How often you can wash the nose with salt water and is it useful to do

How many times can you wash the nose out with saline?

Nasal lavage is a painless and effective procedure that is recommended for use in autumn and winter, when there is a high probability I catch a cold. However, not many people know how many times you can wash the nose with saline to feel comfortable and do not hurt health.

The procedure for nasal lavage is very popular in many countries and is often practiced among yogis. In our country, irrigation is used to prevent, because the saline fluid makes it easy to remove the formed mucus, improve respiration and decrease the amount of discharge. When used properly, the solution to help children with problems of the nose, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people who are allergic.

How often should I rinse?

Many people who follow health care how often you can wash the nose with salt water and whether there are any contraindications. Doctors recommend this therapy daily in the morning as hygienic procedures.

If he has a runny nose, the number of daily procedures needs to be increased to four times at intervals of two hours.

Important. Washing the nose with saline solution promotes rapid relief from rhinitis in children of different ages. This method is also good as preventive measures.

During the preventive procedures you can do wash at least 3 times a week. But you need to pay attention to how you feel. The solution is made individually and the proportions in it are always different.

They depend on several factors:

  • selected equipment washing;
  • run-time therapy;
  • causes cleaning of the nasal passages.

If a person is sick respiratory catarrh, a nasal wash of salt when cold should be performed daily for 7 days. Also regularly washing should people who have chronic illness or working in dusty buildings.

Attention. If a person is observed in the nose the inflammatory process, the washing should be done every day. And the full course should be 6 days.

Technology is nasal lavage

The nostrils should be washed together and take turns. First, you put your finger on one nostril and gradually, you should pour the liquid to another. To perform this procedure must be carefully to not have the pain and discomfort. If desired, the solution can be poured into a glass or use your hand.

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The solution, which is poured into the nose, out through the mouth. If a person has a runny nose, it is not immediately, but after a few minutes.

All liquid residue is to pour out, exhaling out of each nostril of the nose.

Thoroughly cleanse to infection.

For convenience, the procedure is better to use the syringe, purchased at a pharmacy or a syringe with a volume of 10 ml. And that for young children will fit syringes of smaller volume. It is important to look after the cleanliness of such devices to get even more infection.

To rinse the nose of the baby, you can use a more gentle method:

  • ask the child to lie on a bed or other flat surface;
  • to enter into each nostril a couple of drops of the solution;
  • after a couple of minutes, the fluid from the nose will go in the mouth;
  • spit released a solution.

Many parents are interested in how often to wash the nose with saline child. After children’s procedures differ from adults. If you do the washing as preventive procedures, and the lack of the only times on the day. It is best to conduct this therapy the morning after you Wake up.

Important. Before carrying out each procedure required consultation with a doctor. A nasal wash is no exception.

To get the desired effect of cleaning the nose, you must first make sure he is not mortgaged. If there is even one clogged nostril, the procedure is useless in this case. After therapy a person should not leave the house within the hour. After all, the remaining liquid may freeze and further to cause the formation of itching and inflammation.

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Preparation of saline solution

Many medications with antiseptic properties have a number of side effects. As a result, may appear allergic reactions due to intolerance of one of the components of the drug.

But solutions of salts allow you to perform painless procedures, without causing an allergic reaction. For this reason, they can take into service for pregnant women or nursing mothers. However, you should prepare a good solution to clean the nose. You can use any salt.

You should know that sea water is good for throat, protecting the body from various diseases, even those that passed into the chronic form. If you have a chance to use sea water, it is good for washing.

It is better to buy sea salt, which is sold in many supermarkets and pharmacies. The price is very affordable – in the range of 40 rubles per kilogram.

There are three methods of manufacturing solution for rinsing the nasopharynx.

The most popular options you can select these methods:

  1. 1 tsp salt should be mixed in 500 ml of purified water.
  2. In 1 tbsp. water sprinkle 2 tsp of sea salt. This liquid should be used only by adults who work in adverse conditions. You should know that such a solution leads to drying of the mucosa and often carry out the procedure not worth it.
  3. In one liter of dilute 2 tsp of salt. This solution is great for gargling and treatment of even chronic diseases.

For the manufacture of a solution for kids, you need to reduce the dose of salt. Should take a glass of purified water take ¼ tsp of salt. This fluid is optimal and not harmful to the health of the child.

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If the house has no sea salt, you can make rinsing solution, which is made from a simple salt. It perfectly replaces the sea salt, while maintaining all the advantages of the therapy.

Should strictly follow all the proportions. If you take the wrong amount of salt and water, it can cause health issues. The best option is to breed a teaspoon of salt with 0.5 liter of water.

The question about how many times a day to wash the nose often depends on the health of man and his purpose. For the prevention enough one time during the day, but for the treatment procedure should be performed every two hours until complete recovery.


Nasal lavage fluid prepared from the salt, it is considered useful and necessary for each person, a procedure. It can be as therapeutic purposes and for prevention of various diseases of the nose.

Previously, it is important to consult with a doctor about whether you can perform this procedure. After all, in rare cases, the doctor may even prohibit to carry out such therapy.