How to break the ear if laid at home

How to break a stuffy ear?

One of the most important human senses is hearing. With the help of it we perceive the sounds that surround us. For this feeling in our body responds to auditory sensory system, or more simply – the-ears.

The sounds fall into the outer ear, and then in the middle part, where the ossicles are converted into nerve impulses. After this information is transmitted in the inner ear and the brain. If the ears is a violation of one of the listed functions, is the congestion. The causes of this problem may be an integer ranging from congenital abnormalities to sulfur deposits in the form of tubes. What to do if the ear does not hear at home find out in this article.

Symptoms of ear stuffiness

Delve into the clarification of the signs and factors of the emergence of a sense of congestion we will not, and consider the main features of the emergence of this discomfort and what to do at home if laying the ear.

It is important to note that the methods discussed in this article are appropriate only to non-inflamed cases of congestion.

If the inflammation is still present, you should immediately contact the medical centre for further examination and treatment.

Do not forget that self-treatment can lead to dangerous complications.

Feeling of stuffiness in the ears, a very unpleasant feeling, which is often found in medicine. It is accompanied by a change in the sound of sounds and the dissonance of his own voice. Other symptoms include:

  • the sense of hearing unnatural sounds;
  • feeling cheep and cod;
  • severe pain in the ears and head, as well as in the temples and frontal part;
  • loss of sensation sounds or total deafness.

As we have seen, the causes of symptoms can be many signs and factors. Often it is accompanied with any ailment, whether a cold or the flu.

Often the ears occurs when significant pressure changes when the blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels strong impact. The increase in internal pressure occurs when atmospheric. Most often, these situations occur during takeoff and landing or lifting a mountain.

And some people are especially sensitive, and feel stuffy ears during the descent to the subway.

What to do at home if you have ears

Common cause of stuffiness in the ears is the aural.

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In this case, you should immediately eliminate the tube by themselves or go to a medical facility for assistance.

If the tube has a solid design and bright yellow color, you can purify from the excess at home. For this pre-purchase preparation for purification Remo-Vaks or HHonors.

  1. Lay the patient on one side, a sick ear up.
  2. Drip into the ears 5-10 drops depending on the consistency of the excess.
  3. Further, in the external ear canal turundas you need to enter for thirty minutes.

Repeat this operation three more times. This is necessary in order to ensure no traffic jams and complete its development.

Dark when sulphuric cork, which has stagnated, and it is for this reason laid the ear what to do at home? Hydrogen peroxide will be indispensable in this case.

Should drip into the ear canal five drops of three percent hydrogen peroxide for 5-10 minutes. The tool will soften the tube and prepare the ear for further procedure.

After the allotted time rinse the ears with warm water, and then enter in the ear canal syringe filled with irrigation solution. This can be a saline solution or special means for washing.

Remember that your movements should be smooth, so as not to injure the delicate skin and not to aggravate the situation.

Usually enough to wash about fifteen minutes. After the procedure the patient may experience dizziness or nausea, but these symptoms pass quickly.

If the cause of congestion lies in other characteristics, it is necessary to pass procedure. In any case the feeling is unpleasant, and how to break through a stuffy ear and prevent the occurrence of this problem in the future, read on.

Consider ways to penetrate the ear if laid.

If congestion appeared because of a cold, and during bismarckiana the patient’s ears, in such a situation you need to do nasal rinses with solutions of salt or baking soda.

To do this, mix half tablespoon of baking soda or salt in one glass of hot water. Rinse your nose should be at least five times a day, but should not be abused, as it can cause irritation of the mucous membrane. After a few days of this procedure the internal swelling goes down and the congestion will stop.

In case of nasal congestion due to colds, the most simple and appropriate way of getting rid of discomfort is to do the following.

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Try to blow through a narrow straw or pressurizing an air tight balloon.

If none of this at hand you don’t then you can just try exhale strongly through the nose, pre-while holding the nostrils with your fingers.

It should be noted that if these methods helped you, you can not forget about the treatment of the common cold, because in the future these symptoms may be resumed.

If you start to lose some hearing, and was formed in the ear wax build-up, then most likely you should refer to the medical staff. This problem is addressed by flushing the ear canal specialized medical supplies and tools.

In order to prevent re-formation of sulphur deposits in the ears, you need to dig a three percent hydrogen peroxide immediately after cleansing the external passage. Two or three drops for the procedure will be enough to prevent further blockage.

For those who fly often by plane, it’s not a secret that during the flight due to the change in the height of your ears. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, at the time of takeoff or landing, try to open your mouth. If that doesn’t work, spotlite saliva, or deep and prolonged yawn.

Smoothly also helps the use of chewing gum or candy.

Any of the following methods will help to prevent pressure changes within the Eustachian tube and restore hearing.

Often the cause of congestion lies in contact with fluid in the ears.

This usually occurs in the summer when the pool is open

The fluid penetrating into an external ear canal, causing development of germs and viruses, which are localized quickly throughout the body.

To get rid of this discomfort is quite simple. You just need to tilt your head and gently shake her. Water will flow out by itself. If necessary, repeat until until unpleasant feeling cease completely.

If this method proved ineffective enter into the ear canal gauze flagellum soaked in olive oil for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse the external part of the ear with warm water and gently wipe with a cotton swab.

If the congestion in your ears to you is not uncommon, and you are not experiencing pain, you should perform a complex of special exercises that will help to eliminate these inconveniences.

To start, slightly open mouth and pulled out the bottom jaw, make a rotational motion. Movement should be smooth and tidy, as in the case of strong and sudden movements there is a risk of dislocation of the jaw. Then holding his nose with your fingers, take a strong breath. Muted cotton inside the ear, to symbolize the fact that the pressure returned to normal.

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If the clogged ear is still accompanied by pain and a trip to the doctor for any reason impossible at the moment, you will approach the following procedure.

If pain caught you by surprise, for emergency pain relief need to do the instillation of an alcoholic solution consisting of boric acid into the ear canal.

After instillation, close the ear with a pellet. As well to cope with the pain helps alcohol tincture of calendula and propolis.

Tincture soaked cotton ball, shove in the ear canal, and a head wrap a woolen scarf or synthetic warm scarf. This will help reduce inflammation and eliminate infection.


Even if these procedures will help to eliminate the pain in the ear, in any case should not be delayed trip to the doctor.

As you know, self-medication can lead to very unfortunate consequences. And taking medication without the recommendations of a qualified expert, can cause serious damage to your health.

Running inflammation in the ear canal, can lead to serious forms of diseases, such as purulent otitis media, which, in turn, will lead to a ruptured eardrum or hearing loss.

At the first sign of stuffiness, without delay, try to eliminate them by yourself, one of the ways mentioned above, and it is better to consult a doctor. Do not forget that the ears is a vital organ, which definitely requires careful maintenance and prevention of various diseases.