How does a hearing aid: principle of operation

How does a hearing aid?

In severe forms of hearing impairment, the person definitely needed a hearing aid with which he can feel comfortable in society. To help in the selection of such a device may the physician, on the basis of conducted tests and audiometry. However, the choice of model lies with the patient.

Further details talk about what constitutes such a device, what happens and how it works a hearing aid.

A hearing aid is a device characteristic

A hearing aid is an electronic device of small size, which is placed in the ear or fastens on the ear. Resorting to its aid, deaf people can communicate freely and live life to the fullest.

Help. According to statistics, oddly enough, only one in five people having a device to enhance hearing, use it.

Absolutely all devices of this type are divided into two types depending on the ability to process audio signals:

  1. Analog is an obsolete hearing aid technology with the only positive aspect – low cost. In their application there is an amplification of all audio signals, but without the emphasis on speech and noise suppression.
  2. Digital devices of the latest generation. Suited equally to all people regardless of degree of hearing loss. From their predecessors they differ improved appearance and possibility of correction of the hearing. This technology not just increases the sound, but also filters out external noise.

In addition, it should be noted that these devices vary in appearance, power, and ability to catch a certain number of channels.

Besides, hearing devices klassificeret on the basis of their location in the organ of hearing. So, they are divided into the following types:

  • BTE is the most popular category of affordable devices. Its placement is quite simple: over the ear fit the main part and the ear canal is placed transactions with a special liner;
  • custom products — as you can tell from the names of these devices are located in the cavity of the ear and take almost all of it. Exclusively manufactured to order, taking into account the individual characteristics of the structure of the ear;
  • in-ear – these devices are compact and are placed inside the auditory canal and must be identical with its form, therefore, they are produced in individual molds a person’s ear;
  • pocket – such devices are not very popular, and the reason for that are too large. But they have their own category of users: this is mainly elderly people who find it hard to cope with small devices.
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After purchasing hearing AIDS, you must consult a specialist for advice on setting up his work.

The principle of operation of the hearing aid

In order to understand the principle of operation of a hearing aid, you should be familiar with his «stuffing.»

So, a modern digital camera, as a complex electronic invention, consists of the following elements:

  1. Microphone or group of microphones.
  2. A digital processor.
  3. Speaker.

The work of such device as follows: microphone, as a kind of «ear» of this type of apparatus that converts sound to digital code. After that it is processed on a computer program taking account of all features of the hearing function of a particular person.

Due to such processing of sounds, such devices provide high quality sound and clarity of speech. Become clear to even the most weak sounds, and strong – on the contrary, softened. Besides there is a suppression of extraneous noise.

Important! Digital varieties of devices are not recommended for people with chronic pathology of ENT organs.

Design analog hearing instrument looks like this:

  • microphone;
  • amplifier;
  • speaker.

This type of instrument captures and converts the signal to electrical, and then amplifies it. The principle of operation of analog devices more simple compared to digital, because the sound only intensified, but it is not a digital correction, correcting and modeling the sound.

Help. Simple design analog device provides high performance and less susceptibility to breakdowns.


First invented devices to enhance hearing were quite large and heavy, besides it’s not too convenient in operation.

Today, thanks to the improvement and development of numerous models, such a device may be placed in the ear canal or attached behind the ear, and it will be invisible.

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To pick up such a device is better with a specialist, because only he is qualified for the selection and configuration of the model.