How is a yeast infection: routes and methods of infection

Thrush is a very unpleasant disease, is familiar to many women. To finally overcome the disease, it is important to understand what are the ways of infection, transferred a yeast infection from other people, is it likely to infect sexual partner or contract it.

Native microbe

Surprisingly, the microorganism causing the development of yeast infection lives in every human body. It is called Candida, the scientific name of the disease – candidiasis. Yeast fungus Candida peacefully co-exists with other bacteria without causing disease symptoms. To treat a person is not necessary, the number of germ limited to healthy conditions of the internal environment of the body. But if these conditions are violated, there will be ideal conditions for active reproduction of the fungus.

«Catch» a yeast infection can be infected by the fungus from the outside. But you can «grow» the disease by destroying the body’s defenses, which provides favorable conditions for the development of native bacteria.

Manifestations of the disease

Candidiasis develops on the mucous membranes, including the oral cavity. But the most common cause of hospital visits is candidiasis genital mucosa, predominantly in women. Thrush due to the nature of the structure of the reproductive organs occurs with them more often.

The pathogen actively multiplies and excretes products of metabolism. Appear thick cheesy vaginal discharge with yellowish color and unpleasant «fish» smell. Candidiasis is accompanied by constant itching and sharp, severe pain during urination — during and after intercourse.

Thrush in men

Is diagnosed with thrush also and for men, although much less frequently. The structure of the male genitalia does not provide suitable conditions for «prosperity» of the fungus. Male candidiasis is easier to treat than female.

The symptoms of male candidiasis:

  • whitish plaque on the glans penis;
  • dryness of the mucous membrane in this area;
  • severe itching;
  • possible redness and sores developing on the foreskin;
  • pain during urination;
  • pain during and after intercourse.
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The path of the disease

Candidiasis — a disease of intimacy. She brings a lot of inconvenience and problems not only of physical properties. Diseased woman often worries, if passed thrush when
sex can it infect a sexual partner.

On the other hand, it is important to know whether it is possible to catch a disease in the process of unprotected intercourse.

Every woman needs to be informed in the question: «How is thrush?», to avoid illness.

It should be noted that infection candidiasis easily. But the risk of disease much higher on the background of a weakened immune system, inflammatory infections, disorders of the microflora of the digestive and the genital tract. In a healthy organism, even when in direct contact with the fungus pathology does not occur.

Infection baby

The first contact with the fungus occurs in the first year of a baby’s life. Not necessarily this leads to the development of disease, Candida for years can peacefully exist in the body.

But if mom is sick or candidiasis is a carrier of it, the probability of development a baby has thrush.

How thrush is passed from mother to child?

  • In the womb. Candida is found even in the cord to the shell of the fruit, but direct infection occurs mostly during or after childbirth.
  • Childbirth. Close contact of mucous membranes (vagina and mouth) of a child with the sexual ways of the mother causes the ingested fungus.
  • In the first months of life. Infection can occur by contact with the teats and hands of the mother, active fungi can be detected on foods, in milk, on various subjects.

Contamination of domestic

The fungus Candida possesses extraordinary vitality. Once out of the host body, it feels good and long lasting activity. This ability explains how you can contract thrush through everyday life. The most common «transit objects» insidious fungus: hygiene, sponge, soap, pads and tampons, bed linen. Very easy to get infected through the water in the pool. The basic rule is the prevention of disease: to not have to treat candidiasis you need to observe hygiene.

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Failure to comply with basic hygiene to treat thrush difficult for even the most strong antifungal drugs. Symptoms may disappear, but then will happen recurrence, and the source of infection is the organism (for example, the introduction of bacteria from the intestine to the skin and mucous membranes of the genital organs). Possibly primary infections oral route.

Female, the vulva is located close to the terminal parts of the digestive system that can hardly be called sterile. Reinfection of the vagina arises from the intestine.

  • All sections of the intestine have a rich flora, including Candida fungus.
  • Failure to comply with hygiene even after successful treatment there may be relapses of thrush.
  • Antibiotics having an inhibitory effect on the bacterial microflora, the fungus Candida have the opportunity to actively proliferate.
  • To treat candidiasis you need a comprehensive, not limited to the affected area.

Thrush and sex

The most exciting question: «is it Possible the infection candidiasis in the course of sexual intercourse, whether there is a yeast infection from sperm?» Given the relatively high pathogenicity of yeast-like fungi Candida and what during sex are in direct contact with the mucosa of the genital organs of a partner, it can be argued that to get thrush this way it is possible. Moreover, the danger is not only in vaginal sex. Contact of mucous membranes it also happens during sexual contact oral and anal way. During the last act of the possible spread of the disease in both directions: oral candidiasis from a single partner can cause yeast infection of the genitals of another, and Vice versa.

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If thrush is diagnosed in one out of the current of the constant couple, to treat candidiasis you need both. And sex is better to suspend and to resume after recovery. Often men do not have pronounced clinical symptoms of thrush, but they are carriers of the disease. In this case, the sex and sharing things will be a cause of recurrence of the disease in women. That is why both partners need to take the full course of treatment.

How to defeat thrush?

As with any disease or candidiasis is easier to prevent than to treat. It is necessary to observe hygiene, maintain a healthy microflora to control sexual life, to have a reliable permanent partner.

Self-treatment of yeast infection is rarely effective. Symptoms may disappear for a short time, but after you will arise again. In addition, it is pointless to eliminate only the symptoms of the disease. The whole body should be cleaned of fungus. Treatment of candidiasis difficult, time — consuming and complex process, so it is better to entrust it to a specialist.

Be healthy!