How many days the cold lasts the child and the adult: how to understand what it is

How many days is a cold?

Probably every person faced with such an unpleasant symptom accompanying many diseases as the common cold. Ignore the rhinitis does not – inflamed mucosa of the nose, inside it’s burning and burning, discharge makes you feel uncomfortable in the presence of others and alone. Agree, as soon as possible to get rid of the annoying companion – a cold – dreams of everyone who ever encountered him.

So, how many days the cold lasts the child and the adult? Does the length of treatment intensity? Is it possible not to treat but to wait until the symptoms will disappear by themselves? Let’s try to understand.

The stage of acute rhinitis

It should be noted that each adult or child has its own individual characteristics in terms of the structure of the nasal membranes, sinuses, and General immune status. However, flows cold all the same according to some rules that are common to all.

There are three stages of acute rhinitis:

  • reflex;
  • catarrhal;
  • the final stage before the recovery.

The hallmark of the first stage is a pale mucosa, which is determined during the inspection the technician. The patient in this period, which lasts only a few hours, the biggest concern is burning and dryness in the nose, irritation and frequent urge to sneeze.

The second stage is characterized by the presence of discharge, usually clear and watery, and bright red tinged mucous. Difficult breathing, swelling of the nose interferes with food intake, sleep, and causes headaches, ears and sense of smell is drastically reduced.

Significant improvement in General well-being brings the third stage of the inflammatory process. Swelling goes, breathing becomes easier, the voice and smell are normalized.

If the medication of local actions were initiated at the first symptoms, the recovery will occur within two or three days.

If treatment is not in a hurry, then the risk of prolonged multi-week struggle with the possible consequences of sinusitis or sinusitis.

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The types of rhinitis

The effectiveness of the medication depends on whether it is selected for this type of disease. From this also depends on how many days you can cure a cold. Its etiology may be different depending on the source and the cause of irritation of the nasal mucosa.

There are the following types of rhinitis:

  • virus;
  • bacterial;
  • allergic;
  • medication.

Viral rhinitis

In the autumn-winter period especially increases the risk of catching a viral rhinitis.

At this time colds attacking weakened immune system.

As a result the person receives the whole bouquet of unpleasant symptoms, including irritation of the nasal mucosa.

Symptoms of viral rhinitis:

  • a sharp increase in temperature;
  • clear discharge from the nasal cavity;
  • General weakness and aching muscles;
  • the rapidity of the disease.

In viral rhinitis the duration of treatment usually ranges from a week to ten days. Everything will depend on the forces of the body itself – as will soon accumulate a sufficient number of antibodies to cope with the attack of viruses. This usually occurs on the fifth day. Then begins the intensive restoration of damaged tissue and the renewal of the disturbed functions of the mucous membrane, which takes another couple days.

Feature. In total viral type cold – the shortest of all.

How to understand what a cold is? Very simple – the symptoms will gradually decrease, and soon disappear altogether.

Bacterial rhinitis

It occurs, as the name implies, due to the impact of bacterial pathogens. Often bacterial rhinitis superimposed on viral due to failure to begin treatment and General lowering of the immune system.

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Signs of bacterial rhinitis:

  • the temperature grows slowly and rarely exceeds a rate of more than one degree;
  • purulent discharge from the nose with yellowish or greenish tint;
  • the absence of related symptoms, a local form of process;
  • prolonged duration and treatment of the common cold.

How many days do you treat a runny nose caused by bacteria varies from several days to months. If the lesion is limited only by the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity to cope with illness really for one week.

If you connect the oral antibiotics, the treatment period can be shortened by another two or three days. If to rely only on own forces of the body, for overcoming all symptoms may need more than a month.

Allergic rhinitis

If the runny nose does not stop even after a few weeks, and examination rule out bacterial and viral etiology of the disease, should think about conducting allergodil – maybe the runny nose is allergic in nature.

Allergic rhinitis may vary with the season, or permanent (chronic).

It can develop under the influence of allergens – substances that sometimes the most harmless for most people, but causing a strong reaction from the allergies.

It could be dust, pollen or pet dander, food and the sharp smell of perfume or cosmetics, cigarette smoke and drugs.

The signs of allergic rhinitis:

  • congestion and swelling of the nose;
  • frequent urge to sneeze;
  • rare coughing or choking cough;
  • tearing and redness of the eye;
  • often accompanied by allergic conjunctivitis.

Important! The lack of treatment of rhinitis, with allergic in nature, is fraught with the occurrence of asthma.

To reduce signs of allergies, prescribed antihistamines. Completely eliminate the symptoms may occur only at final elimination of the irritant factor.

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Drug-induced rhinitis

Excessive enthusiasm for vasoconstrictor drugs, using them in excess of the limits specified in the instructions for use may not lead to the cure of the common cold, and by its strengthening and protracted form of flow.

Signs of drug rhinitis:

  • the appearance of the nasal discharge with the change in temperature;
  • stagnation of mucus in the throat;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • frequent headaches.

To cure this type of inflammation, will have to refuse to vasoconstrictor drugs. If it succeeds, then after a few weeks of respiratory function is fully restored.


Summing up, recall to predict how many days it will be cold, we must first establish its nature.

Selection of the correct preparations and timely initiation of treatment will bring annoying symptoms to a minimum. And maybe a runny nose you won’t even notice!