How to call a runny nose and sneezing quickly: to provoke a cold

How to trigger a runny nose?

In different situations you may need to provoke the emergence of various symptoms of disease. Usually this need arises when a person doesn’t want to go to a corporate meeting or gathering in a circle of strangers. Or you have planned an evening with a loved man at work and asked to stay for an additional task.

When forced by necessity, not desiring to go to an event or appointment, you can call a runny nose and sneezing. Of course, it is important to create only the type of disease, so a person should not deliberately cause harm to their health.

What is rhinitis

Rhinitis appears as a constant companion catarrhal or infectious diseases. Sick man, maybe because of weak immune system because of long stay in the cold or under the influence of conditioning. In addition, rhinitis occurs on the background of viral entry into the body. In severe cases, rhinitis manifests as a symptom of bacterial lesions in the nasal passages.

Regardless of the root causes, rhinitis is causing multiple symptoms. Patients usually complain of the following symptoms:

  • abundant mucus;
  • redness of the tip of the nose;
  • pain in the head and the bow;
  • a feeling of pressure between the eyebrows;
  • fatigue;
  • soreness of the nose due to frequent bismarckiana;
  • swelling of the mucous membranes;
  • swelling of the cheeks;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • refusal to eat.

With the development of the disease the patient may develop discharge with an admixture of pus. Usually at this time the patient notices the formation of yellow or green mucus. Further patients reported a strong increase in body temperature and the occurrence of acute symptoms that prevent normal life.

How to trigger a runny nose

If necessary, create the appearance of the disease it is important to consider all of the above symptoms. Juggling College or not go to school due to alleged inflammation, you have to determine the main reason.

Remember! Causing the cold symptoms, it is important not to overdo and not to provoke the formation of this disease.

Typically, patients are sleepy and tired eyes, haggard appearance, bags and «bruising» under the eyes and other signs of a cold. In addition, infectious diseases are accompanied with cough, watery eyes, fever and constant sneezing.

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To simulate the inflammation of the Airways is necessary to depict loss of appetite, weakness, lethargy, chills, and dizziness. Usually these symptoms indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process.


Best way to make snot – allergens. If the patient suffers from hypersensitivity to pollen, pet hair, flowering, household or cosmetic accessories, enough to hold a small amount of time with an agent.

At this time, do not take medicines, and immediately after receiving the necessary information, use antihistamines.


Not all people on earth suffer from allergic reactions. In this case, the question arises as to quickly cause a runny nose? In a domestic environment many people use regular loose red or black pepper.

If the seasoning was not at home, use vegetable. To do this, cut any pepper, and then with a cotton swab collect the juice. The tool can lubricate the nasal passages.

The method can provoke strong mucus, watery eyes, burning sensation in the nasal pathways as well as reflex sneezing. The effect of this method lasts for thirty minutes.

Important! Do not use this method too frequently, as the peppers can cause burns on the nasal mucosa.


To provoke acute symptoms of rhinitis at home you can use the leaves of Kalanchoe. This plant is quite common throughout Russia, so finding him will be easy.

To cause the formation of mucous secretions, you must tear off one leaf of a plant, to collect the juice and put it into nasal passages. In each nostril enter no more than three drops of juice.


Many people know that quickly cause symptoms of rhinitis, you can use ordinary onions. Vegetable has strong healing properties, but if used in incorrect doses or incorrect prescription cause some side effects.

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To provoke mucus and watery eyes, it is sufficient to finely shred the onion, and then inhale the vapors of the plant.

How to induce sneezing

Sneezing appears as a reflex process. It is usually necessary to cause catarrhal inflammation of the infant. Due to the anatomical features of the sinuses, the babies can’t get rid of accumulations of mucus on their own. It is in this process sneezing helps to clear the airway and to return to nasal breathing.


Sneezing can be triggered using any saline. You can buy ready-made drugs, for example, «Phrase», «Aqua Maris», «Dolphin», «no-Sol», «Humer» and others or prepare the means for rehabilitation on their own. To do this, mix in a glass of warm water half a teaspoon of salt.

With the introduction of saline into the nasal passages, they cause irritation that causes sneezing.

Aloe Vera juice

One of the most medicinal plant that grows in almost every home – aloe. Its healing properties can have a beneficial effect in acute or chronic rhinitis.

Instillation of aloe juice causes sneezing, as after contact with mucous juice is a natural irritation of the sinuses. Sneezing in this process helps to get rid of allergens, infections or bacteria in the mucosa.

Important! Sneezing improves the patency of the nasal passages and improves the health of the patient.

Keep in mind that the continuous use of aloe juice for education sneezing not for therapeutic purposes, can cause severe burns to mucous.


Garlic is a versatile plant that may help in the treatment of rhinitis, and cause some side effects. If you want to get off work early or to create the appearance of illness for other purposes, use the following recipe.

  1. Peel and finely chop a few cloves of garlic.
  2. Squeeze all the juice from the vegetable.
  3. To the resulting mixture add a small amount of clean water.
  4. The resulting mixture enter the nasal passages just before a conversation with the Director.
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This method can help to cause the formation rhinitis and sneezing for twenty minutes. After that rinse nasal passages with warm water.

Remember! The excessive application of this method may cause a burn inside of the sinuses.


To rhinitis and sneezing occurred for a few hours, you can use dry mustard. For the formation of symptoms of a catarrhal inflammation, lubricate the wings of the nose a small amount of ingredient.

Important! Rubbing the underarms ingredient causes an increase in body temperature.


It is important to understand that excessive application of the described methods may provoke the deterioration of human health. Risk your health is not worth it, so follow the dosing of ingredients and General health.

The described methods are enough to get a sick note. Remember that the use of prescribed medications do not need, as well as the constant use of the described recipes.