a situation to breath want as quickly as possible.

To return the function of organ of respiration, you can use vasoconstrictive drops. However, there are cases when to ease breathing with colds with the use of any drug is impossible. It may be associated with allergic reactions of the patient to components of the medication, as well as strict contraindications. In such cases, to penetrate a stuffy nose in a child or adult can home.

Why is it important to breathe through the nose

Complete or partial absence of nasal breathing is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of catarrhal inflammation. This symptom is often accompanied by changes in body temperature or poor health. How to make a nose to breathe with no drops in such cases it is necessary to determine with your doctor as it is important to know the root cause.

Often the nose provides due to trauma, allergic reactions to flowering or Pets, and also due to inflammation in the upper respiratory tract.

If the patient was diagnosed with rhinitis a normal, he may appoint vasoconstrictor drops.

But in case of contraindications or during pregnancy such drugs is strictly prohibited.

In this case, to postpone the nose drops without using some medicinal herbs.

It is important to understand that normal breathing is necessary to supply oxygen to the lungs and the entire body. Prolonged lack of oxygen can affect the brain, heart, blood vessels and so on.

If nasal congestion patients breathe through the mouth. But in this case in the lungs gets much less oxygen. Moreover, the air prhodyaschy through the nasal passages is warmed, moistened and cleaned. Through the breath through the mouth, such processes are not happening. It can cause serious deterioration of health and complicate already existing process.

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It is important to know that mouth breathing does not allow to create the necessary pressure in the chest. In the absence of such a factor, the heart is much worse.

To restore the functions of breathing and punching a stuffy nose at home, you should know a few rules. You can not use the self, because such a process can significantly complicate the inflammation.

How and what without the drops to penetrate the nose

First, when severe congestion is necessary to establish the cause of the disease.

Often, this process appears due to the catarrhal forms of inflammation.

In this case, patients are prescribed isotonic solution and vasoconstrictor drops.

At home it is best to take drops of sea water, they are considered safe for treating even infants. In the absence of contraindications or allergic reactions, it is best to use Aqua Maris, Marker, Otrivin, and other means, Dr. Goodman.

They relieve nasal congestion and improve the function of the cavity in the nasal passages. In case of strong swelling of these medicines relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane and normalize the secretion of mucous secret.

When treating children it is best to use such drugs as Otrivin Baby, Aqua Maris Baby, Aqualor Baby, Physiomer. They softly and gently eliminates mucous congestion and moisturize the nasal passages.

It is known that these drugs are not addictive.

Homemade solutions for washing

If you or your baby has an allergic reaction to ready-made solutions, it is necessary to prepare a decoction for the rehabilitation of the nasal passages on their own.

To do this in one glass of hot water is necessary to dissolve a teaspoon of salt.

Rinse nasal passages in any way. However, when treating children it is important to observe all safety rules.

The solution can penetrate into the ear and cause otitis media.

When cleaning the nose it is best to use a syringe or cotton tips.

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Nasal congestion can pass if you do some exercise.

If the patient feels well, he is not high body temperature and no other symptoms other than congestion, it is important to exercise.

Running several kilometers or climbing stairs, stuffy quickly. In addition, this is the main approach of prevention.

Any exercises provide the necessary amount of oxygen.


Nasal congestion easily passes through massage.

Point impact helps to quickly restore nasal breathing and improve patient’s mood.

Very important correctly to manipulate, as the impact point sends signals to vital organs.

To improve circulation and to restore nasal breathing should be:

  1. Warm up your palms by rubbing them together.
  2. Flowing movements to press the point between the eyebrows. Repeat motion for one minute.
  3. After that descend to the edges of the nose and press a few times.
  4. Then locate a point from the nostrils to the lip. Click on it ten times.
  5. Gently massage the nose wings.

To repeat the procedure up to five times a day.


From congestion helps warm the feet and nose. Pre rasparte feet in warm water, and then oil stops any warming ointment. Thereafter, carry out the heat treatment in the nose area.

The nose can be warm lotions of salt or using eggs. Ensure that the temperature of the selected ingredient has not been above 37 degrees Celsius. Otherwise there is a risk of burn.

Drops of home-grown ingredients

To punch his nose as soon as possible you can use several popular recipes.

To clear the nasal passages and drip nose drops if not, you can use the mixture of beet juice and aloe.

  1. To prepare the mixture you need to clean and shred the beets.
  2. Then squeeze all the juice out of vegetables.
  3. Then with a spoon, collect all the juice with sprigs of aloe. Pre-plant can be placed in the fridge for a couple hours. Stir the mixture and introduce into the nasal cavity in five drops. Repeat procedure three times a day for one week.
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If this option you not suitable for individual reasons, use the decoction of chamomile.

To do this, pour two tablespoons of flower plants Cup of boiling water.

Of the mixture to steep for fifteen minutes in a dark and dry place.

After that, rinse decoction nasal passages and lubricate them with tea tree oil.

Also, it will be useful to have inhalations with essential oils. By breathing over a pot of healing herbal teas and a couple drops of eucalyptus oil or peppermint, you will feel a noticeable improvement.

Other exercises

To eliminate congestion by using physiotherapy and using various concoctions. But, in addition, it is important to monitor the room of the residence of the patient. Every day the apartment should happen to wet cleaning.

In addition, keep the room with the use of specialized equipment or using scrap materials. In the treatment process, it is important that the patient is receiving enough water, and took no food spicy and salty dishes.


Stuffy nose always brings a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, if this symptom arise from you use these recipes.

But if the breathing organ not recovered their function after five days after treatment, you must consult the doctor.