How many minutes to warm the ear with a blue lamp and how to do it

How to warm the ear with a blue lamp?

In the treatment of ENT diseases is well established medical device – blue light («reflector of Minin»). The device helps to deal with diseases such as SARS, tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis, laryngitis. Studies have proven that blue light emitted by the device, a positive effect on the immune system, improves heart and lungs. In the process of physiotherapy (warming) disappear pain, decreases inflammatory effect, which eventually leads to recovery.

Blue lamp to warm the ear is the most commonly used in the treatment of such diseases as otitis media. However, the use of «reflector of Minin» is not available in all cases, there are contra-indications in which use of the device must be abandoned. To achieve the most favorable effect during the warming lamp of the inflamed area is possible only knowing at what stage is the disease, and there are no contraindications to treatment.

When warming useful?

To use the device for treatment of the ears is important in the first stages of external and internal (catarrhal) otitis media. If the patient uses the blue lamp at home, he is obliged to adhere to safety rules.

The heating device shall appoint only a doctor, so self-medication for their own safety, the patient should give up. The thermal effect helps to eliminate ear pain, and improve blood circulation in the tissues of the ear cavity, so that the healing process is accelerated.

Important! You must remember that if the warming blue lamp to do correctly, infection of the ear cavity may lead to other organs. In such a case, the probability of occurrence of complications. Only consultation with your doctor will help you learn how to properly use the device and what method of heating to choose.

Warming the ear with a blue lamp can accelerate the recovery also in the final stage of treatment of otitis media. In this case, the pus ceases to accumulate in the ear cavity, due to which the patient is gradually on the mend.

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The thermal effect of the lamp in the beginning of the disease helps to reduce the inflammation (since the infection is in the ear in small quantities). At the end of treatment device accelerates the healing of damaged tissues and improves blood circulation in the ear cavity.

To abandon the use of blue light is necessary in cases such as:

  • purulent otitis media;
  • acute otitis media.

Features of heating: manual

To achieve the most noticeable effect at the time of light therapy is possible only after learning how to warm the ear correctly. It must be remembered that during the procedure, the patient should take a comfortable position and relax.

Eyes should be protected with thick dark bandage, or tightly close. Doctors recommend warm both ears, is sore regardless of whether only one of them or not.

After the procedure, you should not go outside for 1-2 hours and avoid drafts. It is best to warm up the ear cavity for the night.

Doctors advise to follow these rules during physiotherapy:

  • positioning the lamp at a distance of 20-60 cm from the ear so that the patient felt comfortable during the heat exposure of the device;
  • to ensure that beams from the device falling on the skin at an angle (approximately 60 degrees), however, is not perpendicular;
  • know exactly how many minutes to warm the ear the blue lamp (doctors recommend light therapy from 2 to 20 min);
  • to use the device 2-3 times a day (in some cases, the doctor recommends to perform the procedure 4 times a day).

Light therapy takes place for 20 days. You must remember that if you feel better, then throw this treatment is not recommended because of the need to consolidate the results for a full recovery.

Repeated therapy the doctor prescribes, not earlier than 1 month after initial treatment. It must be remembered that to touch the bulb by hand is impossible, as the reflector during exposure to very hot. The patient must know what touching the mirror surface (or tube) runs the risk of a burn.

Attention! Children is best to choose a device with a low intensity of light and a reflector with a larger diameter. Adults must monitor the heat and safety of the child during therapy.


In order not to harm the body and strengthen health when using blue light needs to know in which cases from the use of the device should be abandoned. Consult a doctor and learn whether it is possible to heat the ear of the blue lamp, the patient can go for further treatment (if you get from the doctor a positive response).

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Experts do not recommend the use of blue light in the following cases:

  • when inflammation of the ear cavity, especially, in acute purulent otitis media;
  • if the patient has high fever (above 38 °C);
  • if the patient has external auditory canal have pustules;
  • if a patient undergoing hormone therapy, taking Immunostimulants or cytotoxic agents;
  • in acute General diseases;
  • in the presence of wounds on the skin and any other skin injury;
  • pregnant women, as the effects of the device can negatively displayed on the health of the fetus.

If the patient is not sensitive to heat – this may be another contraindication to the use of the device. Most often in diabetics is increased or reduced sensitivity to thermal effects (which is why this group is better to abandon therapy). To distinguish the effects of thermal radiation is not able also the person who is intoxicated.

Physiotherapy is contraindicated in those present malignancy (tumors of ENT-organs). Patients with heart disease, blood vessels and the thyroid gland is especially important to know the nuances of how to warm the ear with a blue lamp. In these three cases to use the device is not recommended. A patient of tuberculosis and bleeding – another reason to abandon the warming up of the ears.

Useful device for all

Blue lamp is a unique medical device that it is relevant to use for the whole family. If you know how to warm the ear with a blue lamp, you can easily eliminate the inflammation of the ear and avoid negative consequences.

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Due to the fact that there is no age limit for use, the device can use both small children and older people. Since the «reflector of Minin» is equipped with a comfortable handle, the patient has the opportunity to use the device in the treatment process, or to ask relatives to help him.

In addition to ENT diseases blue lamp are also effective in the treatment of injury, disease, musculoskeletal, liver and stomach. If the patient has no contraindications to the use of the device, it can easily get rid of the inflammation in the body, due to the bactericidal effect of the lamp.

Before using «reflector of Minin» you should consult doctor and get him to agree to therapy.