How many are living with ovarian cancer: forecasts, stages and symptoms

Oncology in recent years is very common among many patients. If a few decades ago the disease was identified in patients of older age, now even babies are born with serious tumors. The cause of abnormalities is unknown.

Among cancers in women in fifth place in the list of deaths is cancer of the ovaries. What can cause a lump on the epididymis? What stage of the disease there are, and how much each of these women can live at one stage or another?

What signs may indicate ovarian cancer?

At the initial stage of the disease symptoms may not manifest. For this reason, often women who seek help detect the disease in an already advanced form. That is why the survival rate of women is very low.

Ovarian cancer is manifested in the form of such symptoms:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen;
  • Bloating;
  • Frequent constipation;
  • Disorders of menstruation and women at the time of menopause blood spotting;
  • Dyspareunia;
  • Sudden urge to vomit without any reason;
  • The increase in the volume of the stomach, because of the appearance of liquid in the peritoneum;
  • Lack of appetite;
  • The sharp decline of body weight;
  • Flatulence.

In women with malignant formation in the ovary is also often in the evenings may have a fever, is in the range of 37 degrees. And in the blood increased number of red blood cells. But what the extent of the disease exist? How long can you live if there ascites?

Ovarian cancer stage

Depending on the diverse clinical picture of ovarian cancer klassificeret on 4 main stages, which are distinguished depending on how the tumor affected appendage and nearby organs.

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The first stage. Cancer affected only appendages:

  • But the disease struck only one of the ovaries;
  • In the tumor struck two appendage;
  • – Cancer cells have formed on the surface of bodies.

The second stage. The cancer has already spread to the abdominal cavity:

  • A – the cancer has spread to the uterus and fallopian tubes;
  • In the strongest organ of the peritoneum;
  • – On the surface of ovarian cancer cells appear, there is ascites – fluid accumulates in the peritoneum.

The third stage. Metastases in the peritoneum.

  • And the appearance of metastases in organs of small pelvis;
  • In – metastasis no larger than 2 mm;
  • – Metastases greater than 2 mm and affected lymph nodes in the groin area.

Fourth. Metastases were detected outside the peritoneum.

An accurate forecast on how much will time to be patient with ovarian cancer will not be able to give one. It all depends on how strong the body in women, what treatment she is taking, what the results of chemotherapy. But as shown by numerous studies to have a definite opinion of doctors who can give the most accurate forecast and to determine the survival rate at one stage or another of cancer.

What is the prognosis doctors give in ovarian cancer?

Every woman who hears about the terrible diagnosis, immediately asked how many live with him, can the chemotherapy to change something? But it all depends on the woman herself, from how she’s ready to fight the disease, which will have the impact of chemotherapy on the body?

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But of course it all depends on the stage of the cancer:

  1. If cancer is found in the first stage, more than 70% of patients cross the threshold of life in 5 years. While many of them live and more than 10, it all depends on the correctly chosen therapy and chemotherapy gives good results. But if you do not follow the recommendations of doctors, patients live for about 4 years, as the illness progresses very quickly.
  2. With the second degree of survival of those ladies who follow all the recommendations of doctors, including good results are obtained with chemotherapy, half of the women cross the threshold of life in 5 years, but 20% more than 10. But those who ignore the treatment, do not live up to 3 years.
  3. With the third stage of cancer live more than 5 years manage only 10% of patients and only in case if they are to undergo comprehensive treatment, chemotherapy, in this case, does not always give good results, but also to exclude undesirable. Without the right treatment quickly may appear ascites, which is to remove very difficult. Ascites is fluid in the peritoneum, the kidneys are not doing their job. If you do not take any measures, more than 2 years, the patient will not survive.
  4. The most difficult is the fourth. In this case, the ascites is already very pronounced, the chemotherapy does not give any results. The tumor very quickly affects all the internal organs. Even with the highest quality therapy, only 5% of ladies will be able to live about 5 years, but most often this term is about 3 years, and without treatment is not more than a year.
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It is very important to detect the symptoms in a short time to start treatment. Also, be sure that you do not have the ascites removed it is already difficult. Ascites can already say that the tumor invaded the kidneys, and this means that therapy needs to be changed. Cancer is a very serious pathology, requiring ongoing monitoring by a doctor and properly sized treatment, without guarantee for a long life no one will.