How many days to cure sinusitis and how to understand what it is

How long is sinusitis treated?

The most common form of sinusitis – sinusitis. This process is characterized by a severe inflammatory process in the upper sinus cavity, which can undergo long-term treatment. A long process may be associated with impaired nasal sostav, poor ventilation and a large accumulation of pus. In this period of the disease is the development of undesirable micro flora inside the body, which leads to the need of long-term medical treatment.

How many days sinusitis is treated with antibiotics and other medicines depends on various factors including the original cause of the formation of the disease and the development of pathology. Most often this inflammation is formed suddenly, and is developing quite rapidly, which indicates acute course of the disease.

How long treated catarrhal sinusitis

In the formation of sinusitis, the duration of treatment depends on many factors. The important role played by the nature of the disease and form of inflammation. As you know, there are two types of sinusitis:

  1. Catarrhal. This form of the disease is considered to be easier and takes place over three weeks.
  2. Purulent form lasts much longer, as it has a number of implications. The treatment process of this type of disease depends largely on the chosen medication, the correct dosage and course of therapy as a whole. Advanced forms of sinusitis requires medical treatment for six weeks.

In both cases the symptoms interfere with the patient lead a natural way of life and bring severe discomfort. Therefore, patients can not ignore the inflammation and usually come to the hospital for another the catarrhal stage.

Catarrhal sinusitis requires a diagnosis and medical treatment. Surgical intervention in these stages are not necessary, therefore, subject to all the rules of treatment, the patient quickly goes on the amendment.

With adequate treatment and proper diagnosis, as well as complying with all the rules of treatment, the patient will get better after only two weeks, and fully recover from sinusitis after twenty days.

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Often the initial catarrhal form of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses confused with the common cold or flu. If you start to treat sinusitis methods of getting rid of a cold, perhaps a complication of inflammation. It is therefore very important to undergo a diagnosis from a qualified doctor and start proper therapy treatment. Also, do not assume that sinusitis can pass on their own.

Throughout the course of treatment necessary to monitor body temperature and General health of the patient.

The duration of treatment largely depends on the timely treatment of the patient to the doctor. In determining the first symptoms and correct diagnosis of the ailment rather three weeks for complete elimination of inflammation.

If the patient went to the doctor one week after the formation of the disease, there is a real risk of complications and uncontrolled consequences.

Often a long interval between the formation of illness and receipt of treatment becomes the root cause purulent sinusitis or chronic inflammation.

When receiving treatment, it is necessary to constantly monitor the health of patients.

If drug therapy does not give proper result after seven days of starting treatment, you need to go to the doctor for further advice.

How long treated purulent sinusitis

Improper treatment catarrhal form of sinusitis or non-compliance with doctor’s appointments, the patient may begin as a purulent phase. This disease is much more difficult to cure, as it has certain features, which, unfortunately, are not amenable to quick treatment.

In the absence of complications, proper treatment and the overall positive dynamic, purulent phase can be cured in six weeks.

Throughout this time the patient must be under constant supervision of doctors and follow all the rules of treatment.

When there is catarrhal sinusitis

To determine that catarrhal sinusitis passed in several ways. First, throughout the course of treatment is necessary to monitor the body temperature of the patient. If it starts to rise sharply, probably something you are doing wrong. At this time, you must contact your doctor to re-diagnose.

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If the body temperature falls, and eventually kept at a stable 36,6 this is the first signal of the right treatment. Soon the patient will get better. To know that sinusitis can be cured after observing the condition of the mucous membrane.

Redness of the nose is a clear signal of inflammation and the transition to natural color it is possible to judge the use of vasoconstrictor sprays and other drugs which have been approved for introduction into the nose.

During convalescence, the patient are pain on palpation of the nose and decreases swelling of the face.

In the treatment the focus is directed to improving the functions of the upper respiratory tract. It is important to eliminate nasal congestion and reduce mucous secretion or watery secrets. With a good flow of mucus and the normalization of nasal breathing, it is safe to say that sinus infection has passed.

When is purulent sinusitis

A severe form of sinusitis should be treated under the strict control of doctors, so the patient should be in hospital. With all the assignments, how to understand what sinusitis is a snap.

  1. First and foremost, the patient is painful in the nose and around the head.
  2. During the development of the disease patients are constantly complaining about pain between the eyebrow and in the frontal sinus, which passes on the second or third week of treatment.
  3. In the third week of treatment are also pain when tilting the head and at the back of the head.
  4. If all the rules of therapy, patients notice a decrease in swelling and normalize the complexion. Nasal congestion takes place in the first week of therapy.
  5. Mucus becomes thinner and eventually pass altogether.
  6. Often during the first two weeks of treatment, patients noted a strong foul-smelling breath. It goes with proper medical treatment after twelve days.
  7. Throughout therapy, doctors try to save the patient from purulent discharge, which may torment the patient until the fifth week of treatment.
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During convalescence the patient returned sense of smell completely normal nasal breathing, improves complexion, are pain in the nose and head. But the rst signal of recovery is the restoration of normal body temperature.

Suppurative stage of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses treated for a very long time. Sometimes accumulated pus can flow into the nearby organs, complicating the condition. In this case, it required surgery and a longer course of therapy.

With a more positive scenario, after ten days from the beginning of treatment the patient feels considerable relief, the pain is easier, and nasal congestion go away completely.


To understand how sinusitis can be followed by symptoms of the disease and for inflammation. At observance of all doctor’s appointments, it is possible to cure sinusitis in a short time. If the disease became more serious, requires a long course of treatment with surgical intervention and recovery period, which in some cases can last up to two months.

To speed up the healing process, you can use for tracking the effectiveness of medication. In the absence of positive reactions, doctors choose more effective means of treatment. The task of the patient to take medications without breaking the the dosage.