How to avoid sinusitis during a cold early on

How to prevent sinusitis?

Irritation of the maxillary sinus exogenous or endogenous factors leads to inflammation – sinusitis. On the background of pathological disorders changes the tissue structure of the mucosa, impaired drainage of the nose, so to stop the disease is heavier than a normal rhinitis.

How to prevent sinusitis in the common cold? Prevention of damage to the maxillary sinus is the preventive activities in the season of colds, timely treatment and treatment of respiratory diseases.

About sinusitis

The maxillary sinus communicates with the nasal cavity through the outlet channels that are closed in defeat, causing an inflammatory process. Increased amount of serous discharge finds no way out, begins to accumulate in the maxillary projections.

The accumulation of mucus creates favorable conditions for reproduction and development of pathogenic microflora.

Edematous-catarrhal process involves the periosteum and the bone itself. In the absence of adequate therapy, the inflammation extends to the submucosal layer of the bone wall of the maxillary cavity. So catarrhal stage of the pathology migrates in chronic or purulent form.

Important! The location sinusitis differencebut into single and double.

There are several factors that affect the integrity of the maxillary sinus:

  • vasomotor rhinitis;
  • allergic rhinitis;
  • hypertrophy of the epithelium;
  • deformation of the nasal septum;
  • the viruses and bacteria.

The characteristic symptom of sinusitis is the chronic pain in the projection of the forehead, cheekbone and the temporal part. Uncomfortable sensations during head tilt, palpation.

The overall clinical picture complements runny nose, nasal congestion, increased body temperature and intoxication.

How to prevent sinusitis at an early stage

Edematous-catarrhal process for a long time can develop without symptoms. This fact explains the anatomy of the breathing body. The walls of the sinus is lined with ciliated epithelium with small concentration of goblet cells, vascular plexus and nerve endings.

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Diagnosis of sinusitis in the initial stages complicates similar symptoms with respiratory diseases.

To reduce the risk of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses with rhinitis, it is necessary to create an unfavourable environment for stimuli. Effective therapeutic and preventive measures are reduced to complex recommendations.

Nasal lavage

Mechanical cleansing of the paranasal sinuses, promotes the development of clusters of nasal secretions, adventitious agents, improves the flow aconselho secretion, moisturizes epithelium enhances the therapeutic properties of pharmaceutical products.

Perform the procedure with the help of drugs based on isotonic and hypertonic solutions («Akvamaris», «Humer», «No Salt»), mineral and herbal complex «Dolphin» or saline (1 Cup water +1 tsp salt).

Elimination of puffiness

To avoid sinusitis will help the drugs of the group of sympathomimetics. Pharmacological a number of «Nazivin»,».», «Naphazoline», «Nazol», «Xylenol». The active ingredients act on alpha-adrenergic receptors, providing a decongestant and vasoconstrictor effect.

Drugs cropped rhinorrhea, reduce redness, restore natural breathing through the nose.

Important! In view of the development of tahifilaksii nasal agonists prescribed a short course of 3 to 5 days.

The effects of heat

Warm up will be effective at the early stage of sinusitis. Obligatory condition for carrying out these procedures is a natural body temperature, no bacterial form of the disease.

The essence of the procedure is to enhance blood circulation, acceleration of the inflammatory process, rapid recovery. Heat sessions carried out at home using food products: heated salt, boiled eggs, baths for feet with added mustard powder.

The formation of immunotoxicity

Weakened immunity the body’s defenses are not able to reflect the attack of pathogenic agents. To increase the functional activity of immune cells can help create homeostasis of the internal microflora.

To prevent the progression of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses can help a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.To start with the diet. The menu should be balanced, with minimal content of carbohydrates and fatty foods.

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Preference to get lean meats, greens, fruits and vegetables, whole grains. To replenish lack of nutrients vitamin complex.

The enhancement of local immunity contributes to the massage of the sinuses. It helps to prevent stagnation and the spread of the swelling of the healthy tissue, improve blood circulation.

The resistance of immune cells enhance the immunomodulatory drug «Sinupret», «Immudon», «IRS-19».

The effect of pharmaceutical products due to increased phagocytic activity, increased production of blood cells responsible for circulation of plasma in the tissues for the formation of the immune defense against irritants.

Dosage forms are shown with the defeat of the upper respiratory tract infectious-inflammatory nature. To achieve positive dynamics prescribed course to 10-14 days at a dosage of 1 tablet every 2-3 hours, for maintenance, 1 sachet every 4 hours.

For reference! Runny nose early on suppress antiviral «Interferon», «Nasopure» homeopaths «Vibrocil», «Immunal».

Prevention of sinusitis.

To arrest the inflammatory process of the mucosa at the stage of acute rhinitis possible with the help of natural herbal and nutritional components. Its relevance is not lost steam inhalation over hot potatoes or decoction of herbs (chamomile, Linden, mint), inhalation of volatile onion and garlic.

Local treatment relieves the symptoms of rinorea, facilitates the excretion of sputum, reduce inflammation and edema of soft tissues, hydration of the mucosa. The mucous will be the essential oil arborvitae, juniper, pine, eucalyptus, menthol.

Tip! Not recommended inhalation at a temperature of over 37.5°, when the tendency to nosebleeds.

To combat immunosuppression help vitamin drops in the nose. To cleanse the nasal cavity from harmful toxins that speed up the process of epithelialization within each paranasal cavity instill 2-3 drops of juice of the agave three times per day, course 10 days.

The presence in the composition of vitamins and amino acids inhibit the synthesis of pathogenic microorganisms, stimulates production of immune cells.

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Resistance against disease-causing agents increase vegetable juices of carrots, beets, with honey. To cope with the symptoms of rhinitis will help treatment mucosa garlic infusion.

Unconventional method is a Supplement to conservative treatment of rhinitis, acts as a preventive measures at the initial stage of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.

In the interaction of natural components with the body may develop allergic reactions. Before using a prescription required to determine the sensitivity of a component to components of a test dose.

General guidelines

To treat inflammation of the maxillary sinuses is more difficult to implement than General recommendations to prevent colds:

  • to observe the drinking mode;
  • to monitor the condition of your teeth;
  • to avoid overheating and overcooling;
  • to systematically carry out damp cleaning in the house;
  • observe personal hygiene;
  • timely vaccination.


The key to quick recovery, preventing transition from rhinitis to sinusitis – timely access to a physician to diagnose the pathology, preparing a good therapeutic schemes.

With adequate treatment to arrest the rhinitis will be in 5-10 days.